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Part Nakota, part Irish. The Nakota took over long ago but still lives in two worlds, the European world and the first people's world. He lives on a small (15 + acres) piece of mother earth deep in the woods. Was trained in the cooper's arts as a child, since the family owned a cooperage. He has been a carpenter, and timber wright but love all aspects of farming.He holds a BS in Chemistry and Biology and a MS in Horticulture. Worked for the USDA for 16 years. Currently working on his PHD in Microbiology, the thesis is plant communication through the micro-biosphere network. Redhawk and his wife Wolf are setting up to be fully self sustaining, growing all their own foods and collecting rain water. "Soon we will be self sustaining and closer to being off the grid" he said when asked about future plans. They continue their own research both in Agriculture and soils with the hope to make the world more like it used to be, before mankind began screwing up the Earth Mother. This is the only way humankind will survive, we must fix what we have broken.
Vilonia, Arkansas - Zone 7B/8A stoney, sandy loam soil pH 6.5
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that is a compost worm (red wiggler), and that means it hatched from a casing as you surmised.

baby red wigglers look just like mini versions of the adults (more transparent though).

If the clear worms did have the "blood line" (digestive tract) then they were probably pot worms, if there was any red tinting to them then they were most likely baby wigglers.

1 day ago
Some good information has been given by several people here.

Cane type woody plants (black berry, raspberry) are a bit different than true trunk type, deciduous trees when it comes to planting bare root.
Canes will benefit from a top prune back with the roots left as long as possible, these plants usually bear fruit on new growth instead of second year growth.
When spring comes new main canes will come from the crown and the more root support that is already there, the more main canes will sprout from the crown.  

Blueberries and all other fruit trees (those with a trunk) can do very well if the roots are trimmed about an inch back into the root ball when being planted and the tops also need to be pruned back when being planted.
This allows for new root growth in the spring which also brings out new branch growth (thicker top branching).

1 day ago
If the trees were well watered just before ground freeze, the trees should be fine, the watering is to keep the roots coated in water so they don't freeze (think of oranges and other fruits that are sprayed with water mists as the air freezes, it is done so the fruit is coated and thus protected).  

Conifers are always looking for water to bring into the tree, so their water needs are, as Mike mentioned, more demanding, also their roots tend to be closer to the soil surface than those of deciduous fruit and nut trees.

1 day ago
I read the paper Gilbert and it appears they used freshly spent grounds instead of collecting enough to use over a period of days or even weeks, which ages the spent grounds.
Usually when I'm using them for soil improvement the grounds have been sitting around as I collect them and there are some molds and fungi hyphae growing in the grounds when I get to using them in the garden.
The researchers are correct in stating they think it may be some phytotoxic compounds in freshly made SCG, but for most of us we aren't going to have freshly made SCG but SCG gathered over a longer period of time.
The extra time allows for slime molds that are present in the air and that love SCG to inhabit the collecting grounds and these organisms put off enzymes that destroy the phytotoxic compounds found in coffee so they can eat the components.

Using the grounds in your compost heap building will end up drawing multitudes of worms since the microorganisms that love SCG are loved by worms.

1 day ago
For a hedge you want the species that are very waxy leafed like holly or yew.

Black berry will succumb to roundup. Remediate the soil with a microbial booster as others have mentioned and then add some mushroom mycelium to clean out the herbicides.
1 day ago
The only time I wouldn't plant sprouted potatoes like those would be if they had a black fungal growth on them, white mold isn't a worry.

The black fungus is one that will spread and infect the soil with potato rot fungus. It will not be powdery but rather crusty looking. (if you can cut that black out and it isn't all through the potato, you are good to go with planting the good portion)
1 day ago
hau kola Nicole. I am sadly very familiar with the problems of being the caregiver, and trying to balance while keeping your own balance is a difficult thing to do.
I can only give to you the things I do to try and remove the stresses that come along on a daily basis, and I hope you might find something among these things that helps you.

First I will go over what I do for me, to keep me in as peaceful a mind as possible. (some days nothing feels like it works, but I'm sure it does and I just can't see or feel it)
I have for many, many years forced myself to sit and still my mind for 10 to 30 minutes, some days I get the full 30, others I am lucky to get to 10 minutes, but I do as long as possible, for me.
When you still your mind, it is like stepping through the veil, nothing disturbs, no thoughts, and I finally have gotten to the point that noises don't get in to jolt me out of the still mind, unless I am touched.
What this does for the spirit is to allow the energies of the earth mother seep into my body, along with father sky, brother wind and sister fire (sun), these energies restore us to balance when we can take them in by having no thoughts active.
Another thing I do is open my being (spirit and body) to accept these energies and understand that while I want control of what happens around me, that most of the time I can only react to what happens around me.
Realizing that universal truth, it is easier to not feel frustration and that automatically reduces stress within the three minds, this makes it much easier to deal with things that might make others around me panic or gather stress upon themselves.
I have always, at the end of the day, taken time to thank the creator for putting me here to have these experiences of life. For letting me feel the animals sprits.
When I pray (which I might do several times a day, depending on what is going on), I follow the ancient methods, I first purify myself with sage smoke, I offer the pipe to the great spirit, and I ask for the strength to remain in balance with all things.
Once I have finished my prayer I light the pipe and blow the smoke to the sky, letting it take my prayer to the creator, I offer the pipe again and then snuff it out and pour the tobacco onto the soil as an offering to the earth mother.
This is the point where I sit on the earth mother for a few minutes (at least) and wait to see if I am to receive the gift of an answer (these might come as a vision or just a rush of calmness washing through the body).

When dealing with children it is important to be in that state of calmness because they will pay better attention when we are in that state.
I first listen to what they have to say (children will then understand that they are important and that makes them think better) once they are through speaking I just answer them the best I can.
If they ask for help with something, I give them that help. In my culture, people must ask for help, this shows that they are ready to learn and will listen and retain what they are taught. (this is how it has always been in my nation, for it does no good to teach if one is not ready to learn)
The best way to help a child through stress or frustration and the anxieties these can bring, is to show them calmness, get them to understand that the world will not crash around them just because there is something going on that they can't control. (this goes for adults too)

I hope something of this turns out to be of help to you kola.

1 day ago
Was that a Cane toad? The one that affected your dog?  

Charcoal has been used for humans too, maybe not in the Dominican Republic but here in "Indian Country"  it has been used for over 12 thousand years.

I weep for your loss, loosing a cherished member of the family is so very hard. I will burn some sage for its spirit and for you.

5 days ago

Lucrecia Anderson wrote:

Dave Burton wrote:

Lucrecia Anderson wrote:While our modern society may not be perfect, it offers more freedom and opportunity than just about any other. Or can anyone name an existing society that does a better job of meeting their overall ideal?

I can name a few, in fact, and there are many more I have yet to learn about. The indigenous First Nations  of the world and the way they lived before colonizations occurred are societies that I find to be doing it well:
-The Hidatsa (good reading is Buffalo Bird Woman)
-The Navajos
-The Apache
-The Inuit
-The Mapuche

I said an existing society from the perspective of personal rights/freedoms/standard of living.

hau Lucrecia, all the above nations are still here and active societies. There are many others too that are still here and their traditional society structure is still living and working. The Sioux nation consists of the Nakota, Dakota, Lakota, and Oglala tribes, we are all still here.
If you do a search for POWWOWs for 2018 you will see that we have many gatherings and that we invite non-natives, or if you prefer non-indigenous peoples, to come and even to participate in our culture traditions during these powwows.

It was the White eyes that came and stole, murdered and starved the people who already lived here. They tried to take away our culture completely, they forbade the speaking of our languages, they took our children and put them in boarding schools where they were beaten upon any teachers whim.
We lost all our great leaders, many hung by the pony soldiers just to get rid of them. The buffalo was nearly made extinct just because the white eyes thought that would starve us out, they wasted thousands of whole buffalo to do this thing.

We teach about our traditions and we explain why we do things the way we do.
Our society is one of caring for each other and for providing for those who have needs, we care for the earth mother and always have, we care for the animals, never killing just to kill something.
We feel that we must use all of any animal we take so that we can honor that death and the spirit of the animal will be pleased with how we treated the gifts given through their loss of life.

Our warriors go to war along side many others, but when they come home they go to the warrior tipi where they all work together to bring them back to balance.
We have always known that war changes people, we have always made sure they come back to balance of spirit, mind and body before they walk again among the people.
Our society has been around far longer than the Europeans have existed, those who came and invaded turtle island tried very hard to rub us out, but we are still here and we are once again becoming strong.

5 days ago
The best way to air layer is part way up a living branch and you use sphagnum moss not soil or dirt, some form of rooting hormone is normally used for air layering.

If you are bending a branch down to the soil (ground layering), dig a trench and use heavy wire "hair pins" to hold the branch down in the trench and then cover with the soil excavated, nothing else is needed except to keep the area moist.

For each of these methods you need to create equidistant wounds (slits in the bark about 3 inches long) which is where the new roots will form.
5 days ago