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Fiber, Farm & Fun
Triple F

Tendril has both a fiber and plant/farm feel to it...

Could you please post some samples photos that you really like? We might be able to help reverse engineer them...

For better color on the photos, building something that resembles a studio light box might help to control the light. Photography is mostly about light. Better light is cheaper than a better camera that takes good pictures in bad light. Here is a decent video about this type of thing:

Hope that gives you some ideas...

9 months ago
Any chance we could post the products on Amazon? I just read this week that half the households in the U.S. have active Amazon Prime subscriptions. Let Amazon deal with payment/fraud, and then they pay you. Their commission is steep, but I suspect it will produce incremental orders and at least pay for itself. I consider Amazon to be the second most important search engine if you are trying to sell stuff, nearly as important as Google, and it is possible that they pass them in the not so distant future. This might also be an an alternative landing page for affiliates - one that could be less work/time  than optimizing the landing pages...

Looks like this one used to be on Amazon:

There were 66 reviews, so it must have sold a few hundred units that way...

Bonus idea - if we re-enabled that old listing, we could add links to it in the description to new DVDs to give the new ones a bonus bump to get them started...
There is also an easier way if you are not as handy with a needle:
A domain name is separate from the website, which is separate from the hosting.

Think of a website like a house:
- Domain name, i.e. permies.com is the address
- Website is the house
- Hosting is the land the house sits on

You can buy all three separate or bundled together.

Buy a Domain name here: https://www.godaddy.com/domains/cheap-domain-names

Just start typing ideas until you find one that is available.  One that ends in .com is the most desirable. Ideally you want something reasonably short and easy to tell someone. Most good domain names are taken, so you will likely spend some time finding one you like. In today's age, you want the domain name and business/organization name to match if at all possible.

Just like a house, you can build your own website, but your results may vary the first few times. I think there are a few people here floating around who build nice websites for fair prices.

Something reasonably easy to DIY you own site would be something like: https://www.squarespace.com/
1 year ago
Adagio Teas has Yerba Mate:
Yerba Mate search results on Adagio Teas

I have bought dozens of teas from them over the years. Great tea, great company.
1 year ago
I suspect raw milk may be fine/good for cats (in moderation), but pasteurized/homogenized milk may not be. Just like people
1 year ago
If there are Amish near you, they are the experts, and are often willing to sell to anyone with cash.
Just one alternate idea. I used to have satellite internet as well, so I feel your pain. We switched over to mobile internet from a mobile phone provider to get a lot more included bandwidth. Many mobile phone plans now offer unlimited data that cost the same or less than satellite.

If you have a pretty modern mobile phone, you can use it to create a mobile hotspot (it is easy and built in to many phones). The mobile hotspot essentially creates a wireless network that your wireless devices can connect to to use your phones internet connection. I often have multiples devices connected to my phones while I am using it to make phones calls too. You can use the mobile hotspot to share that data with even old school desktop computers with something like this wifi adapter at Amazon.

5GB of data is not very much. Many web developers no longer seem to care about making low-bandwidth websites. Many websites now load videos or huge high definition photos on the homepage. Both of those things eat a lot of bandwidth.

I f you don't have mobile coverage. I second the recommendation of the NoScript browser plugin. It is really helpful to block all the included stuff you don't want to load automatically.

One other idea is to use the built in browser caching. For privacy, most people encourage you to clear your browser cache often, but if you are trying to save bandwidth, this is maybe not the best idea. Here is a read that explains how your browser cache works: Everything You Need to Know About the Browser Cache
1 year ago
I have be working in web development teams since 2000. Nearly always, you will learn more doing the work than you ever will in school. Figure out where you want to live, and then search for the local web development companies. Call them up (or email) and ask if they are interested in in an intern, keep trying and even stop by their office if you don't hear back the first time. Be persistent. Make sure you have a sample website you made to show them. Make sure it is responsive. It is perfectly fine if it is a free template and a  free wordpress site. You will get at least one interview, because it shows you have a full-stack understanding of domain names, mobile/responsive, cms, css, etc. Bonus points if you write your own small plugin for the site.

If needed during the interview, offer to intern for free, especially if you like the vibe of the people and the reputation of the company. If you work hard and learn fast, the internship will lead to a paying job pretty quick. Most web development companies, especially outside of cities, are desperate to find/hire good people. Most college degrees do a dismal job at preparing web developers or programmers for an actual job.

Web development companies are a great way to learn, but they are often mediocre pay (for a college grad) and high-ish stress, but the fastest way to build your employable skills. After a few years at one, you will be very qualified for a more corporate job, or to be an independent consultant, or even start your own business. Heck, if you are good enough, your employer will probably let you work remote to retain you. At that point you can move anywhere, and have a job with less time commitments to give you more time to focus on permaculture.
1 year ago