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Jonh Eliot

Unfortunately i didn't stir it up with chopsticks and didn't notice threads as i was spilling it.
Doesn't natto require specific bacterium and specifically soya beans? Bacillus subtilis? I'm not sure where can i find it. Also i haven't see natto in stores. Maybe in a bioshop. It sounds pretty easy though and i will try it in time!

John Saltveit

Can you explain me this clause , maybe you wanted to say something else or you mean, that because of the gas you avoid them? because that was the reason for me:

"I also think that I can almost not afford to eat beans, as cheap and healthy as they are."

I've read about cacao and beans again somewhere in this forum! Can't blame her! Secrets do taste delicious!


I'm glad to be part of your community and hopefully i'll be able to contribute too in the future.
Thank you for the recipe! I'll definitely try it.
Now i'm soaking some adzuki beans.

And one more question, which i think could be a new topic but anyway..
How often do you eat fermented food?

I've read that you can eat whenever but i only ask this question because I noticed that the last few weeks my teeth hurt and by chance i read in a forum that its probably because of high acidity of kefir, so i stopped for a few days and indeed i feel better. Now i intend to drink 2 to 3 times a week or mix it with food to lessen the effects. That disappointed me a little because i was so excited about fermentation and fermenting food. Maybe i have something else (gingivitis or plaque) . I have to visit a dentist.

P.S.: Oh and please, feel free to correct my english if you notice a mistake (and feel the itch) ..especially in expressions.I'd like to learn and use them right.
6 years ago
Thank you all for responding!

I tried to ferment beans because i read that after fermentation they are easies to digest(less gas).

My initial worries were because of this bacterium -botulinum - which i read that it appears in anaerobic conditions in low acid (ph greater than 4.6) canned food if not canned properly.

I know that lactofermentation creates an acidic enviroment which is bad for botulinum but due to my impulsive nature which almost led me to a rather terrifying incident a few months ago with raw milk and the fact that i'm new at fermenting, i ought to be cautious even if i ask stupid questions at times. (i made kefir with raw sheep milk and after i drunk it, i learnt about Brucellosis. Finally the milk was ok but damn my impulsive nature!)

DAY 1:
I fermented with a coffee filter,aerobic.
DAY 2:
I fermented anaerobic because i found out that the acidity rises if there is no oxygen.
DAY 3:
I threw it away because the initial white film on the surface had bloated and by then i had no idea if what i had done was harmful or not but i wouldn't risk it.

Of course it smelled awful but of that i was aware. Beans smell bad when fermented.

Today and while i was writing this post i searched again, about botulism this time and i was luckier (previously i had searched about fermenting beans with water kefir, today i googled about lactofermenting and botulism). I found those 2 videos and this very informative post which say that fermented food is safe.
So i guess my beans were ok. I will try again.

S bengi I haven't ferment any food yet but i intend to.
It's been a year since i started using milk kefir and few weeks water kefir. I use 1 tbs sugar 1 tbs water kefir and 1 cup and i think it takes 24 to 36 hrs. I like it sour. As for food fermenting i dont know but i will try. There is no limit i think(at least now that i know its safe). And it doesn't have to be completely fermented to be eaten.

John Saltveit i'll do the same because i want the microbes alive.

Thank you all! You have a nice forum here with lots of information.
6 years ago
I tried this with a jar covered with just a coffee filter and on the surface of the solution appeared a white film. Should i try ferment aerobic or anaerobic?
6 years ago