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Recent posts by Braden Pickard

Thank you for your replies! That helped a lot.
Got it completely burned yesterday and painted this morning and just did a test firing up the RMH for the first time and it ran beautifully!
So thankful for this technology, I was blown away at watching the flames move sideways and the rocket sounds.
1 year ago
Thanks for the reply!

Does anyone know if there is an article or literature that explains the process and proof of it not letting off any bad chemicals of fumes?
Just wanted something to be able to show to people when they ask for a source.

Thanks again!
1 year ago
Hi there, I'm sure this is already discussed in depth somewhere, but after searching for a while I could not find it.
My wife and I are building a 6" style rocket mass heater for our small house.
My wife had concerns about the 55 gallon steel barrel, have they been tested to not be toxic? Our home is 200 square feet so we don't want any harmful fumes coming in from the heated barrel. I already had a 55 gallon steel barrel that I can use, but we can always buy a stainless steel one if we have to. Just wanted to save the money of it was indeed safe.
If you could direct me to any studies done by Paul or other forum posts discussing this that would be great.
1 year ago
Thanks for the responses and info!
I didn't think about the weight. Yeah, I would definitely want to put something extra under that space, it's definitely not suitable currently for a lot of weight.

Thanks again!
2 years ago
Currently I just have a woodstove for my house, I use it for heating and cooking. It works great for cooking, but if the fire has been out for fifteen minutes it already starts to get cold waking up in the morning is never fun...
The dimensions of the house are 10'x12', and I have this corner with wall space of 5' on one side and 4' in the other.
My questions are:
Is this too small of a space for an efficient cob style RMH?
Can you do all your cooking on a rocket mass heater?
I think I'll just move my current woodstove outside for when its hot out so I can just cook out there in the summer.
(If this is already covered somewhere, feel free to delete this post)
2 years ago
Hello there, I'm starting a small scale tree nursery this spring, I've been collecting and purchasing a lot of seed for trees.
My focus will be primarily nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs, and also fruit trees. I'm in zone 7 in Oklahoma.
I'm beginning to prepare the soil beds for the trees and I'm stratifying the seed now.

My list of fruit trees:
Sweet Cherry
Pear and Apple(haven't decided what variety I will graft on to this stock)
American Red Plum
Nemagaurd Peach
Paw Paw

I'm also starting a thousand osage orange trees from seed, I recently purchased 12 acres and will be using these to create a living fence around the borders but will be open to selling them.

List of nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs:
Little leaf -- Caragana microphylla -- small shrub--Zone 2-7
Golden Chain Tree--Laburnum anagyroides – small tree -- Zone 5-7
Amur Maacki--Maackia amurensis -- small Tree--Zone 4-7
Arnots Bristly Locust--Robinia fertilis -- small shrub--Zone 5-?
Black Locust--Robinia pseudo acacia -- large tree--Zone 4-8

Any advice on how to market these trees? Anyone grown these from seed before and tips on going about this?

I appreciate it!
If it works out I'll definitely post a link on how to purchase these trees if anyone else has had trouble finding a good supply of nitrogen fixing trees when starting a forest garden.
4 years ago
I would love to see this happen. I have a little experience building my own solar panels for really cheap, out of recycled windows and chipped cells off ebay. I can make a solar panel for fifty bucks, that would cost two to three hundred to buy. But the problem is, I am no electrician, and I have never been able to find that great of information on how to wire everything together to complete the system. It would be great to no all the little specifics that are so hard to find just on youtube.
4 years ago
Hello Matis, I turned 18 recently, I have twelve acres that I'm starting a permaculture farm on right outside of downtown Tulsa, OK. I'm taking college classes online and working on a permaculture urban farm in the mornings, and then I work on my farm in the afternoon. I have to say that it was hard to do much permaculture gardening and projects when you live with your parents, anytime I tried to make hugels at my parents house my dad thought I was just making the yard a mess and thought I was gonna attract termites haha. Eventually he thought it was cool though, it just takes time
4 years ago
Thank you so much for all the response! I really appreciate it!
4 years ago