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Recent posts by Patrick Kniesler

Dado Scooter wrote:As a gout sufferer, this kind of diet won't work for me.

Gary Taubes was unable to include a chapter he was putting together about gout in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories. If you find the Zeroing in on Health Facebook group and go to the Files section you can find the short scratch version. It is not complete, but still backed up by citations.

I'm not sure if this link will work:

The gist seems to be that red meats are blameless.
6 years ago

Davin Hoyt wrote:We believe you should avoid glass with solar treatments.

Meaning films applied to cut UV exposure and such? A search using the phrase "glass solar treatments" doesn't bring back any useful information and I would appreciate some context to make sure I understand. Also please check my edits.
6 years ago
I am looking for threads discussing the new model of solar heater and input on any particular information regarding the shower glass such as whether it was the best of many options, any tips for gathering it, and if there are kinds to avoid.

EDIT: Found two.

2017 Homesteaders PDC (permaculture design course) & ATC (appropriate technology course) in Montana

Page 6

Page 7

2017 ATC solar food dehydrator

Observations: It sounds like the shower glass was decided on after the structure was built. Would it be ideal to size the structure to fit the glass laying as in the design, or rotated vertical, or just find the glass first and decide based on what you have? Are there issues with toppling if the structure is too narrow, requiring a base?
6 years ago

Joellen Anderson wrote:but I was wondering if anyone knows of a book which prioritizes letting chickens be "chickeny".

Well Joel Salatin is one author who has that as a stated priority, but it is possible that isn't the same degree to which you were thinking. I think most people will be better able to recommend books once you describe which methods you find are most "chickeny" - whether that be more or less free range or any other thing. Thinking about that may help you discover the keywords to search for more book reviews in the forum.
7 years ago

Aaron McKinley wrote:Question #4
Any issues with the exhaust pipe directly leaving the metal drum at the bottom?

I have heard that the manifold is commonly regarded as the most tricky part of an RMH build. WS2.0 may cover that part in detail but I can't recall. If you don't feel like it did once watching, there are plans on scrubbly that can help.
7 years ago
I don't know your site conditions or climate, but have you considered whether or not you even need freezers? Here is an example of a root cellar at Sepp Holzer's Kramaterhof. @ 15m25s

There should be drawn plans and threads about this all over

If you want to make sure your stuff stays frozen but doesn't use much energy in the meantime I think placing freezers in a cold location makes sense and using older ones extends the life of a product created with energy-intensive manufacturing. The plastic has probably off-gassed it's VOCs so placing it in an area with less air circulation isn't a problem, in my opinion based almost entirely on theory.

I think root cellars have air flow by definition (such as in Paul's WOFATI definitions).

I also wonder what happens if the refrigeration liquid leaks. Does it sink, rise, or soak into all the exposed organic material in the cellar? Maybe it even depends on the liquid.

Does that help? I'm sorry I don't have much practical experience.
7 years ago
He left a good mark on the world.
7 years ago

I'm gonna get me some Art-Ludwiggalicious-Learnin'.

Really rolling through these podcasts and I can't wait to see why you through these were worth extra buku buccaroos.
Over at the thread for 217, Adrien said:

Adrien Lapointe wrote:This is the only one for now. Podcast 218 should be up in a few weeks.

I can't find any way to purchase 218 at the moment. Might be missing something and I would appreciate some help. thanks.