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Oh, the best way to weed guys out is to absolutely refuse to have sex with them.
22 hours ago
You'll never be happy with anyone until you are happy with and love yourself.
22 hours ago
The pond has been sealed and rocked and I'm ready for a rain event to see how this goes.
23 hours ago

Jason Hernandez wrote:

R Jay wrote:

Jason Hernandez wrote:
My frustration with this causes me to wonder... I know world hunger is a complex issue without simple causes or solutions, but I can't help wondering how many people have gone hungry, right next to nutritious food that cultural convention prevented them from recognizing as such?

I just got to ask....do you believe that guinea pigs are just cute pets for children?  What is your feeling about snakes? bunny rabbits?
I have some recipes for red wiggler compost worms....are you interested?

I am a vegetarian. However, before going vegetarian -- and before Taiwan outlawed it -- I did taste dog meat in Taiwan, and it was better than most of the meats people eat in the West.

I tried horse in Japan. It was VERY tough.

I live in Wyoming. Pretty much no water around me. I hate the taste of most things raised in water. Weird right.
4 days ago
I abhore lambs quarter which is a huge shame since I can grow that stuff like a champ. To me, it's the very worst weed because it is sooooooooooooooo good at growing. I had someone over who was thrilled to see my giant lambs quarter plants. She said she'd planted that very same species. I told her to take it all. We just don't like the taste and haven't tried to eat it barely at all. Plus, as I said it grows HUGE here and it's so prolific that it's just the worst imo.

My husband and I were talking about the average American diet though. Why we eat some things and not others. I told him we were trained like that. It's hard to change an attitude toward food we've been taught since infancy.
4 days ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:The only poop that can safely be used directly (without composting) on any food garden is rabbit poop, all others need to be composted to kill pathogens.
Raw pig manure being spread directly on the lettuce fields is what caused those recalls of romaine and "bagged" lettuces, the diseases raw poop grown foods can give the human body are not worth the risk, Lysteria, salmonella are no fun to have.

I compost our hog and donkey manures along with the chicken house clean outs, this makes a wonderfully rich composted manure that really gets plants growing.

Marco has the scoop on poop.


Ok so I'm wanting to start a new garden area. Would it be acceptable to spread pig poop over the entire area, cover it with straw and just let it sit until planting season in May?
4 days ago

John Duda wrote:I'd say that it depends on what you feed your pigs. When I raised pigs I never fed them any meat scraps, none. If your pigs are free ranging then I'd guess that they have very little meat in their diet. But, I wouldn't say they have none. But; the manure you use in your garden is the manure you get when the pigs are confined. So you know what's in their diet.

Oh they absolutely have eaten meat. We had a dog attack and kill a bunch of our chickens. Woke the pigs up and they wandered right over and started eating the dead chickens.
4 days ago
My neighbor raises cockroaches in a rubber maid tub in her basement to feed to her lizards and spiders. She said they're easier than mealworms and she hasn't had a problem with any getting out. She did lose a tarantula in the house once though.............
5 days ago
Man. I don't want to give the kids worms. Bad enough our water is poisoning them. Guess I'll attempt to compost it. I've never composted before. Ha!
6 days ago