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since Apr 30, 2014
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I've tried to wait until the dust settles. What happens for me with kickstarter is that I don't even remember what level of reward I signed up for so I don't know what I'm supposed to get. I think I opted for the level where I could watch the streaming video. But, I'm afraid I have to ask you to look at your records and then tell me how to access it or refer me to a post where that already exists. Sorry about this.
I just wanted to give a big shout out for these DVDs. Just finished watching and feel like I've learned a ton! What great work everyone is doing and what a window into that work!!

Thank you and congratulations on a great project!
4 years ago
Hello folks,

I have listened to and read most of what I can find on the internet and permies forums in a search for elaborations on Smits' integrated methodology for planning his projects. I would love to learn many more details about this methodology, a methodology that includes his use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to apply many different data sets to models that can be tweaked to show particular regions -- or even farmers -- what recipe (of crop species and layouts, etc.) has what economic, labor, and environmental implications. He appears to use the resulting 25-year plans to generate business plans.

My next attempt will be his talk with Peter Hirst at Permaculture Voices 1, "Permaculture in a half million-acre forest concession in Indonesia", in the hopes that he may reveal more about his methodology there.

Does anyone know if there are methodological details in that talk and/or what other places I can look for such details?

Thanks in advance!
4 years ago
Hadn't remembered what exactly I had pledged. Finally got the time to check kickstarter and confirmed my $50 pledge is for streaming. Vimeo id: 8066730.
I haven't received an email that I know of. Congratulations on being done with the project!!!

I hope this is the right way to email you all for the access.
I love the overview you gave in reply to this post. I'd love to read an overview chapter that also talked about the pros and cons about particular animals for the rest of the permaculture system. This wouldn't be the focus of the book, but probably just touch on this latter topic with references for more reading. I want to figure out what animals to use for fiber but also how they synergize with other aspects of the system and produce other yields (e.g., meat, milk).

Also, any writing I've done has been greatly facilitated by breaking it up into smaller pieces. In essence, what I'd like is perhaps the hardest one, though, the big picture integrative one that makes me then look up more detail later in the book. As in..."Oh, cool. So maybe sheep followed by poultry. Let me find out more about sheep and poultry."

So psyched you might write up some of your knowledge!
So totally blown away by your excellent, thoughtful, helpful response!! Wow! Perhaps you are the one to write the book! Thanks so much!
Thank you. My questions are vague right now which is why I'd love an intro book. Basically, wanting to know how to provide enough fiber for clothing while synergizing other yields. So, for example, some discussion about animal and plants useful for fibers but that can also work well in food systems.
Hi all,

I've read numerous books on many aspects of permaculture but haven't really found one that focuses on fiber. Is there such a book or DVD or article, etc?

I'm really loving the depth of the conversation that you both bring! Love the analogies relating the conversation back to permaculture at the plant level. Deep bow of gratitude to both Laura and Jennifer for sharing who you are so eloquently and courageously.

I also have found it very valuable to make the distinction between liking vs. getting along. Very important in my view.

I've also found it helpful to think about "slogging", as in slogging through the muck, one step at a time. This is for times that truly suck and that seem like they'll go on forever. I think there's strength in slogging, even some nobility. That doesn't help much, but it does help some: to know that sometimes we just have to slog and that we're not doing anything wrong because we're slogging. And, of course when we're slogging we can forgive ourselves for all kinds of things we do that might not be ideal under non-slogging circumstances. My 3 year old Son went through 3 years of treatment for Leukemia. Was I at my best? Definitely not. There were days I just had to leave work and kind of walk around in a fog. I treated myself to frites and Belgian beer. I got a little heavier than I would like. But, I was slogging, so F it, you know? So, I guess I think that slogging is another set of skills that make us less brittle and more resilient for our community -- and most of our communities need more resilience. I wonder, too, about the ability to just slog even when there doesn't feel like a lot of hope, like for our planet.

6 years ago