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I started smoking at 15 with my cousins. I loved it! Everything about it, the taste, the smell, the alone time, often using a cigarette as a reward after accomplishing a task. After I got married my wife would ask me to quit but I didn't want to. I did cut back at home to around 2 a day. Never could give up my before sleep smoke.
As time went on I promised the wife I would quit when I turned 30. I did just that for 6 months. That's when I came home one night from work to hear her say she wanted a divorce. This caught me completely off guard out of left field and devastated me like nothing has ever done before. We tried to fix things but she left 6 months later and I was up to almost a pack a day.
I tried to quit a few times over the last 10 years but it never stuck more than a week. My boys asked over and over but I couldn't. I'd hide it from them so I didn't have to hear it anymore. I'd have 1 or two a day at home but smoked every chance I could at work because I was miserable.
March of 2017 I decided I had enough and was leaving the 9-5 on my 40th birthday a year later. I started to save any money I could. My Cigarettes cost almost $8 a pack here do I switched to grape little cigars. Best thing I could do! I only smoke a half at a time they are so strong. Now almost a year after leaving my job I'm pretty stress free and hardly smoke at all. I will have one watching the sunset, with a nightcap, or before bed but it's not a addiction anymore. I'm breathing better too. When I smell cigarettes I still want one but I know I won't ever go back.
5 days ago
Since I left my 9-5 in March of last year I've slowly been cutting back on showers. Basically only doing so on "town" days. I've toyed with the idea of no shampoo for years but never could pull the trigger on it. My hair is middle of my back long and very greasy. My Mom brainwashed me lol. I also have psoriasis and would get a itchy, flaky scalp after a couple days. I've not used soap on my body in years due to severe dry skin on my back. That drives Mom mad even now. 😉
So with this being February and I pretty much live in a hoodie and beanie I decided to have a F@#kPoo February (TM) and see how it goes. Last I shampooed my hair was Jan 28. First time I showered the hot water seemed to really work, no greese and a nice shine to my hair. 4 days later and my head was so itchy I was about to cry. The hot water fixed that but my hair was so heavy. Then last Thursday I water washed it again and definitely could feel a difference. This morning it really don't feel greasy like it should after 4 days and very little itch. I'm gonna get a shower after I feed the chickens and I'm really curious to find out how it will feel after that.
Maybe I will tell Mom when I visit for supper tonight lol!
1 week ago
I've used cherry pits. My favorite was corn and it lasted the longest too. I'm using rice now and sgree the smell can get pretty strong.
1 week ago
Like another person said we gave completely dropped any kind of internet coverage and gone moble exclusive. My Straight Talk plan is $55 for unlimited data, I hotspot my phone to run my laptop and tablet when needed plus my notes yse it girl school and fun. I upload a lot of video podcast audio each month with no problems. A typical month we use around 20GBs with no throttling.
10 months ago
I'm so sorry for your lost. Sending the best mojo and blessings you and your families way.
1 year ago
My Gram and Pap on my Mother's side were two completely different people. Gram was soft, warm hearted and generous. She could cook but most of her meals were plain but filling. They had to be as Pap was a large man ( he gave me my tallness) and a WORKER. He would work a ten hour day welding, come home and feed the cows have supper then retreat to his shop where he could fix just about anything. He was the typical cheap Indian, Cherokee at that, and refused to spend recklessly. He was a hard man and I was a sorta lazy fat kid....we never was close. But he taught me to fish and willed me all his rifles so I guess in the end I did ok by him.
My Father's Mother is a completely different story. She was my favorite and I hers and that was no secret. She lived just up the hill from us after selling the farm and I spend most of my time with her. I was Nanny's little fat boy. She was the greatest cook I have ever met and I learned so much just by watching her cook. I also have her love of gardens and plants and am proud to say many of her house plants live with me 22 years after her death.
I lost all 3 of these special people in a 6 month period when I was 18. I still miss them this very moment.....
1 year ago
This year I began a slow experiment turning my family's above ground pool into a garden. I planted some flowers and transplanted some dandelion to break up the compacted soil under the "pool sand". I figure if nothing else I can build a container garden inside my new groundhog proof fort.
1 year ago
This nifty little bush popped up this Summer in the spot our old Crabapple tree was in. Any help identifying it would be appreciated.
1 year ago
We just returned home from the Center Country Fair And Grange Encampment here in Pennsylvania. Last night my boys and I spent a little while out salvaging the huge piles of waste this so called "farmers fair" creates. We recovered a twenty pound box of apples, a huge bag of pop corn, three "camper" rugs, a box of oranges, and a nice pile of 2x4s. We left more that we could not carry. Seems so wrong that with the amount of farmers in the area that so much should go to waste in the name of entertainment. Glad we could do what we could!
1 year ago