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Recent posts by Co Nelly

Sounds good, I replied to your message. Will be in contact. Thank you!
5 years ago
This is a pretty cool proposition Bruce. How many hours a week are you looking for, and the stipends, etc?
5 years ago
About meeting people on Millionaire Match:

I met one of my best friends on there 4 years ago, we've met in person too, she's an amazing and wonderful human being. We could be in a relationship but I don't feel that level with her, though I love her dearly and know its mutual and we tell one another that. I joined again 2 months ago, not as a paid member, and was talking to 6 (not all as romance interests) people before I met the girl I'm now dating.

If you decide to join and want tips on how to navigate let me know, got pretty good and clever with it.

The weird thing was that I wasn't really looking for a girlfriend, just wanted to talk to interesting people and to keep that attractive feeling up...was pretty happily single then *OH MY* someone hooked me!
5 years ago
Man, people think I'm crazy when I tell them this...

I'm 38yrs old, dirt poor, live with my parents, and have no desire to be status life is great, tons of volunteering, tons of gardening, tons of helping people...but as you can see from the things I wrote, I have almost nothing to offer any woman that's looking for something long term and serious. My "stay-at-home-farmer-teacher-dad" fantasy grows more distant by the year it seems...haha!

That said, I had great luck meeting women on "Millionaire Match". I don't pretend to be rich there, in fact I am very blunt about my life and lifestyle and my desires in a person. The women I talked to are from all over, they are neat, most are mid-30's to 40's and divorced, most have kids. 75% of them are "basic b****es", but 25% of them are really nice women seeking at least good conversation from someone that is interesting and nice. The women outside of the US are looking to move here in many cases (whenever their profile is in English, basically.)

You're a handsome dude with a better job than me, with land, and closely attainable goals. Don't bother becoming a member unless the $70mo is no big deal to you...if you become a member you'll get 100x more attention.

I got lucky and a girl messaged me on Instagram, just happened to be a girl that I had a crush on and she lives less than a mile away, so that's going well so far!

Wishing you the best and joyful love.
5 years ago

Grace Gierucki wrote:I've been no-poo for about 1 1/2 years, I use baking soda and ACV about every 5-6 days and it has been working well for me until now.  I have two questions/problems- 1.  We moved from the city to a house with softened water and my hair has gone totally limp and gets greasy much faster, any ideas what tweaks to make? 2.  Sunscreen, the bane of my existence. I'm very fair and need to use it, I make my own which I am super happy with but it's causing my hair line to be constantly greasy! I'm considering adding a diluted Dr. Bronners step to my routine just along these edges, has anyone tried this?  Thank you

I was the first mate on a boat, where I worked 16hrs a day every day in the sun, all day, and I used coconut oil for sunscreen 100% of the time. I was smart about the sun exposure but it helped enough to keep me from burning 99% of the time, two days that I recall getting pink...and that was really due to me rubbing off the oil.

My tolerance for coconut oil might be a lot higher than some peoples, rather the grease of it than sunscreen. My body chemistry makes coconut oil turn sweet smelling after a few hours, almost over-ripe type sweet.

Dr Bronners may help with the limpness, though it can dry out hair too. Try it!
5 years ago

On frizzy hair days I use a tiny bit of coconut oil to restore the shine and add some weight.

5 years ago
Oh wow, the title really threw me off.

Since 2005 I've donated my hair 5x. Previously I was conventional, cruelty free, shampoo and conditioner user. For the last year I've used Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar, with occasional conditioner use, and I do not intend on changing that...loving it!

My work is *extremely* dirty work, wildlife rehabilitation, and I literally have no choice but to bathe afterwards or I'll repulse everyone around me, and myself, and I'd likely get some kind of, I have to shower and wash my hair regularly.

That said, I use vinegar or nothing 4-5x a week, just rinse my hair, and 2 days a week I use baking soda and then vinegar in my hair.
5 years ago
I think barefoot living is great, mostly. Vibram FiveFingers have helped to save my life, because my body was so beaten down after a car accident that I wasn't able to wear regular shoes without horrible daily pain. In society I wear those. People are really gross, public spaces are gross...anything with a public restroom is just a footpath of disease, at least in my mind. So, it's hard for me to go barefooted out in public like that, though I think its fine if others do. The only time I wear shoes is at work (steel toes for one part-time job, vibrams at the other and only because of how much death and disease I'm around) and out in public, but 80% of my time is spent at home...with bare feet.

It's neat that the "sandals" work, made me laugh out loud literally.

Whatever makes you comfortable, go with it, it's nice to evolve with experience.
5 years ago

Paul Busey wrote:

Colin Nelson wrote:The people who are most critical of body hair on women are women, from my experience.

Wow! Sorry Colin, but I really have to disagree. Not with your perspective, which is unique and true to your own person. But as somone who is very well traveled in the world, I see just the opposite being true. Also, women's fashion and grooming trends are currently set by men (pretty much globally). I have never met a woman that would shave legs, pits, privates/bikini if it were not for social pressure and male expectations(just ask a few).

So cudos to you Cassie, and again, sorry Colin, not trying to pick on you, I just really felt the need to try and add balance to what you wrote.

We probably run in different circles. I've got a lot of hippie-like lady friends, but I grew up in a female dominated southern conservative family (many catholic school attendees) and never heard anyone belittle or make fun of women with hair like I have heard from the females of said upbringing. I'm pretty well traveled myself, and find a lot of US views on women and their suffering pretty humorous when compared to the constant sexual harassment of women in Europe and India, or the oppression they face in Africa and the Middle East. That stuff is a whole different discussion, and those places really have a lot of male based oppression of females, cultural and institutionalized oppression...real serious, not even remotely humorous, stuff.

But here in the US...women are really mean to one another in many ways, on different levels. It's really weird, actually, how focused they are on other women. Social conventions on style and "hygiene" are focused on to a scary degree. My best male friends are very opposite of me...they like conventional American women and the standards of grooming they have been held to since the early 1900's, but they don't really say mean things to or about women with hair. None of them have ever said anything to me about the women I date, though females have multiple times. Maybe its because my close male friends know I'd just dismiss the criticism, and the women think I care what their opinions on it are. I don't.

No hard feelings or criticism taken for your reply.

I'm curious as to what Cassie's decision is, or if she talked to her friend.

Remember that shaving is a fad, sold by marketers, just like the clothes with holes in them and frankly things like the pledge of allegiance...none of them are old, none of them are the cornerstone of our society, it's just new age propaganda that's been profitable for the last 100 years.

I flag the "shave club" sponsored ads on social media as offensive, because I never met a man or woman who was less valuable to society due to the hair on their body.

(I actually have beef with Joel Salatin over his required grooming to work with him, but I digress...he can demand whatever he wants on his own farm.)

Be careful blaming men for the marketing of women's fashion. The people who market that stuff are not speaking for any significant minority or majority of men, they are simply selling things without regard to the impact it has on society, because they are horrible and disgusting people who sit in ivory towers and never really have to face the results of the poison they distribute to people. They are rich, sheltered, people who do not see you and I as humans, they see us as profit. (and tons of them are women..also, no offense to rich people because I love rich people, just not those rich people that don't have to live with the impacts of their choices.)

Just my 2 cents.

There has been a lot of good advice on this thread but I still think the best advice is "talk to your friend".
5 years ago
The people who are most critical of body hair on women are women, from my experience. So, yes, I'd imagine that someone has thought or said something about your hair and the wedding if they ever make passing comments about it with you around.

I'd talk to my friend about it, if it was an issue in my life.

Recently I met someone with whom I've been spending a lot of time, and she doesn't shave her legs. It doesn't bother me at all. I'd never be embarrassed about it or ask her to shave for me, because I don't want her to for me...there are things I want someone to do for me, but not that. She told me last week that she was probably going to shave soon, to which I replied "OK" and said maybe we'd trim on the same day (me trimming my beard).

The last girlfriend I had stopped talking to me for a week when I shaved, this girl says she doesn't care...and I believe her!

I get the concern, but maybe your friend wont care. You wont know if you don't say something, even if it's "I'm not shaving, just want you to prepare for that."

You could always compromise and just trim the jungle back a little bit.  

I trim certain parts of me, hey...I know what's up and I'm a hairy man!
5 years ago