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Just saw this and thought someone from permies might fit here
Pretty good perks!
1 month ago

Cindy Haskin wrote:

BeeDee marshall wrote:Looks like the logistics of making antler and wooden buttons has been covered, so here's a nice drawing and some pictures of some antler and wood buttons from two Backwodsman magazines.  Also a pic of a wood button from my husbands jacket.

BeeDee - what book is that? looks verry interesting from just a single page! I've been picking up bits of bone and antler for several years now and hoarding them away to use for just such as is pictured on the page. I find myself very drawn to natural materials for the making of useful products - baskets, clothes, rugs, bags...

It was from Backwoodsman Magazine, a couple of older issues. It occasionally has how to make things from scratch articles that are very useful. The person who wrote the article drew the picture.  Hope that helps.
Looks like the logistics of making antler and wooden buttons has been covered, so here's a nice drawing and some pictures of some antler and wood buttons from two Backwoodsman magazines.  Also a pic of a wood button from my husbands jacket.
Welcome back Yuri.  Thank you for your expertise and generosity.
6 months ago
J Davis I agree on the caveats for pregnancy and dosage on gp.  What I like a lot about it (for me) is that I only think about it when I really need it.  Otherwise, it sits in the cupboard and minds its own business. :^)
10 months ago
He takes 5 drops twice a day now.  The first week he took it 4 or 5 times a day. The tincture is a glycerite, but an alcohol tincture might work as well. It is half fenugreek and half thyme. Lemon thyme, to be exact, from our garden, but regular thyme should work.  I posted a video showing how to make a glycerite at  about 2/3 down the page.  
10 months ago
Sounds like you have a good start with the plant and mushroom medicines you mentioned.  Chamomile is always good for children as is catnip. The apple cider vinegar should help as well.

To find out whats in the back yard/woods etc, I would get a good herbal field guide for the Southeast.  Peterson's Guides are worth looking into: also shows central n america as does  

I like Thayer's books for overall good foraging info and I would suggest nettle as a good first plant to forage for kidney health.

Good luck. Foraging is a very addictive pastime :^)
10 months ago
My husband has had allergies, chemical sensitivities (neighbor's clothes dryer and hot tub chemical smells) and sinus congestion for the last 14 years.  It would hurt me to see him come back from a walk, all stuffed up with a sinus headache that would linger for days.  He would netty pot and press his head and wait for it to let up.  Then, he fell and bruised a rib and was in pain from lung congestion, so after addressing the rib injury, I suggested he take a fenugreek/thyme tincture I had made for him.  It was amazing.  Within two days his congestion was cleared and then he found over the next few weeks that he was not reacting to the usual smells and his sinuses were clear.  He missed a day and it came back, but was stopped when he resumed taking the tincture.  My understanding is that a person's constitution...his is wet and cold/mine is hot and important when taking herbs.  Both fenugreek and thyme are warming and drying so they wouldn't do me that much good, but for him they connected the right dots.  He even finds he doesn't get chilled as easily and his nose isn't running all the time.  Everyone is different, but this was such a game changer for him (and me too) that I wanted to pass it along.
10 months ago
Holy Basil-Tulsi- is a wonderfully calming herb that is great as a tea or glycerite.  It is easy to grow, even in the NE as an annual and smells great. I make a lemon balm/tulsi tea every evening and it mellows me right out.  For high anxiety, I have found that Ghost Pipe really helps to give me some perspective and distance from whatever I am anxious about.  It  works for mental and some physical pain. As far as I know, it cannot be cultivated, only foraged in the late summer/early fall in wooded areas.  You only need the aerial parts, so if you are careful and respectful when harvesting, there will be more when you come back the next year.  I tincture it in alcohol and only take three drops at a time.  I have taken it before going out into the world and found the experience to be like psilocybin "light", calming deep and colorful.  There is some controversy over it being over harvested.  Like psilocybin, it is not addictive.
10 months ago