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since Mar 10, 2015
Graham, Washington [Zone 7b, 47.041 Latitude] 41inches average annual rainfall, cool summer drought
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Recent posts by Kyrt Ryder

john lindsey wrote:what is it and show me a link to more info........??

Kyrt Ryder wrote:I can see the value in a pressure canneing, but can't you adapt to haybox style slowcooking in liue of pressure cooking?

Slow cooking without the need for a long supply of low heat.

Eric used a similar concept in tandem with a pressure cooker.
14 hours ago
I can see the value in a pressure canneing, but can't you adapt to haybox style slowcooking in lieu of pressure cooking?
21 hours ago

Franak Ostapowicz wrote:Ok great. What do you think of the possibility of using it as a mortar for a house? Woyld the inside be weather proof if I was to use an earthen plaster as the inner walls?

Depends on your climate. If you can expect little rain during construction and provide very good hat and boots you would probably be fine
23 hours ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Matt Coston wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:Once you have access you will be able to upgrade to "tiny download" or "HD download"

Will that incur extra cost?


pdc tiny download upgrade: $40
pdc HD download upgrade: $100

atc tiny download upgrade: $40
atc HD download upgrade: $100

Is there a discount to upgrade both together?

I am getting ready to make my pledge and that's one factor in whether I go up to the level with the pdc or not
2 days ago
My vote for the wofati microdoc.

Second choice for me is Rocket Kiln
4 days ago

Nicole Alderman wrote: hopes that it will help spread the news to the right people with the right connections around the world to spread this invention to porches and patios and backyards everywhere.

And kitchens
1 week ago
Fair point about the local climate. Ice and snow are a rare concern in my neck of the woods, fungal slime being a more frequent hazard here.

Can you tell us more about the naval hatches? I don't feel very enlightened from my Google search.
1 week ago

Jan White wrote:I like the tower plan, but remember how much floor space stairs take up.  You end up needing more floors to make up for all the space the stairs took up on the lower ones!

There's no requirement for stairs to be inside. Outdoor stairs do require a bit of care to ensure they retain their grip, but they really aren't that much more hassle than indoor stairs.
1 week ago
A slide as 'emergency egress' would be Very Cool (and score huge points with any youngsters)
1 week ago

Jamie Chevalier wrote:
If you are living a rural life, and trying to do a lot of things for yourself, you will need space to do things in and space to store the tools you need. Not just carpenter or mechanic tools, but books, craft supplies, cloth& sewing supplies, electronic gear, musical instruments. In most climates, to live the homestead life, you need a workshop of some sort, and a kitchen that can handle serious amounts of food processing. It doesnt take much space to eat and sleep, true. But to wash and butcher and can and freeze and store a sizable amount of food and food-processing equipment does. (A pressure canner and cases of jars takes a large closet. Crocks for fermentation take even more room.) I was lucky that I lived on a beach and could fillet fish or butcher deer outside and wash down with salt water. But will your tiny home have a sink that can handle that?

How much of this sort of work really belongs in the kitchen, especially considering how much of it is summer time work that would be heating up a house.

'Tool Storage' and 'workshop' should be thermally isolated from the home rather than contribute to heating and cooling needs, though sharing a wall for electrical access and convenience isn't a bad idea.
2 weeks ago