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Housing Work-trade position - 35 hrs/wk total (25 hrs/wk to pay for house and utilities, 10 hrs/wk paid at $12/hr for first 2 weeks, Raise to $15/hr after 2 weeks)

Who we are looking for…
- A hardworking and committed individual or couple
- Individual(s) wanting to learn a truly sustainable approach to growing food
- Individual(s) committed to building New Earth/topsoil

Our property is a 30-year-old 7.5-acre food forest on Maui, that is combining vermiculture, mycorrhiza, Nitrogen fixers, aquaculture, solar systems to build a holistic ecosystem.

- Grounds maintenance (weed eating and mowing) – 10 hrs/wk
- Tree maintenance (trimming, foliar sprays, mulching) – 5 hrs/wk
- Harvesting and packing – 5 hrs/wk
- Waterline maintenance – 5 hrs/wk
- Miscellaneous – 10 hrs/wk paid

What you get…
- Epic house
- Privacy
- Internet
- Solar energy
- Hot shower
- Personal kitchen
- All the fruits and veggies that you can eat out of the orchards – in season
- Your own space for potential 50-50 crop share
- Awesome environment
- Education on our unique completely sustainable systems setup and maintenance
- Chance to be apart of something big

Please send answers to the below questions to
- Why would you be good for this position?
- What are you looking to achieve through this opportunity?
- Are you comfortable living in a remote place?
- Do you have a car?
- What is your work experience?
- What is your farming experience?
- What do you consider your strengths?
- Are you committed and punctual?
- Are you able to get along with others? (we are just starting to fill out our website but you can still catch our drift by looking at this work in progress
7 years ago
Working on state-of-the-art and cutting edge environmentally sustainable projects on Maui.
$16/hr, 20 hr/wk

We build biological self-sufficient systems. Including solar, vermiculture, aquaculture, and edible landscapes.

Looking for…
- Hardworking, focused individual that wants to learn a trade.
- Someone who wants to be a part of the permaculture, sustainability movement.
- Responsible, punctual individual with transportation

You have a chance to work with one of the leaders in the industry on Maui.

Call Eddy at 808-446-6897 or email (we are just starting to fill out our website but you can still catch our drift by looking at this work in progress
7 years ago