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Recent posts by elle sagenev

My beautiful husband swore in church and was promptly stung by a wasp. Do I think it was sent by God to deliver retribution? That's up to you. AHAHAHHAHAHAHA I kid, I kid.
1 day ago
Yeah they aren't going to listen to you. I do talk to farmers and what I've been told is, "Would love to see that work". I think that's the key. They're not going to go on your word here when they have $300,000 tractors they're making payments on. They need to see this working. Costing less. Being easier. If they don't see it, they won't believe it.
1 day ago
That was amazing. Thank you.
1 day ago

Gregory Campbell wrote:Initially prune it back to 2-3 bines and direct them to the trellis. Keep pruning the new shoots at least weekly. The shoots are a delicacy in Europe and starting to catch on in the States.

How would you go about eating them?
2 days ago
I took somr hops rhizomes from a massive plant near my work. It came up this spring and is extremely healthy but also out of control. It's planted next to a trellis. Not quite tall enough to start up it. What is doing is spreading in all directions under the mulch. I went out just now and pulled up everything not growing in the direction I want. I'm wondering what I should do here. Is this thing going to take over the garden?
3 days ago
This rock is something we harvest from the fields in front of our house. I love it!  I have used weed fabric along the fence. Not ideal but I have laziness regarding weeding obvs.
I had some super weedy flower beds. Since they were already planted I decided to use shredded paper to suppress weeds and then mulch. As you can see not having a planting plan or defined planting area my flower area is stupidly planted.
I have a lot of failure. I think that's a combination of not spending money on it and being less than involved continually.

So I spent some money and made some new beds. Cardboard, compost and rock edging.
A lot of people may be experiencing this late snow and freeze this weekend. I had some things growing already. Trees were in bloom. bushes were sprouting. Herbs were coming back and I had some things I had grown from seed and planted out. Fennel, mustard, and a few other herbs.

So yesterday I went out with some wood shavings and covered all the plants. Then my son went around with pots and put a pot on top of each plant with a rock to hold it down in the wind. Fascinated to see if it helped these things live.

What did anyone else do?