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Recent posts by Nick van Zutphen

Leif Ing wrote:
Nick, that looks like a great idea. Do you have any estimate for approximate cost of the materials?

Hi Leif,

I used first grade materials and spend around €400,- on it, that includes paint.

The online video course is no longer available, but the good news is that you can download the blueprints for free.

3 years ago
Hi Devin,

Congrats and purchacing your land

We currently only offer the Chickenbarrow for experts. It is a blueprint package and it requires you have some building experience since it has no support. The expert package includes detailed construction plans designed for print, hih quality photographs, a shoppinglist and a 3D animation of the assembly of the main structure. The total package sells for €25,-, based on today's exchange rate on Google that is about $28,- us dollar.

Our new promo video - which uses Gopro cameras to show the Chickenbarrow in action

Find out more about it:

4 years ago
For those who are new to the chicken tractor concept and the Permaculture view on chickens or who would like to learn about the Chickenbarrow concept and its use, you can checkout this new article that I have recently posted: What is a chicken tractor. It includes a wonderful custom designed graphic on the needs and products of chickens.

Ps. I'm very happy to announce that later on we will release a "Chickenbarrow probuild product", this will include the blue prints, shoppinglist and 3D animation of the construction at a heavily reduced price . But it is exclusive the online forums and support and without the 12hours of guided video's, so you are on your own but an experienced builder can deal with that.
5 years ago

1) Is it 99 DOLLARS or 99 EUROS? The link seems to say Euros.

Thanks for your repsonse Frank
I'm sorry, yes it is 99 euros, so that would be about 110 Dollar.

2) You might get a bigger response if there was a reduced price option for people who don't need animation, videos, or questions answered.

I like your thinking, I will take it into consideration, thanks for the suggestion
5 years ago

Devin Lavign wrote:Cool idea, and I wish you luck selling online courses in how to build this. I however would have liked it a lot more if you had decided to share the information on how to build these for free so the idea would be able to reach more people. Can't fault you for trying to make some money on this idea though.

Thank you very much Chad & Alun, I love that juicy apple

Tnx Devin, but if you only knew how much energy has gone into producing this course, you would definitely say I needed to charge more. If you get in now, for 99 dollars you'll get high quality:
  • Building plans/blue prints
  • 3D animation of the construction
  • Over 12hours of HD video where I show and explain every step along the way
  • Online private forums where I will answer all your Chickentractor related questions

  • For more information: DIY Chickenbarrow
    5 years ago
    I love chickens
    As far as I can remember we have had chickens around all my life. As a child we used to build all sorts of chicken playgrounds.


    Now, many years later, I have designed a chicken tractor that fits into the wheelbarrow form factor, which makes it perfect for homesteading and even urban use: The Chickenbarrow. Imagine sharing chickens with a few neighbors and take turns, so that every so many days you have chickens in your yard and fresh eggs near your kitchen

    Moveable sitting stick
    It also features a a moveable sitting stick, which mechanically closes the hatch when the last hen goes to roost and opens it when the last hen leaves the stick in the morning.

    When I completed my online PDC with Geoff in 2013 I took the challenge to teach people the practical things in Permaculture, how to actually do stuff. So yes, I would love to teach you how to build it

    5 years ago
    Martin Crawford is one of the pioneers in edible Forest Gardening in the temperate climate zone of Western Europe. He is director of the Agroforestry Research Trust, has written several books on the matter and is considered a leading expert in this field. We meet Martin in his 2-acre (0.8 hectare), 20-year-old Forest Garden in Dartington, Devon, Southern England, underneath a group of pine trees: In-depth interview with Martin Crawford
    6 years ago