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An insomniac misanthrope who enjoys cooking, textile arts, farming and eating delicious food.
Left Coast Canada
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That's a good idea.

I was going to try oil, but the groove/track isn't lined with anything and I don't want to make the wood swell. 

I'll see if we have some graphite.

I wonder if it's possible to take the chair apart and sand the grove?
1 day ago
My folding chair makes the most horrible sound when it opens and closes.  I imagine if an elephant stubbed her little toe, the scream would sound something like this.

I can't figure out if it's in the pivot place or the track.

Any thoughts on how to stop it squealing?
1 day ago
This came with a bunch of textile tools.  It may or may not be related to textiles.
1 day ago
I want to go with cardboard for devious reasons.

If a shop wants stands for any old book, they can go and buy the stand themselves.  If I'm providing a free stand, then I want to put some branding on it to help sell my book. 

Since my branding is eco-friendly, then I really want an easily recyclable stand.

But I don't know if this is a real thing.  I wish it was.
1 day ago
I have had this conversation no less than 18 times this fall.

1. here, try this apple.
2.  oh.  Tasty.  What variety is it?
1. it's a heritage apple.
2. what variety of heritage apple
1. It isn't a variety.
2. you don't know what kind it is?
1.  No.  It isn't a specific variety.  The tree is about 140 years old and shows no signs of being grafted.
2.  What variety is it?
1.  It's not grafted.  it's grown from seed.
2. But it's delicious.  I want to buy this variety in the store.  Can't you just tell me what variety it is?
1.  It's a Heritage apple.
2. oh. 

That's the condensed version.  The actual conversation lasts over half an hour and by the end of the history lesson on the medieval diet, how to apple biology and tree grafting, the early European settlers, the Crimean war, and prohibition combined with some clever marketing to save the apple industry - they seem to long for a more innocent time. 

There's got to be a faster way to get through that conversation. 

2 days ago
Equal part pasta and cauliflower boiled together.


add butter, garlic, salt and pepper.  return to heat and stir vigorously to slightly crush the cauliflower. 


also good with broccoli
3 days ago
Please share your favourite pasta recipe. 

Tomatoes, cream sauce, something better?

Egg, wheat, gluten-free or squash style noodles? 

What's your favourite? 
3 days ago
There is a thread on the kickstarter campus (a place for creators to ask questions) titled How long did you spend building your project page before you launched? with some very interesting answers.

Some people say it only took them an hour or two.  Other people talk about it in terms of weeks or months.  I think there was even mention of a year or more. 

What's really neat about this is that you can click on the user's name and follow the bouncy dot to see how many campaigns they have and how successful (or not) each one was.  It looks like everyone who claims to have spent less than a week has no successful campaigns. Over a month to prepare seems to have 100% success rate.  And a bunch in between. 

For those of you who have had a campaign, how long did you take to get ready?  How long before you came to kickstarter/ other crowdfunding sites?  How long to build your page and make your video?
3 days ago