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since Aug 04, 2014
Just another dude trying to make it, just like you.
Taylorsville Kentucky
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Recent posts by Ray Cecil

I have 5 acres. I'm doing permaculture near Louisville KY in Taylorsville. If you are in the area, and looking for a good neighborhood and property with other like minded folk nearby, PM me.

Two doors down is 5.6 acres. Large pond. 4 bedroom double wide, a little woods, open areas. THis property is for sale word of mouth and I have the inside scoop. Asking is $140,000. A bargain this close to Louisville.

7 months ago

Shannon Lawson wrote: I saw your post when researching permiculture in Kentucky.  I live in Nashville, but grew up in Taylorsville and I am beginning to start plans to work on the land I grew up on an established a Pirmaculture situation. I'm interested in getting together with you when the opportunity arises .

Well, its been right at a year since I last posted. Shannon, turns out we found a piece of land we liked better than the one in Coxs Creek, wanna guess where? Taylorsville! Five acres, a fish pond, two pole barns and a really nice double wide. Im adding onto the pole barn in two weeks. Unfortunately this past year and a half has been rough. I haven't had the time to focus on permaculture. I lost my big sister to cancer last year, and my father just passed from a heart attack this past March. But things are getting slowly better. My widowed mother is trying to buy the five acres next door to me. So we will have a ten acre operation. The other neighbor wants to sell her five acres too...so Shannon...maybe you can jump on it? And we have have a 15acre two family operation?  Ray.cecil.3@gmail.com for more info. Pm me there.
11 months ago

Tj Jefferson wrote:I'm going out on a limb and suggesting these are in the mint family, not amaranth. The leaves are perfectly opposed. Is the stem square? Possibly monarda... Will know when it flowers.

1 year ago

Tj Jefferson wrote:I'm going out on a limb and suggesting these are in the mint family, not amaranth. The leaves are perfectly opposed. Is the stem square? Possibly monarda... Will know when it flowers.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look at the stems later when I get home. Thanks!
1 year ago

Craig Dobbson wrote:Looks more like something in the amaranth family than nettles to me.  Do they sting your hands if you touch them? 

Urtica dioica 

The hairs are very fine, they do not sting. But there is a variety of nettles that are not stinging I believe, I think I read that somewhere. Maybe they are some perennial flower the previous owner of this property planted there. I just thought they looked awfully close to a nettle. I don't know. I am located in Taylorsville KY, maybe that might help?

1 year ago
Hey, found these growing up against my barn, in between some azaleas. They sure look like nettles to me, but I am not 100% sure. Can anyone confirm or properly identify for me? THanks

1 year ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:pic #1 & 2 Maybe a wild mustard? Sometimes purple leaves are a result of something in the soil, not a trait of the plant itself.

Pic #3 looks like daisy fleabane. If so, the stalk will get taller as it flowers. In my climate, depending on how dry or wet their roots are, they grow from 1 to 3 feet tall. This basal rosette in the pic has begun to 'stand up' while your pic has them still hugging the ground. Mine usually have white rays, sometimes with a touch of pink.

#3 Mystery.

Wow, the one with the purple leaves sure does look like the toxic Senecio glabellus in your link! Hmmmmm.....maybe I'll wait to see if it has a yellow blossom then pull it out if it does. Thanks for the information
1 year ago
Well.....I need help IDing these.....thanks for any help....Zone 6b in Kentucky. These are growing on the edge of the pond.

size 13 boot for scale reference

I think this last one may be a cat tail shoot. I planted a few seeds from a cat tail head because there is NOTHING growing in or around this pond. THe previous owners cut grass all the way up to the edge. Its a small pond, and I know cat tails can be competitive, so if it takes off too much I'll get in there and dig it up.

1 year ago

Mike Schroer wrote:Ray,

I don't want to be too critical and maybe it is just the camera angle but are you going to be running run-off water into your storage shed?  The pictures look like that may be the case.


Mike, thanks for the comment. No, that is not the case. In fact I didn't place them exactly on contour, but they are running away from the shed. About a 6" drop from the shed side to the other end. I have a pond that struggles a little to stay full. The area the swales are on did not run water to the pond. I am trying to get the water in this area to run towards the pond, which I have accomplished. This area the swales on on isn't too large, its at the top of a 10 acre area. I don't expect much run-off to fill the swales anyway. A large downpour over a couple days might start filling the swales...maybe. I put the swales basically where I wanted them for aesthetics and to function as a diversion for water to the pond instead of down the hill and into the street. 

later...I will be putting in more swales, on contour, below the current swales. The septic laterals are not too far from these swales, so I am trying to divert as much as possible as to not saturate the leech field and have septic issues. Thanks
1 year ago
I dont know if I could be alone that long. Maybe if I never knew the love of a good woman I wouldn't know what I was missing. I love my family and friends. I think we humans are social creatures. At least for me, I like alone time, but not a permanent alone time. Seems a bit selfish to me....why not spend time with good people?
1 year ago