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Wife, mother of 3 awesome and eclectic grown boys, grandmother. Pediatric ER suture nurse. Urban Food Forest tinkerer. Herbal medicine maker and learner. "Together is our favorite place to be" at UnAbandoned Gardens.
Youngstown, Ohio
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Recent posts by Cris Fellows

The ground here is now frozen solid.  Late fall is time for new compost/ mulch to beds.  Had my son make me a stellar cold frame which grew lettuce well until last week...our 'greenhouse' which is unheated is still growing greens and kale (although I should have started them sooner).  Seed porn catalogs have already been ingested and seeds ordered.  Started some black pansies, purple peppers and lemongrass thus far on heat mats, under domes and lights in the basement.  As soon as this real cold snap passes I will go strew poppy seeds.
2 weeks ago
Nicole, I don't know anything about Firefly...but I love those colors.  So just make it with anything I like then...😂
2 weeks ago
Mike, we use the term Polycultures for things like the salad blend, but we mix all kinds of things up.  We tried 3-5 sisters with limited goodness coming out of that since the ground started off as straight city fill clay...and corn and squash weren't too impressed.  We have lots of mini guilds withfruit trees as central object, we mix perennials with annuals, we now tuck calendula everywhere as we have a little herbal business and it makes the best tinctures, salves and oils.  I mixed California poppy, watermelon and chicory in one sunny bed and they were all quite happy.  
1 month ago
They keep plowing houses under here...we are taking over.  We bought the three city lots behind us and slowly converted the land to a food forest.  Now within a half of a block from my kids, they took down the whole block!  We posted signs and are staging a food forest takeover!!!  We learn things every season.  Polycultures are good, but identifying plants in said culture is important!  I planted a salad polyculture with greens, carrots, radish etc.  There was also calendula which at the time I could not identify in preflowering stage.  I kept eating it and thinking it wasn't very good until it finally flowered and I realized the error of my ways.  Thankfully it was at least an edible!!!
1 month ago
The first year we started our urban garden on straight city clay fill, we amended it with a truckload of horse manure.  I got quite a few surprise California poppy patches and a couple of mulberry trees!  And evening primrose has been a constantly moving surprise.  
1 month ago
Hemp is a possibility as seen from this Etsy post.  Their post has outer raincoat like fabric but they state they can make both sides hemp.  It uses hemp fur and filler, I am sure that hemp thread could be found.  You just need a seamstress.
There's only one that was grown with special memories held closely in hopes that these sorts of memories could be passed down: a Maple tree.  I spent a good deal of my childhood up in a tree, and my favorite was the maple at the front of the property right by the little country road.  It had the gas meter box right beside it which served as a stepping stool to the first branch.  From there on up it was basically a spiraling ladder.  I felt safe, held, hidden there.  As my mom was/is schizophrenic and there was a fair amount of tension inside the home, this was my safe haven.  My mom tells me now that my father would tell her to get me out of that tree (so much for hidden) but she declined, thank God.  
I planted a Maple in our city back yard the year our first grandson was born.  He is now 14, and sadly we do not see him or his sister.  But my youngest grandson, age 7, loves the tree.  He hides (but only with the intent of being found, he is much more gregarious than I was and has a far more stable home) and swings and checks the bird house for inhabitants.  It is the most lovely full tree that turns a flaming scarlet earlier than most in the fall.  
2 months ago
So the recent fear based shortages have finally persuaded me to spend more and save in the long run (money and the planet).  I speak of toilet paper.  Just ordered some cloth butt wipes aka family cloth from Etsy...and the hubby us talking about installing a bidet!
3 months ago
So if your adult son is visiting from Minneapolis or other place that they ride bicycles regularly all year long, and he says, "C'mon down here" should not assume he means you can do this.  At the time I had a bike with coaster brakes, got really scared and put my feet down which effectively meant I had no brakes.  I ran into a short rock wall and broke my elbow.  My son days, "I meant get off your bike and walk down here."
5 months ago
Here is a good place to start in making your neighborhood nontoxic.
I am just getting started by trying to get herbicides banned at my workplace.  I drove in to work (children's hospital) one day and directly beside the sign cheering our champions for children was a guy with a sprayer loading the lawns with toxic goo.  I emailed the hospital president that day.  Since I have not heard back, it is now time to revisit.
5 months ago