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Uber conventional knucklehead just beginning to feel the warmth of a new sun.
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Recent posts by Gregory Silling

ummmm that cricket would be good fried up in coconut oil and slathered in red curry paste or dusted with dried chili...
7 years ago
I have just found this today and ....maybe one of the best permie blog post i've seen here...

You are educating and entertaining us...


Thank you

7 years ago
As I was meandering across my property harvesting veggies I noticed this clump of down and feather by the barrier fence to one of my hardy kiwis

Was it a fight, an attack and a fight, a bird tangeled in the netting that cause such a pillow fight type mess,

Also need help with the bird involved... which only seems to be one....

thanks Greg
makes sense to me. I had given up on 110 any way couldn't waste anymore time on it now.

7 years ago
Hi John

Pictures of the structure, its framing and the area in question would be great. If I was a contractor in your area and you called me the first thing I would want to do is see it.

so if you submit pictures here you may find that someone is in your area and may be able to help you with a contact of someone or they may be able to do it themselves.

I'm a noob to permies and forums in general and i have posted questions on various topics. I usually find that I have not provided enough info to give people an opportunity to help on my first post.

hopes this helps you get the help you need. Greg
7 years ago
the Tyvek should be the last barrier between the 2x4 and pine siding. a rigid insulation may not be the most effective in the space... id go with some natural fiber insulation that would infil better. you may want to put a thin rigid insulation on the 2x4 framing before the tyvek to give you a thermal break between the logs and 2x4 assembly. You stated that there was water infiltration... none of this addresses that issue unless it is just wind driven through the gaps in the logs or.... an issue with the connection at the foundation or the roof? imho

So this I was one of the lucky ones who got the notice of the free upgrade to w10 so everything comes from the Microsoft Mother ship.

the error message in the windows update dialog box is "windows 10 couldn't be installed"...error found code 80070057

when i use the windows update trouble shooter it finds the same error. its recommended fix is to find someone with the same issue. I went to a windows 10 site and the fix they have is in regards to registry editor. I tried that but I have no widows update folder in HKLM/software/microsoft. so that was a dead end.

I dunno if this helps to clarify the issue.
7 years ago
LOL I apologize it was 3:30 in the morning! and I had just failed in my umpteenth attempt to install windows 10 on my dell laptop.

I have tried a clean boot and it still would not load.

Thank you for plowing through and responding.

I am attempting to load windows 10, I have 7 Home Ppremium as my OS... I have installed all the windows updates.

Still no windows 10


7 years ago
I cant get done i have tried normal and a clean boot neither has worked... that is all I know.

Hoping some one is savvy and can give me help!
I have a sense that anyone on this site probably can
give directions in normal speak

Is this meaningless drivel?


7 years ago