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I have big doubts about getting a response in what seems to be a dead topic, but here is my question anyway.

We are almost ready to start infilling our workshop walls with LSC and possibly trying a wall with woodchips/coarse planer dust with slip.
We live in an area where most of our soils are either a microscopic brown sand and grey glacier silt (both with clay but in negligible amounts),
However,  there is a few local areas where there's a higher clay content soil (still with extremely fine silt in it).
I was really confident about using this soil as it is really sticky and it does a nice thick slip.
But.... I was reading recently about expansive clays (the type we have, it does tend to crumble when dry) and some say that it's a definite ''No go''...
Though I had read that it had been done succesfuly even with a heavy silt soil.
So I was wondering about adding cement powder, we do have several bags left from our foundation building, to aid as a binder in the slip mix.... My concerns would be breathability, maybe it could or has been done? (Or maybe type S Lime? although I would have to buy/import bags since the closest source is at a good 2 hour drive from our place...)
Maybe the solution here is to have a permanent form work like wood lath or some kind of wattle on both sides of the walls. But even then, I would fear that the straw would get ''washed'' on the exterior until it dries.
As for finishing, we were planning on doing a single lime plaster and putting rough cut, live edge pine boards as an exterior sheathing (as soon as everything is dry of course).
Thank you in advance!
1 year ago