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since Jan 26, 2015
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Grew up in Oregon. Spent some years teaching abroad, but moved back to Portland and bought an old house with a big yard. Currently working on a few projects in the yard...
Portland, OR
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Perennial "Roman Chamomile" (Chamaemelum nobile) gets along well with (and can even hold its' own with) different mints (including lemon balm, bee balm, hyssop, germander, horehound) and I let the annual "German Chamomile" (Matricaria recutita) type self-seed around my beds along with buckwheat, daikon radish, and red russian kale.
5 months ago
I've never used coloring for an earthen floor, but I've used this company's pigments for adding color to lime plaster. They have a range of different products from more raw, unprocessed ochres to oxides with "higher tinting strength and opacity."

I haven't used either of these products personally, but here were two black colors they carry:

Also, I second Robert's sentiment and would love to see the final result!
1 year ago
I use a "safety siphon" all the time for my rain barrels and such. They are super easy to use, just put the metal end in the tank and jiggle it - there is a little marble on a spring in there that lets water go only one way.

2 years ago
According to this post, Chilean Guava can be propagated easily without rooting hormone.
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me ID this plant.
3 years ago
Yes! Thank you, I do remember spreading seeds of that; I need to keep better records of all that stuff!
Thanks again, it was driving me crazy trying to remember that!
3 years ago
Hi there, I have a bunch of these coming up around my yard. Hopefully they are from seeds I scattered but forgot about and not some super vigorous weed that will take over my whole garden.
Thanks in advance!
3 years ago
Fermented cucumbers are always great, but another, more recent favorite of mine is pickled green tomatoes.
I was introduced to the idea by my wife who is from Romania where this is a popular type of pickle. It's a great use of fruit that doesn't ripen before the end of the season and very delicious -- especially when you throw a slice or two of fresh horseradish root into the brine.
3 years ago
This is a fun and short documentary called "Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers" about garlic and the culture and people connected to the plant:
4 years ago