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since Oct 28, 2014
I am originally from (the great state of) Texas and have been an expat living in PA for 31 years, the last several of which have been in beautiful central PA. I love gardening and the outdoors and the concept of sustainable living; that said, neither my beloved of 33 years nor I are handy - we feel very accomplished to be able to paint a room and have it look nice.
central Pennsylvania
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I realized that I neglected to include my email!  It's
Try powdering your skin that chafes.
2 months ago

Rebecca Blake wrote:

"Of course I reverted back to my comfortable, wireless nursing bras but I still don’t feel great. Idk, maybe it’s because I finally weaned the kiddo and for some reason my milk won’t go away even though it’s been a month."

Rebecca, fyi, you can still get mastitis / breast infection after weaning.  Underwired bras themselves can also cause breast tenderness and infection.  I speak both from personal experience, as well as a (former) postpartum doula. May I suggest that you apply warm  compresses while massaging the tender areas in a circular motion, pushing towards the nipple? Also, try a few drops of (organic, therapeutic grade) oregano oil in a capsule, filled the rest of the way with olive oil, twice a day for a few days, or 24 hours after the tenderness has dissipated.

"I’m amazed some of y’all are willing to do it in public..."

During the winter, I wear undershirts, beneath shirts beneath sweaters.  Under all those layers, no one notices!  Now that the weather is warming up, that doesn't work 😟.   I had some all-cotton bras made for me last year, and at least I can wear those without feeling wrapped in plastic wrap!

If one is quite well-endowed, not wearing something to hold the girls from swinging back and forth can get uncomfortable.  So I'm told, not being in that category myself 😉

3 months ago
Showing my ignorance here: what's the difference between charcoal and biochar?  I thought biochar is simply charcoal that has been inoculated with helpful microscopic organisms.
3 months ago
Does anyone on permies.com homeschool in Pennsylvania?  Bc I googled and there's a ton of groups, besides the very big CHAP which runs a mega homeschooling conference each Mother's Day weekend (or at least did in pre-pandemic days).  And I know that some of their workshops, back in the day, were aimed at those who endeavored to be self-sufficient,so the audience is right.  

It's all different from when I homeschooled, in the internet's infancy.  Would any currently tied-in homeschoolers be willing to send the video out to some of the groups?  In Pennsylvania or any other state?
3 months ago
Regarding spread the word to those not already on permies.com (which is the audience we need to reach), ask (implore, plead, beg 😉) fellow permies to forward the video to any and all of their contacts/email lists/social media "friends".  One never knows who will know someone who wants to "get back to the land" , or whose grandpa is ready to retire but doesn't want to see a mega warehouse or subdivision on his beloved land.

I forwarded this video to my lists (and they may hate me forever but that's their problem), in the hope that someone will know someone who knows someone....
3 months ago
I did not watch the video originally bc I had already backed the Kickstarter.  I didn't even open the email when it arrived bc I try not to live on my phone and there's always tons of stuff that needs doing.

That said, I did decide to watch the video, and I LOVED it!  It does make everything about SKIP more understandable to the non-permies out there (they just haven't found permies.com yet, you see).  

There's got to be a way to reach the masses, or at least those who would potentially be interested.  4-H clubs, the Grange, feed stores, tractor supply stores, even gardening clubs and home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot, general hardware sores, etc), perhaps seed companies, all these could be a source of potential SKIPpers, on either side of the equation.  I personally don't know how to reach those audiences, but perhaps someone reading this has ideas?
3 months ago
This thread speaks to me bc I am 60, and have only a 20'x60' urban lot.  Much of the permaculture info I  have read doesn't seem to apply to  smallish lots and the older bodies.  I will have to look for that book!
5 months ago
This may not be what you're looking for, but I have a spelling correction and suggestions for a couple other things. They are in all CAPS.

"Over the years, Mike had HAD more than 100 interns. NONE of them made the cut! We needED something better.

I came up with the idea of making a list of things people could accomplish and documement DOCUMENT. Things that would impress a Mike or AN Otis or A Gladys."

Good luck with this! If I were 20 years younger I'd do the SKIP myself!

Ps. If you want help with the editing/proofreading, I am happy to volunteer. It was one of my past jobs.
5 months ago
I figured out that SR flour is self-rising flour, but what is "1 tsp GRP"?
6 months ago