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Thanks! I can access everything now.
Sorry I'm a bit late to the game. I just had a baby so my attention has been devoted to him. I am still unable to access the download for Tim's permaculture course notes and the Hugelkultur documentary. I used a different e-mail on my kickstarter account and so I followed the gir bot's link to add a second e-mail to my account, which was successful, but when I follow the link to the candy, it says I still do not have access to it. I was able to download the Appropriate Technology notes without difficulties.
Greetings from West Central Ohio. I think I am the only one in my county who knows what permaculture is. Feeling a bit lonely in my quest to find a good piece of land among the acres of flat, chemical drenched farmland.
3 years ago
My family and I are traveling from west central ohio to Washington DC at the end of July and we are trying to find a homestead/property/garden which utilizes permaculture design principles to stop at and tour along the way. We are planning on purchasing land in a year and implementing permaculture design to the property. We are surrounded by industrial agriculture in our area and to find a permaculture minded person near us is rare. We are traveling from Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburg PA where we will stay for a day before heading to DC. Does anyone know of any place for us to visit along/nearby that route?
4 years ago