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Recent posts by Jason Machin

Nawww, you're going to make me blush
7 years ago

Can you spot the three baby references?
-Merry Christmas ya'll
7 years ago

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and all that!
7 years ago
After 2 months of blood, sweat and tears. Mostly just tears. I've finally officially uploaded the first episode of "Pan's Permaculture Toolbox". How is it?

I can't seem to breathe, where'd all the air go?
7 years ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:
The Mini-booklet is an idea I like Tobias. I can write and illustrate (drawings). The 'landscaping business' will be difficult here in the Netherlands. Rules for starting a business here are very strict, making mini-businesses difficult

independant contractor. see an accountant
7 years ago
Whilst my property would be doing MANY things.

My personal thing would be Pottery. Oh my sweet word the amazing things I could do with some decent clay.
I can build the kiln myself. Fire it for free. Clay though... that requires effort.
Being in a rental though, a little too much effort.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I am being asked about this position, and thought I should include a few links:

In this thread I try to explain how I need somebody that can get a lot of work done without a lot of guidance from me.

In this thread I explore the difference between a level 2 person and a level 7 person. Naturally, for this position I would prefer a level 7 person, but would consider a level 2 person with plans on growing into a level 7 person.

After reading through your posts here's what I'm gathering.

You need to delegate. You need to delegate hard.
You need people that can do work for you.
You don't want to pay for that work.
You also don't want to train anyone because you don't have the time.
What you want is experts to come in and work for you for free
...free in the sense that it doesn't cost you anything because they've set up their own business.

What happens when those experts need grunts?

From what I can tell you need a full time HR trainer. Someone that can teach classes on all the simple things.
An on call trainer. Someone with the gift of teaching.

paul: shit i need X by next month. that'll take me 300 units
trainer: hows that work exactly?
paul: spends 10 units educating trainer
train: 20 units training self
trainer: 100 units teaching class of ten
students: give 30 units each
trainer: 30 units supervising
paul: 1 unit overseeing

It's no 1:100. but 1:30 isn't so bad. not to mention there are now 10 more people that can do X and the trainer can teach that without any inputs.
...am I making sense? lol I hope I'm making sense.
7 years ago
thanks logan

basically everything mike just mentioned has been thought about. Although I like that swale idea.
that was nicely thought out.
All the cards are going to be pulled from the same deck.
-bad things
-good things
-family visits
-tractor for sale
-the crops you can grow
...if you don't pull out a corn card, your area is bad for corn

7 years ago
Judith - "it depends" does not work for a card game I'm afraid

alex - some of those have already been planned.

Logan - do you have a link for that?

Mike - yes sorry, 1/4 acre
- my base work rate is 10 man hours
- thanks for the estimate. I can work from there
- swede is like a smaller sweeter turnip
7 years ago
Mike- oh well, do you have chicken coops and barns?

Andy- thanks, could you tell me what to do. I see a lot of things on that website but no idea what I'm doing.

OK atm I need crop cards. In particular I need to know how long each crop takes to sow and harvest, by hand.
Lets start with the basics...

How long would it take too hand-pick a 1/4 of apple orchard?
7 years ago