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Recent posts by Kyrt Ryder

Triple purpose do exist (Icelandic sheep for example) but the less specialized an animal is the less efficient it is in its task. Add onto that your limited land base and it becomes a challenge.

Are you able to do rabbit cages? A few cages of Angora Rabbits can provide fiber and free up your pasture for milk and meat.

The smallest size ruminant purpose bred is probably the small African goats. Two Nigerian Dwarf Does for milk and mothering, inseminated with Pygmy Goat sperm to produce more meaty kids is my suggestion.
4 years ago
Say someone wants the boot education (being guided by whomever teaches the boots, with the structured labor boots perform) but opts out of the bunk and meals, are there any benefits to doing so?
4 years ago
You could easily scale up to whatever size heating fluid vessel you have to work with
5 years ago

Jim Fry wrote:As to your specific question about raising calves on skim. I've raised beef and dairy for 45 yrs. I wouldn't do it. I have no science at all on whether it is possible, or advisable, or not. But my experience is that I wouldn't do it.

Yeah skim milk is fantastic for weaned pigs but a far cry from the fatty nectar nature engineered to raise calves on.
5 years ago
I just tried after reading your post Ranson.

8:44 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time (I believe Site Time is 9:44 AM)

EDIT: just confirmed after submitting this post, site time it was 9:44 AM
So I'm trying to merge this account with an old one (one which may or may not have ever posted here) and on multiple browsers I am receiving the general permies error message when I follow the 'approve this merge' link in my email.

An error has occurred.

most of the time people get this message it is because your browser has gone wonky and is trying to do silly things.......

Trying to merge an old account (that I am not sure I ever actually posted with) into this one and getting an error message.
Crap I just realized my KS email is different from my email here

Should I change this one and report back to you Paul?
Wood ash plus water, heated in a fire then disolved in water and allowed to absorb it then mixed with fired clay (terracotta)

Uploader suspects sand will also work in lieu of the terracotta but has not tested it.
5 years ago
International Residential Code
5 years ago