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Karl Treen is an avid perennial food gardener and a 2014 PDC graduate of Geoff Lawton's online PDC course.
For the past 4 years, Karl has taught adults and children about Permaculture and has developed an educational card game based on Permaculture Principles. It is called Food Forest and can be found here:
Instagram: @FoodForestCardGame
Providence, RI, USA
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Recent posts by Karl Treen

Thank you Jessa! So glad to hear from you!
3 weeks ago

Hey again!
I have been blogging a bit over the past several months and wanted to let you guys in on it. You can check out my latest posts on sea kale, perennial beans and other Permaculture topics on my Food Forest Blog Page.
2 months ago

It sounds like oyster leaf is pretty fragile, while sea kale is really tough once established. Over three years sea kale will grow from a tiny plant to a 4 foot diameter monster. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sea kale. I am just concerned that it would outcompete your fragile oyster leaf. If you want to learn more about sea kale, here is a recent blog post I wrote about it: Top 10 Reasons to Love Sea Kale
2 months ago

I noticed early on a reference to Scarlet Runners being perennial. They are in some regions, but not in zone 5. I wrote a blog post recently about perennial beans that grow in North America that might be helpful to folks in this region. Of particular interest are Phaseolus polystachios (wild kidney bean), Apios americana (American groundnut), and Amphicarpaea bracteata (hog peanut): Perennial Beans Blog Post
2 months ago

Cindy Skillman wrote:Here’s one search result I’m sure you’ve seen... but what the heck? It’s interesting, I think. http://fergustheforager.co.uk/2009/06/208/ I’ve never heard of leaf curd, never even dreamed of such a thing, so thanks for bringing it back up. We don’t have that much here in the way of abundant, unused vegetation (brittle area, usually), so I won’t be trying it, but interested in what you come up with from your experiments.

Thank you! Yes, I will be trying it once the leaves come out. ;)
3 months ago

Gilbert Fritz wrote:There is very little information online, I don't know why. It seems that an important topic has been skirted around. Maybe I will understand the lack of interest once I actually try it!

Anyway, my scanty findings seem to indicate that any non-toxic leaf can be used. I've found a reference to using ash and linden trees, so that is what I will try first. I've got to find some food grade muslin, much tighter then cheesecloth.

Did you ever try this with linden? I am tempted to try it in the spring and am curious about your results.
3 months ago

Thomas Elpel wrote:Thanks so much for all your support Jocelyn and Karl!

You bet, Tom. So glad to see this project take off!

Best wishes,
4 months ago
Nicely done! I just signed up for the early bird special! Looking forward to seeing the game!
Best wishes,
4 months ago
Breaking News!

I have created a very affordable "Make Your Own Deck" PDF printout for teachers and anyone else who might want to use them to create custom Permaculture games and/or projects.

With the PDF, you can print infinite pages of blank cards and use a fine tip sharpie pen to customize them for your own plants!

Find out more here: http://bit.ly/ffcg_blanks or go to https://FoodForestCardGame.com

9 months ago
I'm going a little nuts making videos about the card games right now. I'm launching the videos first on Instagram. Follow me there, using the link below, to see the latest and greatest. These are all designed to be "bite-size", partly because IG doesn't allow more than 60 seconds in the regular feed, and partly because I really want to keep things short, so to give you the most value for your time. If I move too fast, simply repeat the video until it's clear.

Click http://bit.ly/ffcg_ig to follow me on Instagram.
Click http://bit.ly/FFCGCards to visit the website and gift shop!

This "unboxing" video is the first in the series. I've already launched the next video, instructions for playing "Picklet", on Instagram!

Enjoy! :)

9 months ago