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since Oct 04, 2014
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Biochar maker, forest gardener/edible landscapist, plant breeding dabbler, forager.
Maine, zone 5
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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Do you have a list of additional plants you'd like to add and are there some foods that you want to maximize production of, or would like suggestions?
4 days ago
Hey Ian, sounds fantastic.  Do you have a site map you can share along with some pictures?
4 days ago
A forest of trees has been shown to create rain in at least two ways, through deep root systems that pump water up from the depths and transpire it out through their leaves and through using those leaves as a substrate for rain forming bacteria to reside on.  What's not to love about trees!
5 days ago
Brian, great post.  Where are you buying these coffees and how are you roasting?
6 days ago
I would go with a shovel, that way I can bury them after :)  No, really it's just that I already have one in my hand so much that it would always be at the ready.
6 days ago
I was thinking the same Mike.  Seems like a leading guide bar would let you get it level right off if there isn't already a good way to do that.

The other thing I was wondering was how long it took to cut one board.
If it were me I'd go Shou Sugi Ban, where you char the wood making it rot and insect resistant as well as somewhat more resistant to fire...and then you never have to scrape and paint!  Cost effective and super green.

Here are a few links from a guy in Maine who has gone the root of charred siding.  I love the look, but if you wanted a color other than black you can always stain it after charring it.
1 week ago
I just ran across an article on Bitcoin Green where they were discussing that Bitcoin mining uses more power than 82% of the world's countries and that the rate of power usage is going up 20% PER MONTH and that it would soon be completely unsustainable.  Just wondering about people's thoughts on Bitcoin Green.

1 week ago
I'm in the middle of making elderflower champaign.  It uses elderflowers which provide yeast on their pollen, along with sugar, apple cider vinegar and lemons.  I'm thinking that I'd like to try and substitute sumac for the lemons next year....what do you guys think?  The elderflowers and sumac aren't ready at the same time so I'm wondering if dried sumac berries from the previous year would provide the same lemon punch as fresh.  If not then maybe frozen elderflowers or sumac to bring them together?  Opinions?
1 month ago