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Recent posts by Carolyn Redmond

Ok, I guess if they cannot handle the occasional freeze in California, they would die to the ground here. It gets below freezing and stays that way for quite a while.

I AM able to get tagasaste though... so I will hold out for these instead. Thanks for your responses.
6 years ago
I was there! My brain has been trying to churn out some ideas but I don't really know where to start.
6 years ago

Burra Maluca wrote:

Carolyn Redmond wrote:I've never even heard of Willie Smits! However, I would like to watch the video posted above but it says I need a password. Is there one floating around that I can enter to watch this video please?

The video above was only made available to the public for the weekend, which is now over.

I've posted his TED talk below.

Thank you.

Cj Verde wrote:So my cows seem to be as picky and fineky about food as the rest of my family:-(

The other day I cut the new tops of a staghorn summac which they have happily eaten in the past. In a weird role reversal, the calves were happy to eat it but the older ones were not, particularly the bull who refused it entirely. I cut them down a few small beech trees and let them into that paddock and they did a great job of striping the leaves off.

The next day I let them back into the first paddock and what do you think they did? They dug right into that staghorn summac in the feeder, particularly Frank(futer) the bull!

Maybe since it wilted, something in it changed, like some other plants are more thoroughly enjoyed after wilting... can't think right now on what they are called but perhaps that is why?
6 years ago
I've never even heard of Willie Smits! However, I would like to watch the video posted above but it says I need a password. Is there one floating around that I can enter to watch this video please?
Does anyone have any seedlings of tree lucerne for sale or even seeds that I can try to grow myself? My climate seems to be perfect for them but I cannot locate any. Please help?
6 years ago
Hi Sonia,

Nice to hear of someone else somewhat local. In case you're interested, there is a permie group meeting in Reno on Wednesday evening from 6 - 7:30 I believe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
at 6:00 PM

Urban Roots Farm
3001 West 4th Street
Reno, NV 89523

The link, if you're interested, is

Hope to see you there.

6 years ago
Thank you Wayne. I'll look into them.
6 years ago
I really like this idea. Right now I don't have anything available and I'm not sure what I would like in exchange for it either but I wanted to post on here so I can easily find my way back.

I do have comfrey. Right now it's kind of struggling due to the heat wave we're having here. It had flowers on it a few weeks ago and I haven't checked for seeds yet but it's possible I may have some available. I need to dig them up this coming winter so I can spread them out so I get more plants.

I just transplanted some raspberry canes the other day. I have them shaded and I'm watering generously so I really hope they survive and start putting out new leaves soon.
Just found this site the other day and this thread today! I posted this same message over on the "Message Others from the SW United States" thread and wanted to say hello over here too.

I have 10 acres in arid northern Nevada. I doubt I'd be able to green the whole thing (not enough energy) but I'd like to be able to do what I can around the house and barns. We get, on average, 5" of precipitation per year. That includes any snow fall. It's a pretty sad and bleak situation but we like it here. It's a desert farming community. Lots of cattle (mostly dairy) being raised and decreasing amounts of alfalfa being grown due to the drought. I would love some trees to plant in my chicken yards for shade and hopefully some fruit for them/us. Some trees to shade the house would be really nice too. Some kind of greens growing for a front "yard" would be beneficial. Doesn't have to be grass, in fact, I'd prefer a bunch of broadleaf weeds that I can mow a little bit every day so my birds have some fresh greens.
6 years ago