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Biochar maker, forest gardener/edible landscapist, plant breeding dabbler, forager.
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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Just wondering, I have this friend who tends to drink 4 cups of coffee a day.  If this friend was to want to grow his own coffee to replace his store bought coffee, how much space would this friend have to grow out in coffee plants?  This friend really would love to know.  I He can quit any time....but he won't.  This friend thanks you in advance!
1 hour ago
We saw nothing bad, Robyn.  Welcome to Permies!

2 days ago
What happened to the dog that swallowed the watch?
He got ticks!
1 week ago
Why did Spiderman's evil twin fail his driver's test?

He was a bad parallel Parker.
1 week ago
Not sure I'll ever get to harvest these, but I'm planting bitternut hickory as an oil crop.  The tannins are not water soluble so the oil just tastes like nice hickory oil.  

UPDATE:  Opps, sorry.  I just wanted to fix my mis-type.  "the tannins are NOT OIL SOLUBLE".  They just stay in the water portion and out of the oil.
Nature does "perpetual" motion all the time.  Diffusion, electrons traveling around in their orbitals, planets zipping around their stars.  It's just a question about how to make a device.  No, I'm not saying I have any ideas for this
Perpetual motion is one thing, getting work out is quite another.
1 week ago
What's the difference between Iron man and aluminum man?

Iron man stops the criminals! Aluminum man just foils their plans.
2 weeks ago

(in case you're wondering....yeah, I'm more the later)
2 weeks ago
William, I forgot to reply about the pot size.  If the 4" pot has a bunch of roots that have grown out to the pot walls and are then growing along the walls, I'd definitely step it up to a larger pot.  Most plants I have gotten in 4" pots have been ready for up potting.
2 weeks ago