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Recent posts by Amos Burkey

I have a round build in the works. I'm not quite ready to share it yet. I will post the details when it's more mature.
4 months ago
Here is video number 3. Episode 3
7 years ago
Bees wax is a good alternative to the parafin based ones.
Here is a link with a little more information: Wellness Mama
7 years ago
From the creators of this vid:

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn in tonight’s show:

- The truth about how cancer spreads or metastasizes
- The most effective diagnostic methods for breast cancer and how mammograms
actually cause cancer
- The problem of breast cancer over diagnosis
- The effect and importance of hormones relating to cancer
- Essential oils that prevent and heal cancer
- Plus so much more

7 years ago
Here is a link to Episode 2. Sorry I missed the first one. Anyway, enjoy some great info from

Episode 2 Its only good until 8p eastern tonight.
7 years ago
The bread crumbs droppped here definitely lead down some interesting paths. Here is a link with a bit of insite into the process of installing a Tataki floor:
7 years ago
To me, straw bale construction is the gateway green building technique. It helps bridge the gap between the norm and other alternative methods. As far as the claims that it has great insulation properties and at the same time abosrbs heat during the day to warm the house at night, that seems to be a contradiction. Gateway green construction (SB) has received some press in my area as well. A few high profile buildings have utilized this technique. Hopefully SB leads to WOFATI.
7 years ago
Thank you for the link J. It appears that they have some wonderful products there. Matthew, I hope to see a write up and some pictures of the process.
7 years ago

Kimmi Woodmansee wrote:I am looking for someone selling a breeding pair of Guinea hogs in or around CO. I live in Northern Colorado in Loveland. I have looked at the AGH web site for registered breeders and have had no luck finding a breeding pair. Anyone know anyone selling AGHs?

Second I was looking to raise the AGH pair with a Nigerian Dwarf goat and a Alpine goat on a single acre pasture. I have water from a well and perimeter fencing of no climb horse fence but was wondering what the best fence option was for the rotational Paddocks. I was looking at eclectic netting from Premier 1. Anyone have any experience with them? which netting configuration did you use. Should I get the poutry netting with smaller holes or the goat netting with closer spaced posts and bigger holes. Or would T posts with different height Electric lines be better? There are a ton of options.

I may have a breeding pair for you. I sent you a message with contact info.
7 years ago
The Aztec practiced a variation of non electric AP called chinampa. Chinampa

A few places to gather more information about AP:
AP guide book
DIY AP 101


Edit: Here is a link to good info about dissolved oxygen: dissolved O2
7 years ago