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Gabriel Goto

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since Aug 06, 2014
Buckingham, PA
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I was listening to podcast 415 - Fall events follow up. There was a discussion of the pizza party, which my son Matthew and I attended. We stayed in the tepee.

During the podcast, Paul and Jocelyn mentioned that the occupants of the tepee (Matthew and I) had smoke back the first night and an ahah moment the next day, but they did not know if we had then figured it out. We did. I think the first night struggles were necessary for us to understand what we did not understand. The next day's discussions and demonstrations were very helpful and we were successful in our subsequent attempts at starting and maintaining the tepee stove. We left with a reasonable shot at operating a rocket mass heater. The whole experience was awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from and participate in an great group.
5 months ago
Jocelyn and Paul,

I heartily second Matthew's thanks.

During the garden tour, we were all trying to identify the red plant on the hugel in zone 1. Google Lens believes it to be red valerian. Paul asked me to email this to him, but I did not know his email address. It may be somewhere on the site.

6 months ago
In the most recent podcast, part 3, Paul cautioned against using purchased top soil and other items due to concerns about persistent herbicides. I have used seed starting mixes to start my seeds indoors. If I did not want to buy seed starting mixes, what would I start my seeds in?
2 years ago
Excellent! Thank you for your reply.
3 years ago
Found two of these in my garden. I think they are black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. The supposedly eat plants from the carrot family, though they are not in my carrot bed (yet?). Should i be worried about them?
3 years ago