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Recent posts by Carma Nykanen

The weather is shaping up nicely for the weed walk in 2 weeks. We hope it holds! Everything will be flush and easily identifiable as we go on our nutritious edible weed walk. The link to sign up is located above and I will add it here as well. Share if you know of anybody in this area so anybody interested can have the opportunity to come educate themselves

He's encouraging everybody to sign up through the link provided.

11 months ago
Interesting thread!

Stacey I'm trying to picture what you are using as an example and I'm having a little trouble. Is it possible that you can take pictures of the process especially of the freezer logs so my visual brain can get a grasp on it it? sounds like something I can use. Do you freeze them in portion sizes as you would use for another recipe or do you break off pieces of the log?

I'm really appreciating getting ideas! I keep trying different things but have not settled on a good plan of action yet.
11 months ago
Two springs ago I had the opportunity to go on one of John''s weed walks in Oregon. It was so packed full of interesting useful information that I've since been able to make good use of.
I.e. stinging nettle should be folded in half with the under leaf together and rolled into a ball between both palms and popped into the mouth for a tasty bite without the 'bite'.
Since that time I've been wanting to get even more local-to me and have a weed walk at my place. To learn what I have around me.
It somehow helps with me being able to trust what I've read and studied. To have someone I trust point to the plant helps me get over my hesitancy in harvesting and consuming said plant.
So, John agreed and we're opening it to anyone else who shares the interest!  Welcome!
1 year ago
Announcing an opportunity to learn from acclaimed author John Kallas.  

Cowlitz County - Kalama, WA

Welcome!  Register through his website.

We'll be exploring a creekside, an old farmsite, woods, and marginal pastureland.

1 year ago
How small rmh to be able to vent thru window akin to air  conditioning unit?

I've searched the forums and don't see a simular idea or discussion about the pro/cons. Point me to it if it exists please!

The idea is a small rmh that is able to be broken down into pieces to move as our life needs change. I imagine 4 or 5 pieces that are mortared together with the idea that they have fault lines that can be broken apart predictable. ... cleaned up and then reassembled. .

Then also, is it possible that it could be sized that it would be feasible to have a couple inch opening of a window for both the intake and exhaust. ..?

Am I dreaming impossible dreams?

What size is feasible!

Thoughts?  Experiences?


2 years ago
Paul left a group of informed and inspired people and his wake on Monday night.

Despite treacherous driving conditions people plowed through and made it to our home. They had their eyes on the prize and they were not disappointed.

It was clear in listening to the conversations afterwards that each listener was able to take golden nuggets and apply it to their experiences and their dreams to move forward in a much more enlightened manner.

There was a group of people that have never heard of Permaculture until Monday night. I can only imagine the ripple effect that will influence this immediate area in the years to come. From this seemingly small drop in the water I foresee large waves crashing into the shores affecting great change in the future.

Paul, Jocelyn, a great Thank you for being with us. That was a very generous offering you gave. I hope you are filled, as I am, of the promise it brings.

Unfortunately I was so into the moment that I didn't think of pictures.  So insert here a crowd of people within their eyes shining with the future.

2 years ago
Hey there,
This has been interesting to read. Different comments came up from than what was brought up on the thread on the same topic last year:

Since then I have laid it down in order to prepare for my next area of planting to kill tenacious weeds. I'm going to plant into it. eventually it'll then break down after my plants are big enough to tolerate some competition. It thus far is very successful.

It's nice when I can find sheets from old estate sales that are hundred percent cotton, wash to strip All detergent residue. Tablecloths and old bolts of fabric are also options.

My kids do not leave many clothing usable to pass down out of the family. They now are one layer of the compost in place beds we've done.

2 years ago
Thank you! Thank you!

We have as many as the house can hold reserved!  

We look forward to meeting those of you that are coming!

Paul and Jocelyn,  we eagerly await your visit!

Permies people pleased to be preparing to be permeated with permaculture principles

2 years ago