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Single woman in mid thirties who is very much interested in learning how to start her own homestead, from scratch. At this point, I am trying to figure out the where part, mainly focused on Ozarks. I am trying to figure out the logistical aspects as well as financial aspects. Hence the where part is TBD. Any help from folks helping me to find an area that would allow me to either live in a tiny home or build with straw bale would be ideal. I am disabled due to Lupus and fibromyalgia. I maintain that these issues are due to city life and the food I grew up on; IE: GMOS. Which is why this is not just some pipe dream for me, but the only way for me to gain some health back. If you too are disabled and are living on your own homestead, please contact me ASAP. I have tons of questions. I do my homework, when my brain allows it. I will take advise where I can and am not too proud to accept help. Well then, hello, and I look forward to learning from and with each of you.
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Can you see this as a possible or cost effective way to go for someone living in an apt in a shtf scenario? What are the minimum requirements for safety in an apt setting? Is this dlable cost and legality wise in a rural setting if one is living in a tiny house? Trailrr?

What are minimum skills needed or abilities needed to do this?

Mindy Wolff
5 years ago

Cj Verde wrote:

Blayne Prowse wrote:Meat, fat and vegetable/fruit carbs for me!

I agree completely except for December when I indulge in holiday cookies. It's December 2! Better preheat the oven!!!

You can make them paleo style! No joke!
5 years ago

Glenn Underhill wrote:Monte linked to a youtube video by engineer775. I don't think Monte picked that one randomly. Engineer775 has some of the best videos on ram pumps.

I would like to extend that by saying, in my humble opinion, that engineer775 is a genius and is well worth watching and learning from on most subjects. He even shows what he has done on his own property for rain catchment, how he made a truck run off wood, and many more cleaver things. When he talks, I take notes.

5 years ago
Good choices, Monte. That last video is from one of my favorite youtubers. Also, check out the ones Wranglerstar did on his land. He shows how he made it, why it works, how the trenches and catches work, etc. if you can not find them, let me know and I can dig up the links.


Monte Hines wrote:Subject interests me for several reasons:

I can remember my uncle (40+ years ago) using one to pump water up a 200' hill, from a creek, to water his large beef cow herd...

I never knew how it worked...

Also, we might want to use one on our farm, where we have water, and do not have electrical power...

I spent some time researching and have created a blog on the subject:

"Water Pumps Without Electricity or Fuel" - Hydraulic Water Ram Pumps and Others...

There is lots history, theory, practice, homemade plans, videos, etc... all at
--> http://hines.blogspot.com/2012/02/water-pumps-without-electricity-or-fuel.html

Basic components of a hydraulic ram:
1. Inlet - drive pipe
2. Free flow at waste valve
3. Outlet — delivery pipe
4. Waste valve
5. Delivery check valve
6. Pressure vessel

First Video of: Water Pumps Without Electricity or Fuel Playlist - 7 Video - 21:53

First Video of: Hydraulic Water Ram Pumps-Theory and Practice Playlist - 9 Videos - 1:14:28

Just trying to contribute...
Hope this is helpful...

With Regards and Respect For All,
Monte Hines

5 years ago

Xisca Nicolas wrote:After avoiding wheat, I found out that it was also better to avoid all kind of sugar. After years gluten free, some digestive problems were coming back... Might not be only gluten for some people, but also the carbohydrate part!

I think sugar is not part of paleo anyway! fruits yes.... fruit juice no...

After spending my whole life as a migraine sufferer, to the point that it became daily, I was spoken to by the brother of a friend who started naming off a list of other issues I had and never told anyone about. Such as the fact that my brain was working slower, my memory was worse than my grannies, and I could not loose weight. He dared me, for one month, to give up ALL wheat gluten. Not even toothpaste with gluten in it. Yes, there is gluten in most toothpaste. You have no idea, folks, just how much of what we consume has gluten in it that really should not. Anyway, he told me the first two weeks I would hate him. After that, things would gradually get better. He was right. So much so that I learned it was more than just intolerance for me. I am celiac. Some celiacs' nearly die before they are diagnosed because their bodies can not take in nutrition. This is why, in my opinion, GMOs are very bad. There is plenty of science to back up the personal beliefs of many that GMOs are the cause of so many of our health problems today.

Well, after that, I dropped weight like crazy. It was as if my body was holding on it, convinced it had to keep it stored because my body was being starved of nutrition. My migraines went away, at that point. (I now have Lupus, so I get "lupus headaches" ever so often) I could think clearer. It was as if I went from watching my life to actually living it. That was how it felt, mentally. It was amazing. Note! Most celiacs are also allergic to millet. I found that out the hard way.

When my nephew stays with me on his school breaks, he eats gluten free. He has ADHD and Aspergers Autism. After a few weeks, he feels and acts so much better, all from being off of wheat gluten.

Here is where I need help: my medications are making me gain back all the weight I lost. Which really ticks me off. Ya know? I bought some high rated Paleo cookbooks that are gluten free. I am completely new to Paleo. This is the start of it for me. My thoughts are that between the paleo eating, and giving up any kind of cane sugar that it will help. I would like your thoughts on this one. Also, my mother wants to know of giving up honey would be a good idea too. Thoughts?

Anyone have thoughts on Paleo diet for blood type A-? I know that eating for my blood type I am mostly vegan, which suits me until winter. Should I ditch the blood type thoughts for a bit while starting in on the Paleo?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,
5 years ago

mike jastram wrote:Thank you to everyone who's supporting us!

Some items for the list:

Amazon items:
The Beginner's Guide to Hunting Deer for Food

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven
(or similar propane oven)


We need axes - preferably with good handles but I can sharpen them here.

Any rugs (not carpeting scraps) that aren't atrociously worn or dirty.

Wool: We urgently need raw wool for insulation projects. We can also use wool blankets or shearskin for textile hangings and projects.Pp

Leather: Preferably cowhide, but I'll use anything I can get. Preferably not super nasty chemical tan.

What type of axes are you guys needing? All of the above, or somethings more than others?
5 years ago

Gary Hughes wrote:I live in OK and since I live outside a small rural town there is no inspections and the only thing I needed was a $30 permit. I'm doing a straw bale house with an earthen floor. I've got my roof up with minimum 30" of overhang all the way around. I'm just now plastering the straw with clay dug from my trenches and I'm using "clean screenings" from the local rock quarry as the sand. So far not a single crack and I attribute that to the powdery stuff in the screenings. If screenings get wet and then dry they are hard so they must have some sort of bonding in them but they break apart, but with clay and straw added it becomes as hard as rock or stucco. I plan on sifting out the bigger particles for the last coat though since they are slightly bigger than normal sand. My straw bales are only insulation, and provide no structural support. I would highly recommend you orient to the south and use as much passive solar design as you can. Just realize it will take longer than you think, at least it is for me. It's a one man show here.

Biggest costs for far, trusses $3500 standing seam metal roof $5000, lumber...don't know for sure but maybe $1500-2000? straw $1000 labor of love, priceless.

Are you northern or southern OK? I have a big part of my family out that way whom are pushing me in their direction. Maybe I watched "Oklahoma" the musical too much, because I have this idea that it is all flat and has a combined count of 300 trees for the whole state. Would you mind sharing some pictures of your progress? PM me please. Also, it sounds like your home is fairly large, based on the lumber. Or is that just what lumber, staw, etc....prices are like out there? My uncle, mother, and perhaps a few other hands, would be able to help of I build there. Yet, I would like to get a better idea of the area. I will look forward to hearing from you. I am also going to check out the average rain fall and wind speed.

Thank you so much!

5 years ago
I am a "less is more" kind of gal. If I can get away, legal wise, with solar power, rain catchments, water delivery even, and composting toilet, then I am game. I want to be as off grid as I can be. I don't watch TV now, so that's no big deal. I do love Internet, so there is a concern. Yet, a good local library or coffee shop with wifi suits me fine. I want to build a rocket stove mass heater. Utilizing that for cooking in winter, too. I was thinking a grill outside and an adobe oven would work too. Each of these things take time to create, which is fine by me. Living outside city limits would be best for me too, as part of my disability makes me sort of freak out with crowds. So that would be a no to black Friday shopping for me. Lol.

With these other details in mind, which I am sure would have been nice if I had posted them last night (super fail for Lupus Girl), What else would you guys suggest or like me to consider?

Thank you so much for being of help. Those phone numbers are a massive help! (Can't wait until my roommate gets home so I can borrow her phone. I don't own one, because I hate them. Lol. Face-palm)

Thank you again,


james beam wrote:From Stone County, AR there really is no 'building code'...when your outside of city limits, if your inside city limits then there is building code enforcement thru the city planning & zoning office, I think it would be easier for you to just call them at 870-269-3686. Electrical installation even outside the city limit, minimally requires an licensed electrician to 'sign off' on your electric installation, before the Entergy 800-368-3749 will hook on to the house. Don't get 'city water' or rural water if you can help it, heavy chlorinated, and can become expensive if you get rural water service 'tap' out to your place, ya have to continue to pay for that tap even if you have the water meter pulled out, I think a 'perk test/septic tank' outside of the city limit, is required before they will hook up water service, if your in town, you have to pay to hook on to the sewer & continuous sewer cost thereafter. A water well can be drilled by a permit/ licensed driller, ya better figure 200 feet deep?..depends...and ask the driller how much he gets, last time I checked it was around $8/foot but you should find out first hand from the driller. So various 'improvements' to a property should be considered before you buy, as all these add up quick... electric, water, natural gas, roadways, telephone...you might want to find a place that at least has what utilities you need already 'available' nearby. Building a RMH in town, ask planning & zoning, out of town should be easy enough, don't know if insurance would...........

james beam

5 years ago
I am looking to gather first hand information from persons living in actual strawbale or tiny home (not one wheels) in the Missoula, MT, area or Ozarks (AR, MO, KS). As I am interested in living in those areas, I find it best to get it "straight from the horses mouth," as they say. If you are not a resident of such a home, yet have valuable knowledge to share, or a good resource to point me to, please feel free to respond.

What I would like to know about:

Logistics- permits, codes, requirements, etc.


Building changes in hindsight

Recommend items or ideas

Foundations: both required and for best practices in cold, wet, and potentially difficult climates

And anything else you feel I should be thinking of or looking into.

One thing I definitely want is to utilize a rocket mass heater. Have any of you had issues with getting this to be approved?

I noticed that for Missoula they stated a residential building under 120sq ft of interior space did not need building permits. Any advise or issues on that matter?

Thank you for your time,
5 years ago