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All of these herbs are either supportive to the nervous system and/or grow the nervous system.   ashitaba, gynostemma, bacopa monneria, gotu kola,  holy basil,  ginkgo biloba, rhodiola rosea, panax ginseng, amla, rosemary, ashwagandha, astragalus, lions mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga,  I'm sure there are others I'm not recalling.

I'll say it too...  Fasting.... ;-)  Fasting increases NGF...nerve growth factor.
Hyperthermic conditioning increases NGF.  ----hot sauna.  Dr. Rhonda Partick has info on this.
Berries are said to be very good to regrow neurological tissue...with herbs, it's accelerated.  Dr. Robert Morse

Julian Gerona - I've seen a couple of your posts, you may like sounds like you're doing some studying on the subject of health/healing/regeneration.  Information on the lymphatic system...actually here's a simple search on youtube. Lymphatic system :-)
5 days ago
I have a set of renegade hoof boots. :-)

For all the barefoot enthusiasts, I wanted to share this awesome blog that pertains to conditioning/rehabilitating hooves back into the rock crunchers that mother nature blessed them with.  Rockley Farm  She also wrote a couple of books which can be found on amazon.  Nic Barker - Feet First: Barefoot Performance & Hoof Rehabilitation, and Nic Barker - Performance Hoof, Performance Horse

Julia Winter wrote:They talk about how fasting can be an anti-aging strategy.  Anti-cancer, anti-Alzheimers, anti-diabetes. . . . it almost makes me want to try an extended fast.

Yes, yes, yes, yes......yes.   :-)

Fasting regenerates stem cells....... ;-)

HAH....I just started listening to the video above......first thing he mentions.....stem cells.  LOL
1 month ago
The more often you fast the easier it becomes.  I think it has to do with the body cleaning house.

I too, find it easier to not eat, than to eat less.  I would prefer to eat within a short time window instead of eating less.  Eating within a small time frame, IF/OMAD/time restricted eating/etc, will have a greater health improvement than just eating less.  Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a few good talks with Joe Rogan on youtube where they discuss this topic.  I think there's a shorter 15 minute video where they discuss this only.

I find that fasting for extended periods of time is easier if you own a juicer.  Juice fasting accomplishes so much and I often prefer it to water fasting for extended periods of over a few days.  Most people could ease into juice fasting, whereas an extended water fast may be a bit of a struggle.

Dry fasting is at the top of the totem pole as far as I've discovered.  I like to throw in a day or two of dry fasting while juice fasting, it accomplishes a lot.

A 72 hour water fast will replace 30% of the immune cells.  All the defunct cells are replaced with healthy ambitious cells essentially.
1 month ago
Sandwiching the foam boards between a layer of pond liner may work.  I would use a single piece and fold it over at the top, so the opening is at the bottom, and then maybe a french drain or something to ensure that water can't wick back up into the foam.  I would also put down felt to protect the pond liner from rocks, especially when laying the foam boards with a horizontal tilt to increase the size of the skirt.  Maybe it would be prudent to call both manufacturers to ensure that the rubber liner and the EPS won't react with one another and cause degradation while in contact underground.
1 month ago
Nice.  I've had it in my mind that it would probably require a fan to reach the temperatures desired.  I don't know what type of temperature my wok stove puts out, though I do I know that it's measured as a 35,000 BTU burner...if that's any help.  Some other thoughts I've had to design a wok rocket stove would be to insulate the core to maintain that heat where it's needed.  Using hard woods that generate more heat than other woods will probably be needed, I know that black locust is a good candidate, and if you can get osage orange, it would probably be one of the best.  Another idea would be to play around with the exhaust exit point shape, I've thought of using a, "nozzle", to concentrate more heat to a smaller area, the same way a rocket uses a nozzle to concentrate/accelerate the flow of burning fuel.
2 months ago
I've listened to Paul Stamets talk of how he used a fungus to eradicate carpenter ants from his home, he also talks of using it for termites and other such insects.  The talks I've heard are on youtube.

I'll do a quick search to see if I can find something..... google search ---> Stamets termites  
Here's a video with him talking about how they used it to get rid of carpenter ants. ---> Stamets carpenter ants  That seemed to be a real quick story from what I recall, he probably goes into more detail in one of his longer talks.

Here's his website.
2 months ago
Herbal nootropics and adaptogens are what it sounds like you're looking for.  Here are some herbs that come to mind which promote memory, brain health, cognitive functioning, and regrowth of neurological tissue.  gynostemma, gotu kola, lions mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, holy basil, brahmi - bacopa monneria, ginkgo biloba, rhodiola rosea, panax ginseng, amla, rosemary, ashwagandha, astragalus,  there are more that I'm just not recalling at the moment.  You can also add herbs to increase circulation to the mix to help make it more effective, something such as cayenne-spicy chilis, ginger, or cinnamon.
MountainRoseHerbs has good quality herbs.

2 months ago
It is easy to convert a chest freezer into a fridge with a temperature controller.  I have the Johnson Controls Digital Temperature Controller.  There are a few models, and there is a newer version of what I use.  The chest freezer I have is 16 cubic feet...maybe a little bigger....and it sips the watts from my battery bank.  I have't put a device on it to measure it, but it uses very little energy.

There are drawbacks to using this type of converted fridge though.
All the produce where it's touching the front wall, where the cooling lines run, freezes.
There's no pump to remove excess humidity and pooling water, so water pools on the bottom of the fridge.  I have mine set up so there's a slight slope towards the drain.
The fact that it's a chest fridge means that I have to stack stuff upon stuff.  Which is annoying when you want something that's on the bottom of the pile.

It's very handy for my small battery bank, though I do look forward to having something more practical/easy to use.
3 months ago
I do a fair bit of wok cooking.  I have a propane wok stove with a low and high setting, made specifically for wok cooking.  It sounds like a jet engine while on the high setting, and will turn the bottom of an empty wok glowing red in probably less than 10 seconds.  I found it online at the The Wok Shop.  The food that comes from it tastes like restaurant style stir fry, which has a lot to do with the high heat that creates the Wok Hei.  I've thought about a wood fired wok stove a tiny bit, something that was able to produce very high heat at the exhaust/wok stove is what I would desire.
3 months ago