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Recent posts by elle sagenev

I chose everbearing varieties because I think it is likely they will be mowed down by rabbits every year. So a plant that can grow and produce on first year wood was very important to me. They are also cold hardy.

I think I want to plant them by the pond.  There are some trees along one side and I'd like to plant them among them. It would be in the flood plain of the pond pump, but not in the overflow of the pond area.

I have a lot of file boxes at work I can use as my grass/weed killing layer and then I shall just have to mulch a lot and make sure I have water happening.

Any other advice is appreciated. Thanks ya'll!
3 months ago
I've not been successful growing raspberries and I really want to. So, I'm trying again and this time I'm determined to make it work. So, how do I make the planting bed to set these up for success??
3 months ago

Charles Wilder wrote:Are those worms or leeches?

Definitely worms
3 months ago
Pugs not the only pond dog
3 months ago
Had to shovel to skate.
3 months ago
Enjoy a snowy pond pug
3 months ago
Ice skating has been amazing this year.  The ice was so clear we could see a rock that had been thrown in earlier. Our youngest enjoys getting pulled behind us.
3 months ago
Pond is now crystal clear. Looking at it today I thought we had a strange algae growth until I touched it and it turned out to be worms. Waterfall worms apparently. We blasted them down into the pond where the fish are happily Eating them.
8 months ago
My compost is clearly not hot but it's growing great pumpkins
8 months ago