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since Oct 04, 2014
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Biochar maker, forest gardener/edible landscapist, plant breeding dabbler, forager.
Maine, zone 5
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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Artie Scott wrote:Awesome pictures!  Here is one thats kinda cool - I love how the bright red flower is framed in these gnarly sycamore roots.  Anyone know the name?  Wish I did!

Hi Artie, that's a cardinal flower....beautiful picture!  They grow wild up here.  I've moved them into my forest garden and they're spreading! :)
14 hours ago
Mike, make it extra big and grow everything in this video!
Trekking Paul Zink's 7-Year Old Food Forest

Sorry, couldn't help that.  But I wanted to post it because he has a dwarf coconut that makes extra coconut water volume....I think it was 450mL/coconut.  Between that and dwarfness it sounds pretty great.
2 days ago
Who would have guessed I have a thing for Afro-French pop :)
Guess I do!  

2 days ago
Sipping my coffee here at home in Maine, watching the snow volume fall and getting mentally prepped for the year to come in my forest garden.  Just watched this video of a forest garden in Costa Rica and wanted to share....check it out!  I want to get my place in Maine to have many characteristics in common with Paul's place.
Dang, makes me want to go down there and buy the lot next to Paul to help spread his planting out larger.  I would make so much biochar to share with him :)  Paul Zink....let us know if that land near you ever goes up for sale!  (not sure if Paul spends any time at Permies or not)

2 days ago
Lovely Pearl....just lovely!  You get pie for that post!
3 days ago
I wonder how much tannic acid gets into the foods?  That bog guy did look a lot like leather, didn't he?  Probably a fatty food like butter would be less infused, right?
3 days ago
According to Wikipedia, "The anaerobic environment and presence of tannic acids within bogs can result in the remarkable preservation of organic material."  

and also "They are frequently covered in ericaceous shrubs rooted in the sphagnum moss and peat. The gradual accumulation of decayed plant material in a bog functions as a carbon sink." as well as "Bogs have distinctive assemblages of animal, fungal and plant species, and are of high importance for biodiversity, particularly in landscapes that are otherwise settled and farmed."  

So why don't I want a bog again???

According to the site in their article Food and bogs   the peatland larder "species such as Vaccinium oxycoccus, Vaccinium myrtillus, Empetrum nigrum or Rubus chamaemorus" are good fruits growing in bogs and "for those people living close to the peatlands in the past, they could have represented breakfast, lunch or dinner (well, probably pudding). The cranberry, bilberry, crowberry and cloudberry (or bake apple if you’re reading this in Canada) as the four species above are more commonly known are among many other berries that grow naturally on peatlands."

3 days ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Greg: I cannot prove it, but I'd say that pie with Pi on it is photoshopped.
Laser art on sweet items doesn't look like that, but a good overlay with dithering does.
I'm a cook, my favorite ex does lasers (including on food) and I do computer graphics (as well as hand graphics.) If I saw the original of that picture I might have a different opinion, but from what I see in that shot, it's probably photoshop.
Looks tasty though :D

Rats Pearl....looking at it again I have to agree.  I was so ready to believe!
3 days ago
You are a mad genius Pearl!  I just googled it up :)
I have to make one now!!!
3 days ago
Oops, I wasn't super clear Jocelyn....I meant to ask would you eat it if you ran across the opportunity of tasting some already made stuff?  I don't expect we're likely to run across it so you're answer is perfect.  I'm pretty sure I could build a bog here in my lower garden, but I'm not sure I want to :).  If I started bringing in food I stored in the bog I'm not sure I could get anyone to try it with me!  I admit, whenever I think about it the first thing that comes to mind are the bog bodies in Europe and the marsh scene from Lord of the Rings.  Forgive me everyone for posting these pics!

2300 year old Tollund man from Denmark's Bjaeldskovdal bog....perhaps the inspiration for JRR Tolkien's Dead Marshes?
3 days ago