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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Joseph, have they demonstrated any ability to cross with each other or do they still require pollination from one of the parent species?  Very excited to watch how this evolves.  Thank you.
2 days ago
Should get the point across!
2 days ago
If a plant is too aggressive it might be seen as an advantage to buy a variegated variety.  The plant I'm thinking of in this case is Bishop's Weed, Aegopodium podagraria.  I grow a variegated version of it to help make sure it doesn't take over.  Even then, I use a rhizome barrier with that one.

image source (not my pic)
3 days ago
During a linguistics  lecture the professor declared that "In English, a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, in no language in the world can a double positive form a negative."
Then a voice from the back of the room said "Yeah, right."
3 days ago
We only had 3 of us together this year and I still cooked a 21 lb bird.  My son in college drove off with leftovers for him as well as to deliver to our parents and I made a large soup today from the carcass, the left over veg and some of the remaining turkey.  I'm thinking we'll manage to eat it all again this year!  (worst case I'll be freezing some in a few days if I realize I'm delusional)
5 days ago
Jason, your post inspired me to buy some seeds.  I am the world's worst lettuce grower....always bitter.  So I just bought some from these guys.  I've never tried growing them from seeds before so I'm looking forward to playing.  Bonus....should be much prettier in the garden than lettuce.  I like my gardens funky!
5 days ago

greg mosser wrote:i don’t know for sure, but my guess for both is in hibiscus family, especially if you’re pretty sure neither is chaya of any sort.

Jason, I'm fairly sure these are both edible leaf hibiscus, a.k.a. south sea salad tree, a.k.a. bele tree, Abelmoschus manihot, which have highly variable leaves from one selection to another.  Baker Creek sold them last year, though I had bad luck with shipping and mine arrived half dead, soon to be all was just too warm for when they shipped.  I'll try them again some day.

Here are some pictures of a few varieties common in the trade which might be yours:

Chief Kubo's Prize

Auntie Lili's

5 days ago
Why did the white bear dissolve in water?
Because it was a polar bear.

( the chemistry jokes out of my system)
6 days ago
How can you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber?
Ask them to pronounce "unionized."
6 days ago