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Wife, mother of 3 awesome and eclectic grown boys, grandmother. Pediatric ER suture nurse. Urban Food Forest tinkerer. Herbal medicine maker and learner. "Together is our favorite place to be" at UnAbandoned Gardens.
Youngstown, Ohio
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Stephanie Meyer wrote:

My son takes a yearly trip there; resp distress, broken fingers, broken arm, ripped open his scrotum (ever had a kid walk in and show you his testicle? aged my husband 10 years immediately)

Haha, actually, yes.  I suture for a living mostly.  So A lot of faces and heads...but yes to the occasional testicle.
1 day ago
As to the concerns:  I am a pediatric emergency room nurse and an herbalist.  1.) Far more people show up at the ER wasting resources for things that could easily be treated at home than you know.  2.) People are who they are, some will always be opposed to Western medicine, and that is their choice.  3.) Knowledge is good, keep it coming, pepper it with cautions. 4.) Emergency care should at least begin at home.  5.) Children are quite resilient, but if they look really ill (bad color, completely listless, respiratory distress, change in mental status, intractable vomiting etc) then please take them to the hospital or at least your primary physician.
1 day ago
I know I am late to the game, but this is a part of who I feel I am.  So here are some if my recommendations.  
1. First step in herbalism is procuring the right portion of the right plant at the right season.  Plant identification is critical.  Apps, although they may give you a starting point are not sufficient.  A good identification book for your area is key.  Even planting your own is not foolproof.  I planted seaberry from a well loved and trusted source and got some kind of mallow.  I just assumed it was what it said it was until a more experienced Permaculture farmer pointed out the seed pattern.
2. Your times are awfully random.  :)  Depending on whether the herb is freshly gathered or bought cut in a convenient bag, even making teas and infusions can have wide variance.
3. Attending classes with an herbalist should really count for something in terms of time.  It is huge.
4. Diagnoses in herbalism is a whole different thing than Western medical diagnoses.  It involves looking at patterns and constitutions.  
5.  I recently procured my Holistic nurse certification.  One of the educational offerings that I took was absolutely excellent and based entirely on Michael Tiarra's book "The Way of Herbs".  (Highly recommended btw).  Anyways, it is outside of the scope of nursing to diagnose, but we can look for patterns and constitutions.  Mock case studies and proposed recommendations are such an excellent way to put your brain to work here.
6. In your emergency kit please add some tincture of benzoin to make butterfly bandaids stick, they are nearly worthless without.  And some kind of something to clean wounds such as an irrigation bottle.  Emergency kits should ideally carry something for the emotional side of a trauma like Motherwort tincture and lavender essential oil.
7. Recommended books: Richo Cech's Making Plant Medicine, Maria Noel Groves' Body Into Balance, the aforementioned Michael Tiarra book, Stephen Harrod Buhner's 3 books:Herbal Antibiotics, Herbal Antivirals and Healing Lyme and if you really want to go all out David Hoffman's Medical Herbalism.  Also all things Rosemary Gladstar and Matthew Wood and perhaps Susun Weed with a grain of salt.
8. And even though prompt diagnoses in emergency situations like ruptured appendix is necessary, I believe we have taken looking out after our health from our own hands and stuck in in the hands of doctors, who in many cases are trained to care for the sick and have no idea how to maintain health.  
2 weeks ago
An older (he is probably pushing 80) friend posted a video of himself using a window frame as a snow scoop.  Frame was about 2 to 2 1/2 ft wide and about 3 ft or so tall.  He slid snow and pivoted it to side and had drive cleared in no time.
The thing that helps me is my husband, haha.  But really, I have hated cold forever.  Now I am doing the longevity quest with Ben Greenfield on Mindvalley and one thing we do daily is hot/cold contrast showers.  10 sec hot/ 20 cold for 5 minutes.  I thought I would hate it but it is very invigorating and makes me so much more cold adapted!
1 month ago
Two and a half years ago i covered about half of our 2 city lot garden in at least 12 inches of wood chips.  The trees loved it.  As I had no idea what I was doing, some of the other plants loved it and some died.  Last year we had tons of thistle come up through which is now starting to give way to yellow clover.  I did not put down a layer of cardboard or paper.  What to do with all this thistle?  More chips?  
1 month ago
Yay!!!  I don't need your attention, but this is exciting!
1 month ago
I love letters!  And new friends.  I am in.  Plus R Ranson, I will send one to you if you DM addy too.  No sense in dreary days in end.  😀
1 month ago
Yay!!!  New perrenial veggies to introduce.  Native here in the city mostly means chicory, yarrow, lambs quarters, dandelion and THISTLE.  Finally the thistle seems to be giving way to clovers though.  I use all of the others as edibles and medicinal but mostly usr the thistle as chop and drop or pull and drop mulch.  It is a slow process on the initially crappy soil that is an abandoned city lot, but it is becoming more vibrant each year.
1 month ago
I can't stand "Last Christmas" by Wham.  I don't really like much Christmas music period but this one actually made my head whip around at work much to the glee of Christmas music lovers, although they did agree to change station after that.  :)
2 months ago
I just finished the series.  I couldn't put it down.  Jesikah, what of Della though?  I thought surely Lynden would step up at some point and say she wasn't really gone.  I completely LOVED these!  Thank you!!!
4 months ago