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Manager, Urban Farm
March 2014

Job Title: Farm Manager, Green Gate Farms’ Urban Farm

Organization: Green Gate Farms, 8310 Canoga Avenue, Austin, TX 78724, 512-484-2746,

Organization Overview

Green Gate Farms is an award-winning, certified organic family farm begun in 2006 by Skip Connett and Erin Flynn. In the past nine years, we’ve grown from a one acre to a 33-acre operation with two farming locations. Our “Urban Farm” location is 5-acres, set on an historic urban farmstead 8 miles east of downtown Austin. Our “River Farm” is a 33-acre tract 25 minutes east of downtown Austin (and 8 miles west of Bastrop) along the Colorado River. (Staff participate at both farms, transportation provided.)

We grow certified organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers as well as raise heritage hogs, goats, sheep, and chicken. Our produce serves our 200+-member CSA and our farm stand, which is open to the community 3 times a week most of the year. We also sell to a few area restaurants and wholesale distributors like Greenling and Farmhouse Delivery.

During the 2014 growing season, our farm will be focused upon the following projects: building new infrastructure at the River Farm (e.g., processing area, storage sheds, housing), establishing an Education Center at the Urban Farm (e.g., livestock areas, classroom, housing), and increasing membership for our meat, vegetable and flower CSAs.

The ideal candidate for this full-time position will possess:

Farming skills

Be a passionate farmer, eager to learn about what it takes to succeed in Central Texas

Have at least three years sustainable farming experience with a record of increasing responsibilities

Establish and maintain a professional, fast work pace for others to emulate

Manage the entire process of growing, from seed selection to sales

Communications skills

Enjoy interacting with customers, chefs and general public

Be comfortable teaching and managing 1)interns, adult volunteers and workshare members, some of whom have farming aspirations, 2) children on field trips and in camp, and 3) general public during our weekly tours.

Personal/Physical Skills

Sense of humor a must

Actively contribute to the harmony of the farm team

Physically fit, able to lift 50+ lb. feed bags

Able to repair equipment, build infrastructure (or willingness to learn)

Not required but preferred:

Spanish speaker – our farm stand is in a food desert and many customers do not speak English

Experienced with Farmigo, our online farm management system and/or Quickbooks

Your duties will include but are not limited to:

Day-to-day field/CSA operations (50% of time)

Coordinate harvests (15% of time)

Sales: Farm stand and Accounts (10% of time)

Education and outreach (25%)

Salary & Benefits (Housing is not provided):

Salary based upon experience

Full-time position with up to 3-4 weeks off between seasons (e.g. July/Aug and Dec/Jan)

Participation in a mission-driven, community farm

Free vegetables and $50 monthly Protein bonus

Introductions to farming community

Pay increases with responsibility

Tuition for one in-state farming conference

Free enrollment in weeklong camp for your child(ren)

Efforts made to tailor job to your goals

Opportunities to supplement income by teaching workshops

Friendly, open working environment

Application Process:

Submit cover letter and resume to:

All candidates will be contacted upon receipt of resume.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for telephone interview, followed by on-farm interview

Farm Manager will be hired by mid-April.

No telephone calls, please.

7 years ago