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Recent posts by Kelly Mitchell

I'm looking for a pre-made stove to begin my RMH build. I'll add the mass in myself, of course.
I've seen them before, but I can't find any now. Can anyone help me out? Even google is not helpful.
11 months ago
I have a monster patch of chanterelles. On a good year, I can harvest up to 100 lbs per week. I'm looking for ideas on how to monetize them with a greater margin return than just dehydrating or selling locally.
Preserved in oil?
chanterelle crackers, etc.
any ideas are appreciated.
1 year ago
Looking for a PAHS builder with at least one install for a project / consult.
Could pay well, if...
PM me.
2 years ago
(Is there a better forum to post this in?)

Open invitation. We are working on a blockchain backed permaculture business centered around the PAHS concept. WarmLife is the company name. Free Heat For Life is the tagline - and we believe it can be done. We want to do residential retrofits - the market is far larger than new construction.
Our invitation to this community:

  • Founding partners - this is still in concept stage and we need founding members (strong commitment required, but could be very well rewarded).

  • Read, edit, comment on our white paper.

  • Work for us - we need a variety of skillsets, especially social media and PAHS expertise. Any other skillsets will be considered - pitch an idea and join the team. We need to build out the team. Have you done a PAHS install? Are you a permaculture pro?Accountant? programmer? Lawyer? Graphic designer? Materials engineer? Online marketing professional? Social media ninja? Mold prevention expert? Franchising expert? Angel investing expert? Administrative savant? We need all this and more.

  • Even if you’re just interested in seeing this as a business, contact us and let us know.

  • Be an advisor - senior entrepreneurs, permie experts, lawyers and more are welcome. Even bankers!

  • Provide Proof of Concept. We are looking for any and all working installs - professional, homeowner, greenhouse - anything we can get - photos, videos, technical explanations, conceptual upgrade ideas, etc.

  • And, of course, we’re looking for seed investors.

  • If you want to follow-up (link to whitepaper / send your proposal, idea, etc.), then email - mailto: with Permies WarmLife in the subject line.
    2 years ago
    4 seasons book - he talks about a French technique, that I'm trying this year. Tilting beds toward the sun - it seems to extned the season and provide a pretty good boost in soil warmth.
    2 years ago
    yeah - design is pretty tricky - basement with wood floors. Space issues, too. Old farmhouse.
    Looking at a bell-type bench with a large masonry stove style of expansion chamber.
    Really want someone to help with ideas for it, though.
    If anyone is good at design, I can send photos. I would even pay someone a bit to design it.

    Thinking about pouring some high stem walls into cinderblock in the basement for structural support.
    3 years ago
    I'm looking for a pre=manufactured rocket stove for a mass heater build I'm planning.

    I have no idea how to go about picking one. Is there a good list somewhere on permies? Reviews by people who have tried them?
    any help is appreciated.

    3 years ago
    nice place to stay, great food, free homebrew while you help me design and build my home's RMH (and maybe a few other things if you stay longer).
    We live right on the edge of Cape Breton Highland's National Park in Cheticamp.

    We have a nice 26 ft guest trailer, so there is a private space for woofers.
    Looking for someone May-Sept - anytime this year.

    3 years ago
    Great, thanks. Next question - I'm having trouble routing the exhaust. A great solution route-wise would be to poke down into the basement, then into the chimney - which has awesome draw already. This would mean going down some 6 feet or so before going back up about 25 feet above the air intake. Will that work or create major problems.
    (The mass doesn't fit by the chimney, unfortunately.)
    4 years ago