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since Apr 01, 2014
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Wife, mother of 3 awesome and eclectic grown boys, grandmother. Pediatric ER suture nurse. Urban Food Forest tinkerer. Herbal medicine maker and learner. "Together is our favorite place to be" at UnAbandoned Gardens.
Youngstown, Ohio
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Recent posts by Cris Fellows

Can't come to Montana in January,  but would be interested in virtual/recorded class.  Will this be available after event?
Pearl, do you have the actual trampoline part too?  If so, my grandson's has a tear and I would very happy to buy one with springs from you!  I am not sure of size...but everytime he goes bouncing on that thing I envision a leg going through the hole.
3 weeks ago
We are in city, so rocks generally means broken concrete.  Useful nonetheless.   Just did this two days ago.
1 month ago

Jamie Chevalier wrote:It can be made into a cream or salve for cold sores, chicken pox, shingles, and other herpes-family type sores.

Jamie, we use this along with lemon balm/ spilanthes tincture orally and applied directly to cold sore with good results.
1 month ago
The Wildcrafting game and Shanleya's Quest book mentioned by Anne are great...but I doubt they would hold up with a twelve year old.  We are using them with my eight year old  grandson.  The cooperative nature of the game frustrates him at times, because he is bent on winning a game where there are no "winners", but we all learn from it and usually have fun. I love Shanleya's Quest, but even though any age can learn from it, it is definitely geared toward a younger crowd.  I love the making triangles suggestion above: interaction with peers and critical thinking and permaculture all rolled into one.  And I love the perennial early and late summer harvestable food forest idea.  
1 month ago
Bulletproof coffee!  I use about a tablespoon a day for a big french press of coffee.  Blended about 30 seconds.  So yummy.
2 months ago
Mike McGroarty is a great reference.  But super easy are Elder and any willow which as has been said will root in a jar of water.  Easiest is soft wood cutting which are obtained after they have put on at least 4-6 inches of new green growth.  Locust will grow oh so easily from seed (my Black Locust trees planted from seed about 6 years ago are easily 20 foot tall).  Raspberry and blackberry: you can bury a bit of stem and get whole new plants...or just wait and they will do it themselves.
A big fat yes.  Except for the part about bookmarks are easy to find...or maybe I just lose them so I can find others...i do love them so.  I much prefer holding a physical book to electronic forms.  Plus my new favorite way of organizing color, is difficult on the kindle app.
2 months ago