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Maine, zone 5
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Recent posts by Greg Martin

As potatoes are heterozygous tetraploids you should not use the same strategies you use with homozygous tomato heirlooms.  For example, the F2 generation will produce lots of variation with a potato while it will produce virtually none between siblings with tomato heirlooms.  So grow lots of seedlings out and you may very well find what you're looking for in the first generation. 

Your project sounds great.  Please repost updates with pictures!  :)
I wonder what the cheapest way is to ship that much volume from PA to ME? 
1 week ago
Darn, if I was closer I'd be taking all I possibly could too.  What an amazing resource.
1 week ago

David Livingston wrote:I live in France where raw milk is available all over the place at every supermarket . Cheese made with raw milk is regarded as a national asset .
This report seems to me flawed in that it is a future prodiction that never happened .
I look forward to eating riz au lait tomorrow with confidence as I did before I read such propaganda.
You guys have no idea how much us Europeans laugh that the USA bans raw milk and kinder eggs yet allows guns .

A lot of us would laugh too, but it's just too sad.  My wife keeps telling me we need to move.  She's probably right, but we do have a lot of roots here.
1 week ago
Maybe $10,000 of Biochar.....where are you located?
1 week ago
Sounds like a potential Biochar bonanza Chris!  I'd do some tests on it and see if it's decent for use as Biochar.  You can compost with it and then add it to your soils, mix it into mulches, use it mixed into animal bedding, etc.  If yours is decently made so as to be useful as Biochar you could also sell it to folks who what to work with it. 
1 week ago
William, would be interesting to high graft the almonds onto your peach tree.  Folks do that with citrus onto Poncirus to provide greater hardiness and deeper dormancy.  If anyone has cuttings of the hardier varieties mentioned above I would be happy to try it on my peach and Hall's Hardy and report back to the group.  I planted one of the hardy varieties from OGW, but it died for me in zone 5....wished I had tried the grafting then.
1 week ago
I give this book 10 out of 10 acorns.  It's the best book I've read on the subject of invasive species.  It's really helped bring together a lot of thoughts I had on this subject as well as brought forward many new thoughts.  After reading this book I look at invasion events with new eyes.  I've yet to have someone I recommended the book to come back to me without it having a similar effect on them.  Thank you Tao!
2 weeks ago
I give this book 10 out of 10 acorns.  Samuel Thayer's books are a real treat if you're into foraging.  He goes into great depth and his personality shines through in his writing.  I dare you to read one of his books and not crave adding multiple new perennial edibles to your edible landscape.  I know that several of the plant species in my forest garden are only there because of this book.
2 weeks ago
Would this work?  I'm picturing a drying closet positioned on the south or south west side of your house (for those in the northern hemisphere) where you open a sealed exterior door to a closet filled with a clothes rack on wheels that you can pull into your room (or put the racks on slides).  This closet would be hooked up to a solar dehydrator type panel system that would draw hot air down through the closet and then back up through the solar chimney (all passive style).  If you have clothes to dry you use it that way, if you have food to dry then you use it for would be a multitasker water removal closet :)

Thinking a bit more about it, perhaps you could install pipes so that the closet could be anywhere in the house and only the intake and output panels would have to be on the south side?

2 weeks ago