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bernetta putnam wrote:any suggestions on natural way to help RA?

There is a woman named Hilde Larsen whom you can find on youtube, she also has a website, and a few books.  She had RA so bad that she was bedridden.  She eradicated the RA naturally with food and herbs.
1 month ago
I merely wanted to add, that I use a bi-polar fence from  It has no grounding rods, and shocks anyone/anything that's willing to touch it.  I also have very dry ground, and I found a fence that didn't require grounding....and it works. ;-)
1 month ago
I wonder about Jujube trees?  I was recently told that the Jujube trees of a neighbor, withstands the late frosts and produces summer blooms.  I thought of this topic when I was told that, and figured it may be worth sharing.
2 months ago
If you can take note of the types of shrubs and trees in your area that thrive without any human interaction...they could make good candidates.  You may likely find some/most that aren't legumes, but they are hardy and adapted to your climate which can help you grow your forest.  Often the most hardiest ones will be labeled as invasive.  And some of them will be very quick growing, especially if you give them a little care and help them along.  I wouldn't know of any species to look for in your area, but if you keep your eyes open for those trees and bushes thriving on utter neglect, which nature has generally planted, I'm sure you'll find a few good ones to use.  And even though they may not be legumes and nitrogen fixing, they will still drop tons of mulch for you and you can over plant them and do a bunch of chopping and dropping while you nurse up the long term trees and bushes you intend to keep.
3 months ago
I was wondering if maybe the mice are going for the seedlings for not only food but hydration as well.  Maybe some water left out for them would keep them off the seedlings???  I had a cottontail and a few birds coming into my greenhouse earlier this year, and I left a bowl of water for them so they wouldn't eat my plants looking for hydration.  I also had a cover crop and the cottontail went ahead and trimmed it all for me and converted it into manure as my young plants grew up through/with the cover crops.  I've seen a few cherry tomatoes here and there that the mice were getting, but not enough for concern.

Another thing I was thinking...maybe grow them a tray of microgreens?  

It's kinda hard to want to do those things though because they'll keep coming back and soon you'll have many more mice.  But just some thoughts I had.
3 months ago
I emailed and called Esmaeil Fallahi this morning.  He said his email is down, but while chatting with him he recalled the table grape that was mentioned.  This non-irrigated variety was next to a lane of other grapes that were being irrigated, so there was seepage that occured from the irrigated variety into this one.  He also mentioned that the variety had very small grapes on it, maybe because of the minimal water.  After the Idaho Fruit Field Day he is quite busy, so he mentioned that I could call him back in a month and we could talk longer to get more info.  Also he mentioned that there are quite a few independent papers written about what he is doing, and with enough time in the search engines we may be able to find more specific info on all the different varieties of fruit that he is working with. :-)
3 months ago
I prefer to use multiple herbs in a formula instead of just a few.  It seems to have a greater effect this way, this is something I've also learned from other herbalists.

Here's a link to some formulas for specific areas of the body to help you get started.  Herbal Formulas  Go down to my post within the link and you'll find a couple of files with those formulas.

Lately I've not even bothered with making tinctures, I've simply been grinding up the herbs and putting them in capsules.  I am liking it far more than a tincture, it seems to be more effective as well.
3 months ago
Welcome.  I like horses too.  I'm happy to see another horse person on here. :-)  I stayed up late last night because I received a Road To The Horse DVD set yesterday.......and I just had to watch some of it even though my eyes were getting foggy.  LOL

Have you seen the Rockley Farm blog?  A few years or so ago, after having spent years of doing barefoot trimming on my own horses, I found Rockley Farm.  Nic Barker has two excellent books, they can be found on amazon. ;-)

Are you doing a track system, paddock paradise, on your property?
I imagine I can look this up, but I was wondering if you know the name of the table grape from Iran that has used no irrigation....I need me some of those. ;-)
3 months ago