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Maine, zone 5
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If you like the tree form I wouldn't rush to cutting down the trunk.  Fig trees can be very surprising and send out new branches, as you can already see happening above the rope.  This winter a lot of us northeners had fungi/mold attack our protected trees.  A lot of us are blaming it on the hot fall followed by deep cold....trees didn't properly go dormant.  Hope that doesn't keep happening, but I won't be surprised if it does.
2 days ago
Ed, my favorite thing about my food forest is that every year new things start bearing that I've never tried before.  It's better than Christmas!  If you only plant the short to bear plants you will not ever get to experience so much.  Worst case, if you don't get everything you planted, then there's the chance that others will enjoy what you created after your death and the environmental and health benefits from your labor will live on long after you've left us.....but hopefully you'll get the direct joy/blessings as well.
Louella, that community is in NC, not Maine....had to check as I'm in Maine and like seeing which permie communities are nearby.  Hope you've found the place you're looking for!
2 weeks ago
Amanda, do add all the organic mater, but also consider making and adding Biochar.  It holds water wonderfully for the long term. 
2 weeks ago
William, you might consider barberry's relative, Oregon Grape if you want fruit and antibiotic.  Oregon Grape also has berberine.
2 weeks ago's got what plants crave!

2 weeks ago
In Maine I've seen it fill in the understory in young forests.  Birds spread the seeds around quite effectively.  I find them popping up in my forest all the time and pull them when I find them to avoid what I've seen elsewhere.  To me there are much better plants to grow instead, but if you have them and can make some use of them then that seems like a good idea.  I've tried the fruit of B. vulgaris and liked the flavor very much, but I've never tried a Japanese barberry fruit that I enjoyed.  Maybe I just haven't run across a good one?
3 weeks ago
It's funny to me hearing that most of the permaculture leadership out there is male.  Here in Maine/New Hampshire almost all of the permaculture leadership is female....seems like a heavy portion of the membership is too.  Something I don't really think at all about....I'm just excited for every permaculturist in the support network.  We're all in this together.  I'm really very surprised that there's a lack of female leadership anywhere.  Our local leadership is priceless.
3 weeks ago
Can we just get these as mp3s.  Best time/way for me to ingest all this is during my daily commute.
4 weeks ago
Super fascinating Jocelyn.  "European robins have increased Cry4 expression during the migratory season, compared to non-migratory chickens" really is amazing.  There's always so, so much for us to understand.  I wonder if the slight shifts in season magnetic flux is a cue?
1 month ago