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An insomniac misanthrope who enjoys cooking, textile arts, farming and eating delicious food.
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I miss r.  It feels naked having my name out there for everyone to see.  Very exposed. 

One of the reasons I want cardboard is because I want it to be recyclable and/or compostable at the end of use.  Then again, there's something to be said for durability.  I don't know. 
52 seconds ago
I've been looking at those.  A possibility.  A bit bigger than what I'm seeking.

Talking with shop owners, what we really need is something that will support one or at most two books.  That is smaller than the books so it won't detract from the book.  That has useful information or something to entertain the customers if it is empty. 
23 minutes ago
My friend has something called a book easel which he uses to display books at events and shows so they don't get lost on the table.

I want to buy a bunch of things like this, but I want them made out of cardboard, preferably with some printing and a picture of my choosing.  I'll give them out to shops that buy more than X amount of books.

I want to make it as easy as possible for shops to display my book but most of the shops that want to carry my book are yarn shops - they generally have every surface covered with yarn and yarn tools, so when a book is placed on a table for display, it is instantly drowned in yarn and no one sees it. 

But for the life of me, I can't seem to get google to tell me where I can buy cardboard book easels or give me a better phrase to search for.  We have wire and plastic.  But not cardboard.  Can you help?
29 minutes ago
This is a good starting place - https://permies.com/f/149/blatant-advertising

The neat thing is the staff have a superpower that lets us put threads in more than one forum.  Make your thread, use the report button and suggest which forums you would like your thread to show up maybe with a little note about how lovely the staff are.  This will draw our attention to your thread and we can work our magic.
I'm looking for music to keep me calm and help me focus.  Lately, I'm getting bored of the same old stuff.  I'm curious what do you listen to?

Someone suggested I try brain FM.  It's an AI generated a music-like substance that claims to be scientifically designed to help with different tasks.

The first time I tried it for focus I got quite anxious.  The second time it worked incredibly well.  Last night I tried the sleep setting and I had a terrible night of almost feverish dreams that kept me on the edge of waking but not enough to get up and turn off the sound.  The relaxing version seems very soothing.  I can't decide if it's worth spending cash on, so I wonder if there might be something better out there. 
13 hours ago
More posts have been removed for breaking publishing standards. 

If you wish to post in this thread again, take a moment and review the publishing standards and this thread about leaving room for other people's opinions. Posts about ethics, insults, refusal to leave room for other peoples decisions or anything not nice, will be removed.

If you have any concerns with this decision or want to comment on my personal hygiene, feel free to start a thread in the tinkering forum. 

this post will self-destruct in three days.
18 hours ago
Got writer's block?

Need a good kick up the backside?

Just want to procrastinate a little while longer?

Let's talk about the dreaded B word - writer's block

What are your tricks and techniques for unblocking (or giving in to) writer's block?
1 day ago
I'm a native born English speaker, but extremely dyslexic.  It's very difficult for me to write without an electronic aid.  The problem is, most spell checking programs don't understand what I am trying to write.  They look at my writing and decide that since I am not writing in English, they can shut down and go on holiday for the rest of the week. 

It's frustrating that I love writing but cannot express myself in a way that is easy for others to understand.

Then I discovered Grammarly.  I love it!  I used the free version for about a year, then signed up for their yearly subscription.  Doing so has changed my life.  It's improved my spelling - and my ability to spell.  I'm very pleased with it and am in my second year of paid subscription.  I've used their help desk once and they had a quick resolution to my issue that was very satisfactory.

I also like the plagiarism checker which I use to see if I'm saying something too cliche. 

I've tried Hemmingway but can't get the hang of it.  I didn't understand why they were suggesting things and how to change them.  There were too many suggestions which caused me to panic a little bit.

1 day ago
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