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Recent posts by Denise Kersting

I abhor English ivy. That noxious weed killed my peonies, my best rose bush, and almost killed my nine-bark & purple lilacs. Really the only thing I've found is pulling it and deep mulching. And repeating till no more of the evil things sprout. I got my one bed mostly under control, but am still waging a war on another bed where it is threatening to take out my white lilac. When I got rid of it, I did just put it in the trash (which gets burned), I didn't put it with my municipal "compostable" stuff because I was afraid it would become a problem for them by taking root or what not.
3 months ago
I just got a new 100-micron filter that fits over a standard 5-gallon bucket like this one: for pre-filtering before a ceramic filter. I'm hoping it'll make the task easier, I used to pour the water through a fabric (felt-like) "filter bowl" into a bucket and I often missed or poured too fast.
First edit for the link. Second edit to say: I am filtering a bit of sediment from spring water, so grey water might not work with this setup.
7 months ago
I don't have a recipe, but I always use the same amount by volume of mint & flat-leaf parsley. My tabouleh is more green than wheat-berry brown when I'm done mixing For me, the lemon is a must, and while fresh with some zest is great, reconstituted in the bottle works fine too. Edit to note: tabouleh is great for summertime picnics and get-togethers because it won't spoil or make people ill if not refrigerated or kept cool like some mayo-based salads might.
11 months ago
I just started using a small amount of castor oil rubbed into my nail bed and cuticles. It absorbs really quickly and has already seems like it is helping combat dryness and flaking.
1 year ago
Total repost of an article here, but in case anyone out there is near or would like to relocate to Harrisburg, PA, a local farming program teaching Harrisburg students about agriculture and nutrition needs new management:
1 year ago
Not sure where you got your pressures for steam, but 9 psi is ridiculously high.  The empire state building runs on 2 psi. Me, I'm at about 1.5 psi. If you need help reducing your consumption or fixing your system, check out Edit to say, if you can't turn the psi or your system to 2 and have all the rads heat appropriately then you have a problem, likely with venting and/or traps (system dependant), or rad/line pitch.
1 year ago
Here's another great use for cornstarch, lemon pie: I've made this using a store-bought graham-cracker crust (so not fat-free) and the lemon pie was great!
1 year ago
Edit (I misread the OP) Does anyone know the cost to install a gas steam boiler?
1 year ago

Anne Miller wrote: the local grocery store is a 60-mile trip.

Goodness, that is a long drive!
1 year ago