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Recent posts by Trevor Walker

I'm going to be working, but taking a break to pop my head outside and say "ooo"  and aaaah".
Really looking forward to seeing what yall post, who are in the direct path.
I'm going to be in central Ohio, so a bit North.  But watching peoples reactions is more fun for me than seeing the actual thing.

2 years ago

I hope everyone has their proper eye protection. Viewing glasses with ISO 12312-2 certification or welders glasses shade 12 or higher are required. Be safe.

Get ready. It's going to be EPIC!  

Here is a link to an NPR story on the eclipse:
How To Watch the Solar Eclipse

Here is the American Astronomical Society list of safe eclipse-glasses manufacturers, to which the NPR story links:
AAS, solar filters
"The following ... have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products"
2 years ago
@ Shella, etc al:
I would again recommend those books, or find his online resources for current info on your round headed borers.
(That is borers, not voters, silly autocorrect!)

In addition to birds, y'all can find a source for any number of predator insects sold specifically to help sort other insect problems. Research is a must, though.

One thing to consider is if it is not time to remove the infected tree root and branch.
If all else fails, save the orchard from the destructive bugs.
I can imagine a situation where a beautiful tree lasted decades in a prime spot, but through erosion and other factors the spot is no longer prime, or not for an old tree anyway. Wet feet, for instance.
And one might be better off planting new elsewhere, then using the former spot for what fits better.
2 years ago
Also his suggestion, mulch with "ramial"(sp?) mulch.
The twigs, small branchs and such have concentrations of new, recently living wood. The mulch made of large branches, and of trunks is higher in tannins and lower in nutrients needed for growth/healing.
2 years ago
Has anyone mentioned pea gravel as mulch and larvae barrier around the trunks?

Some fantastic books by Michael Phillips, The Apple Grower, and The Holistic Orchard.
Specifically he mentioned the pea gravel as barrier against curculio larvae, which must climb from fallen fruit to the trunk, and up to new fruits.
2 years ago
My new mouse eating friend.
The black racer is the state reptile of Ohio.
2 years ago

Got one of those here at my Grandmas house!

Gordon, what do the plates look like on that one?
Got one with smaller holes, or are they oblong cutters like mine?
2 years ago
Despite some issues, this seems like a really effective meat grinder. Made me some decent ground beef for dinner.
No wonder you can still buy something just like this after, like, 125 years!

I'm not totally sold on the necessity of a meat grinder in my kitchen.

What else can I use it for?

(By the way, I think this made transitional food. Not real baby food.  It does not have a fine enough plate to make mushy texture a baby could digest without chewing.) Maybe good for when I get really old and can't chew much anymore.
2 years ago
Now the learning starts!
Uh oh it's leaking on the floor, better use a catch bowl next time.

I think the wing nut needs to be replaced, as it does not sit square. And the plate does not grind flush to the body.

Note when I took of the plate, it's because it stopped grinding, clogged with connective tissue.
2 years ago