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Wife, mother of 3 awesome and eclectic grown boys, grandmother. Pediatric ER suture nurse. Urban Food Forest tinkerer. Herbal medicine maker and learner. "Together is our favorite place to be" at UnAbandoned Gardens.
Youngstown, Ohio
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Picture this app suggests lysimachia davurica (a loosestrife) as well.
19 hours ago
By now Gwen, I hope you are fully menopausal and not in the hovering stage.  I must say it does improve.  Majorly helpful for me : Red clover tincture, tea or infusion...or just go pick em and eat em.  Red clover is kind of a balancer. 
Some points to ponder:  if you wake up and are awake and are not sleepy during day then getting up seems to be an answer.  Who cares if it is not the norm.
I have had much more pleasant sleep since starting yoga, in particular for me, aerial yoga.  Every piece of me is more relaxed.
And lastly, dreaming is the work of night time.  Your body is working something out that it cannot during the day.  It should not be hindered, but perhaps looked into especially if you remember themes.
4 days ago
Robin Rose Bennett's book "The Gift of Healing Herbs" has quite a lot to say about this, she actually turned her mouth around to the amazement of her dentist.  Simon's video "Alternatives to Dentistry" is very good as well.  We make and use tooth powder with Bentonite Clay, baking soda, calcium carbonate, xylitol, sea salt, ground dried sage and rosemary and peppermint EO.  My sons mouth is looking much better and daughter in law no longer has the sensitivity issues as she did.
1 month ago
My son has Ulcerative Colitis (or had since he is now sans colon).  He still has difficulty with loose/ watery stools.  Oatmeal daily for breakfast and Chia seeds have helped tremendously.  Still anemic related to poor iron absorption...the doc said eat more red meat (yuck) but it is helping.  Nettles are one of the highest iron content plants, started him on infusions (1 oz dried herb in quart jar covered with boiling water, covered, allowed to steep overnight then strained).  Drink throughout day or over two days, rinse, repeat.  Pic is nettles.  You can also order it dried easy peasy.
1 month ago
Who else uses this lovely invasive?  We do harvest it and take it to market as people just like the Harry Potteresque name.  In tea it does lend to lucid dreaming.  We have started adding it to salves as a gateway of sorts to help the other herbs get in there, and in a salve on its own for pelvic area discomfort from myriad reasons.
Also, any good uses for regular (not milk) thistle besides pulling and using it as a dynamic accumulator mulch?
1 month ago

Melissa Bracy wrote:
I would like to include an herbal venom remedy, herbs to help stop bleeding, maybe a bottle of rinse water and an instant cold pack.

Would anyone like to chime in on this? Will herbal remedies stored in a little box outside make it through a hot summer?

Things that would keep well and serve your purpose are: activated charcoal powder as drawing agent, bottle of water for rinse or making paste w charcoal, yarrow flower powder as hemostatic, long strip of cloth to use as sling or tourniquet, Motherwort tincture (excellent for 'mothering' calming, decreasing panic).  For me, I would also include an allergic reaction blend as that always seems to be my issue.  My blend at present is Red Clover,  Ragweed, Goldenrod, Lobelia and Licorice root.  Ragweed works well on its own too (tincture of preflowering herb).  Tincture and charcoal should keep well, salves will not in the heat thus the recommendation for charcoal instead of plantain.  A sturdy stick to use as splint or cane in each quad might also be of use.  40 acres sounds huge!  I just got done planting 2 city lots and it took me a week!  40 acres!!!
1 month ago
Yarrow seems to help everything it grows  near!  The only additional one I have is Rue.  It is apparently a plant of banishment.  It works in the physical realm too.  Planted near the roses and raspberries I had FAR less Japanese beetles last year. 
1 month ago
Itchy eyes are the worst part of seasonal allergies, even worse than not being able to breathe if you ask me! Allergies may well be the reason I first started to be interested in herbalism.  Herbalist 7Song recommended Ragweed tincture (preflowering herb) as an herbal remedy for any  type 1 hypersensitivity/ allergic reaction.  It was quite effective.  Between it and Red Clover and diet changes, Spring is now a whole new world for me.  This year's tincture blend I have 2 parts red clover, 1 part ragweed, 1 part goldenrod, 1/3 part lobelia and 1/3 part licorice root.  It is my favorite thus far.
1 month ago
Pics of UnAbandoned garden, corner of Brooklyn and Cottage, Southside Youngstown, Ohio.
2 months ago
We are doing this already.  I live in Youngstown, Ohio.  The three houses behind me were leveled.  The middle one was packed into the basement mostly because half of it had already fallen there.  We bought 2 of the lots for $900, $11/year taxes about 4 or 5 years ago.  The back of the lots soil was acceptable and I started there.  The middle, since the houses were buried there, is a native wildflower meadow and a whole lot of topsoil blend brought in for a hoophouse.  The front has a foot or two of free tree service wood chips and we planted trees: Black locusts, willow, pear, plum, peach and apple.  We have sea buckthorn, currants, raspberry, elderberry, strawberry and blueberries.  Comfrey is in a big portion of the one part that is mostly gravel and here and there.  Mints are everywhere.  Veggies go mostly in the every year improving soil in the back mostly, although we had a bumper crop of tomatoes out in the wood chips last year.  We grow a lot of "weeds" on purpose and use them as medicine.  You can check the garden out at   It has been the best $900 I ever spent. 
2 months ago