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Devaka started programming with Pascal and BASIC languages when he was 13, and he has been coding with Java since 2003. Devaka got his bachelor's in computer science from the University of Moratuwa, and currently holds SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD certifications. He is mostly known as the author of ExamLab , which is a popular exam simulator for SCJP certification.
When he is not wrangling with his JavaEE and enterprise projects, he likes to play with sneaky web application security stuff.
More about Devaka can be found at his website
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (zone 12)
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Hmmm... the fix would be to exclude private forums from zero replies.

I'll do that.

I think I fixed it. Can you please check that forum again?
There have been some changes to the gift feature lately.

Can you please go to the following link and enter the email address of the person who should receive the gift?
I'm trying to see how the ideologies being discussed here would apply to someone who runs a website. Let's say an e-commerce website. Maybe a website that offers an innovative web-based software tool that makes computing heck a lot easier - something that everyone is dying to get.

I get so much traffic every second that I badly need more server power to sustain. I live in Sri Lanka. I figure if I host my stuff on Amazon servers, I would get more bang for the buck, and I can serve more people. Amazon likes to host my stuff, and I like to host with them as well. Yet we have some server providers in Sri Lanka too. If the government here (or let's say the people in Sri Lanka as a whole) figures what I'm after, should they force me to host it on Sri Lanka servers?

Time passes, and now there are ten other websites that offer services almost identical to what my website offers. They offer the same service at much lower prices. As more services emerge, the price goes even down. I, being a dumb and greedy one, don't want to knock off a bit of the original price. Eventually everyone moves away from my site to the other low-cost sites, and my business was all set to be bankrupt.

But the government of Sri Lanka moves to block those other sites here because, let's say, I lobby the Sri Lanka government. As a result, I get to keep my business running again and sell my web service at an even higher price. Should I be forced to sell my stuff at the same price set by the other ten providers? Or should the political structure be changed that I can't effectively lobby the government?
3 months ago
Excellent! Let us know if you need help on anything else...

Sorry for the delay. I had to go through some lot of weirdness on myself for the past few days.

thomas rubino wrote:in the link you sent to me it showed her email address with a dot after net ?

Not sure I understand. A "dot after net" ?

Let's try this again. Can you please enter her email address into the text box where it says "email address" here, and click the send button?

When you do that, please send me a PM with her email address so I can check if it was sent correctly.
Permies digital market has a lot of products that you can buy - either for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. Some of these products are digital goods - stuff you can download or watch on a computer; while some other products are physically shippable goods. Earlier, I explained the steps it take to buy a digital gift on permies. Today, in this post, I explain how to buy a physical gift!


Select a physical product

Click the following link to go to the digital market, and choose an excellent item, which is physical.


Buy it as a gift

Now that you have selected an excellent item from the digital market, the next step is to buy it as a gift. To do that, go to the selected item by clicking it. Once you are in there, scroll down until you find a black box, like this:

See a link called "Buy this as a gift"? Click that link and it will take you to the next step - Step #3. HOWEVER, it is possible that you have already bought this item for yourself before, in which case you wouldn't see a black box. If that's the case, scroll further down until you find the end of the thread. A little below that there is another link called "Buy this as a gift":


Specify who should receive the gift

When you click the "Buy this as a gift" link as described in the previous step, it will take you to a page like this:

On this page, enter the postal address of the intended gift receiver (the person who should receive the gift). You will also need to choose a suitable shipping option before you can continue to the next step. If the address you entered is a US address, choose the "US-shipping" option. If it's any other country, choose "International shipping".

From the right, you can also choose who should be copied (CC'd) on the email that we send about shipping and handling.

Click the "Buy Now" button to take you to the next step


Complete the payment

         At this point, it should have taken you to Paypal. On Paypal, complete the purchase as you normally do. Once you do that, it should automatically take you back to permies.


That's it! Enjoy!

After you complete the payment on Paypal, we will start to process your gift, and will email you an invoice. If you have selected the "buyer" to be CC'd on step-3, you will also receive another email containing shipping information.

Got a question? Reply to this page, and we will help you sort it out.

Thank you for reporting this with the date and time it happened. That information helps us a lot with troubleshooting.

You purchased it as a gift, and that gift is available here: