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Recent posts by elle sagenev

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Nice! Wrangling kids while building must have been quite the circus.

I'm not sure what to plant. I guess I'm wondering about your plan for pollination?

Just planting brassicas and corn. Nothing to be pollinated in there. Just protected.
3 weeks ago
Finished screening. Lots of nails. Only 40mph winds so far and its holding up.

Started adding mulch. May remove weed fabric.
3 weeks ago
Lots of snow and ice over the winter. Spring is here so its back to the pond.

I've begun dismantling the waterfall and intend to fix about half the pond edge. Its too steep. Rock edging keeps falling in.

Still much enjoyed.
1 month ago
Before I am roasted for the nail job just know I had 3 kids fighting over it with 3 hammers and in just lucky we are all alive.
1 month ago
We have a lot of old electric poles and supports. I decided to use some last year to build a screened structure, the purpose of which is to keep bugs and birds off a few items like corn, cabbage and barley.

Structure is up but the screen mostly blew off during the winter. I had stapled it on. So need a new way to attach the screen. I'm currently testing these nails on a part. Been 2 weeks and still holding.

The buttresses are structurally necessary and create an exterior planting zone. I want to plant useful items that will help deter predators. I m thinking garlic and onions. Opinions?

I also had to weed cover it all over because the loose dirt and mulch became cat bathroom and and its SMELLED. Awful blegh. So trying to protect it from cats now too.
1 month ago
A piece of wood fell and super heated the door before i noticed. Its just where the glass is. Not air leak that i can tell. Opinions appreciated.
6 months ago
Its nice you have the option. Wed do it. we found out last month we are getting electrical towers on our property whether we like it or not. Its usually whether we like it or not.
6 months ago
We went away for 7 days and the temp got to -5 while we were gone. We do have a basement, which obviously helps as that is where our plumbing is. Anyway, the house was 40 degrees when we got home and nothing was frozen.
6 months ago
Harvested yesterday. Dried. Sealed. Frozen.
8 months ago
Boats for when it's too cold to swim
9 months ago