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Cottage style home set up for urban homesteading. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. 590 sq ft. in Columbia, MO.
Large corner lot with timber on the end of a one block dead end street. 15,276 sq ft (0.35 acre)
Private location in the Sunny Slope subdivision on the edge of an urban forest which provides wildlife and plant biodiversity with foraging opportunities. (Ask me about the morel mushrooms!)
Various gardens, rain barrels, two sheds, rabbit hutch (or third shed), chicken coop and run, compost bins, and miscellaneous homesteading opportunities. Chickens that are already laying are included!
Organic, non-chemical practices always used for the 10 years I've lived here.
Gas stove, refrigerator, unattached microwave, washer/dryer included.
Carport and extra parking on street. Newly paved road.
Super low utilities with recent energy conservation updates. Central air, forced air heat
Attic insulation installed 2014. New flooring in living room and hallway. Three ceiling fans.
Vinyl siding that's easy to clean. Double pane windows.
Updated breaker box. Cable, satellite, internet ready.
Benton Stephens neighborhood with strong political involvement, neighborhood association meetings, active and accessible neighborhood association president, ward councilperson, and state representative.
Low crime in the area. Kid and pet friendly street.
Community gardens close in the neighborhood and adjacent neighborhood.
Walking/biking friendly. Short distance to all campuses, downtown, concert venues, microbreweries, bike shops, shopping areas including health food stores, yoga studio, and convenient stores.
Quick access to both highway 63 and 70 as well as public transportation.
Two nearby parks and swimming/fishing lake.
Hospital less than a mile on same road. Less than a mile away from the nearest fire department and 450 feet away from the nearest fire hydrant.
Two elementary schools and Montessori School, one middle school, and two high schools about a mile away.
Nearby hardware stores, horse stables, Habitat for Humanity resale store, farm and feed stores, and mulch sites.

Serious buyers that are ready-financed can make an appointment for showing. Once we are contracted I'll take an afternoon to show you details such as what grows well where, how I would prepare for the next season, where to get the best scraps for the chickens, etc. so you can hit the ground running.

For pictures and more information
3 years ago
I am a Professional Counselor, Life Coach, and Consultant located in Columbia, Missouri. I have been developing a small urban homestead. My home is near downtown and I am very connected to this community. Once the space becomes more sustainable I would like to rent or sell it and start a larger homestead outside of town. Maybe travel a while in between homesteads if it works out. I can do it alone but I'd really love to have a partner. I typically get along best with women in their 20's and early 30's.. I'm physically fit and authentic in nature and I am attracted to the same. If you want to learn more friend me on facebook!
6 years ago
I am a Professional Counselor, Life Coach, and Consultant located in Columbia, Missouri. I have been developing a small urban homestead in the last year. I am experimenting sustainable living practices at my home to better teach others. My home is near downtown and I am very connected to this community. I prefer a volunteer who has a strong interest or some experience with sustainable practices. Permaculture enthusiast a bonus!

I'm typically at the office 11ish to 7ish Mon-Thurs, like a quiet home by midnight at the latest and like to sleep in most days. Friday-Sunday I'm free to do bigger home projects. I have liberal views, conservative with resources, supportive in nature, and a hard work ethic. Whether it's with my counseling co-op or at home, I don't think in hierarchical terms with me as the boss but having an organizer role in a team effort. With that said, I'm highly invested in my time and space so I will assert my preferences. Internet access and one pet cat.

I need help taking care of my budding homestead, honing what's already developed, and starting new projects. During slow periods I may ask to help with office work at my business.

Already established projects to learn and help maintain:
Land analysis, planning, designing, and zoning
DYI building from re-purposed material
Raising chickens and rabbits
Wild edible foraging
Food storage: drying, freezing foods, fermenting
Established ferments: Kim che, sauerkraut, kombucha, fruits, water kefir soda and wine, champagne yeast wines
Composting and gleaning scraps from local sources for the chickens
Rain harvesting
Garden design and maintaining (Organic, non GMO, raised beds, keyhole design, lasagna bed, companion planting)
Mushroom logs

Projected projects to help start:
Closed loop for animals: Growing fodder & raising mealworms
Beer making
Experimenting with solar power: harvesting electricity, dehydrator, concentrated sunbeam
Irrigation and better gray water system
Yogurt and cheese making
More garden space including an hugleculture
Tree care

Other opportunities include:
You will learn self-sustainable practices already established and help experiment with new projects.
Connect with local sustainability enthusiasts and local urban gardeners and farmers.
I can show you what the area offers especially biking, hiking, concerts, festivals, dancing, meditation, and social events.
Opportunities to connect with intentional communities.
Possible school credit.
6 years ago