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Recent posts by David Eaks

paul wheaton wrote:We are including some footage from the recent rmh event.

Awesome, thanks for the additional content!
5 years ago
Glad you got it identified. Just wanted to post an update to my earlier reply.

I submitted the original photo and was number 1344 in line (average was usually 200-400). A few days later I got a "sorry for delayed response" email, and was at number 1002 in line.

The Garden Compass App had just joined forces with another similar service, now it is called "My Garden Answers". You can submit a photo and it will automatically come up with pictures of suggested matches. Apparently submitting the photo for a real person to look at now costs $4.99.

A new email said you'll have to update and use the new App. So I did, and submitted each of your photos one at a time. Both pictures had lots of suggested matches, none were any kind of bluebells.

Garden compass was great, we had used it many times with excellent results. It was fun to snap a pic of any plant we liked and get an answer relatively quick and very accurate. This new update to My Garden Answers isn't off to a good start with me, I'll still continue to try it out though. Too bad.
5 years ago
I use an iPhone app called "Garden Compass" to identify plants I'm not familiar with. You simply submit a photo and then in about 24-48 hours you get a response with the identity of the plant. It's pretty sweet.

I submitted your photo, if no one here has answered you by the time I get a response, I'll let you know what they say it is.
5 years ago
Is anyone familiar with Longman's Pink?
5 years ago
I found some comfrey plants at a local nursery called Symphytum "Longman's Pink". After some mild searching I can't really find any information about what variety it is. The employee I spoke with said its seed is sterile but he didn't think it was a Russian type, rather a "true comfrey hybrid"

I bought three of them, as my first comfrey to begin distributing around our 17 newly planted fruit tree guilds, any info would be appreciated.
5 years ago

Josef Theisen wrote:10 doge test has been sent.

Yup, got 'em. I can log out and back in.

It would be cool if this started to take off, anyone have some comfrey roots/starts to trade? Maybe I'll offer up a small Griswold or Wagner cast iron pan or something sometime.
5 years ago
I'll play,

5 years ago

Ann Torrence wrote:My nursery calls this strategy "interstem" grafting.

Ah, interstem sounds likely, the term almost rings a very distant bell. When talking with the guy who sold the trees, I got the impression that he is quite passionate about his work and has been doing this for a long time. These Apples are what we ended up with after asking "what is your favorite, what you you grow?" Wish I cold remember what they are!

They are sure to be much happier in the comming years. Maybe I'll post an update next year.
5 years ago
Thanks again.

So there are two grafts, one about 14" up and another about 28" up?

I got these trees through a friend who took me to the guy who grows and grafts everything himself and then sells to nurseries and/or landscapers (I'm pretty sure).

Glad I didn't act hastily and cut off roots looking for a burried graft. All the waterspouts will be removed.
5 years ago
I think I was mistaken about the graft union being buried. Before doing anything drastic, I'd like to be sure.

This picture shows an area about 14" above the soil, is this the rootstock graft union?

This is another 14" above the previous picture, looks like a graft Union to me-
5 years ago