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Just curious. Trying to find out where people are having or dont having problems with ticks. I listed a few think below and you can add to it. Where I live are moose populations is declining. I’ll put my info below. Ticks seem to be getting worse in my area.  What’s it like by you.

Info like:

where your from,  VT, USA

what zone,  4 or 5

10 months ago

Mary Sanderson wrote:Hi, My brother and I have started an off grid homestead in Burke, NY. I'm currently looking for volunteers to help us. We have tons of knowledge. Would you be interested in volunteering for first hand experience?

Hi Mary

Apparently I turned off my notifications, for this fourm. Thank you for the offer. I might take you up on that some day. It’s a little bit of a hike from where I am. I can take a weeks vacation this summer. Maybe we can make plans then. Of course if the offer still stands.
2 years ago
 At home I’ve got a compost pile but I don’t know the percentage of NPK in the soil. How would you figure out the percentage of NPK in your compost pile. I am familiar with the test strips  and the NPF  soil testing kit but these don’t give you a percentage. I would love to hear your thought

2 years ago

 Manure is especially iffy because much of it is now contaminated with Aminopyralid, a persistent herbicide.  I also don't trust bonemeal from feedlot animals.

I was once offered as much manure as I wanted from a horse farm. I was very excited. Some of it was years old. Then thought perfect. Then I talk with a friend and she mentioned all the antibiotics some of the horses farms pump in to there horses to keep them healthy and good looking. Never would have thought about that.  

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3 years ago
What organic materials do you keep around to help with soil deficiency?

For ex:

Deficiency in Nitrogen you might put in manure

Deficiency in phosphorus you might put in Bone meal

If this question has already been ask can you please redirect me.
3 years ago
Well I'm not seeing a lot of young woman in VT, on here but thought I would give this a try anyway. I'm in the first stages of becoming a homesteaer. I'm reading a lot of books and experimenting alot with what I have, which is not a lot. It would be great to have a partner to share  this adventure with. If your interested in me or just geting together to be around a like minded person then comment below.
4 years ago
Its great that this forum is here  but I'd really like to find some people that live locally. Are you from CT. Let's meet up
4 years ago
Hey is a mold and the casting that I got out of it. I would say that this is a complicated process that can be done with plaster, an earth friendly material compared to silicon. I have s love hate relationship with this work. I hope I can fine something that will allow me to do what I like but not effect are planet.
5 years ago
Hey Jay

I live in CT and was wondering if you know of any work shops in my area for timber framing. Im also going to be heading out to LA and San Francisco this summer. I would make my trip longer if I know there was a work shop there as well

what are your thoughts