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since Feb 03, 2015
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Recent posts by dona luna

Hi everyone,

I want to offer permaculture courses where I live (in Montreal, Canada) and eventually work up to designing and giving a full PDC! I am wondering:

1. do you have to be a recognised organisation of some kind in order to give a PDC / certificate that is internationally recognised?
2. what are the "rules" or guidelines before being able to give a certificate???

ANy advice, articles, help, insights, would be so appreciated!

Thank you!

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
If the seeds have a corky shell on them, then germination is better if the shell is removed first. Things like scissors, pliers, or fingernail clippers may work.

Great thanks. I will do that. Has anyone removed the shell AND do a soak in salt water before planting? If so, were the germination rates better?
Hi folks!

I just got some seeds in the mail the other day for Sea Kale. I am super excited to move towards a more perennial garden and just discovered it! I've been doing some research and a bunch of folks say that I ned to crack the pericarp on the shell and then plant, which will help the germination rate.

Does anyone have tips as to how to do this? One site mentioned wire cutters, but I don't have any...though if that is the last resort I can find some.

Another site said also to soak the seeds in salt water. Has anyone tried this? Is this with or without the pericarp?

Any advice would be great! I don't have that many seeds and want a good germination rate!

hi everyone.

thanks for the responses.

flooding is seasonal. happens every time during rainy season and our house is definitely not the only one. the roads get pretty flooded too...the city is a bit behind on making proper infrastructure to help against floods.

anyways i watched the lawton video and i'm not sure how those principles can be applied to the type of space and the amount of space i have. i am going to attach a photo and it's the backyard.

the first photo is the backyard...all three walls block it in. then the water will flow out towards the frontyard shown in the second photo with the motobikes...and water comes into the house from there.

what do y'all think?
hi everyone,

i am currently living in ho chi minh city, vietnam and have a great back yard! the problem is, during the rainy season the water can get up to 1m high and even come into the house! there is no possibility to dig very deep as the septic tank is under a foot beneath the ground and some parts are also covered in cement.

i wanted to build raised garden beds though i'm not sure if this would help with flooding or if the beds could withstand the flooding. i know rain catchment might help as well...

i have been getting into permaculture a lot this past year and finally i have a space to play and experiment. if anyone has suggestions on what i can do by simple means that would be super appreciated!

thank you!