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since Apr 14, 2015
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Monticelli Di Esperia (FR), Italia
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Here in Italy, most bars (caf├ęs in America) have Orzo. A barley based drink as a substitute for coffee.
Many older people seem to drink it as it was a staple during and after World War II as coffee was rationed then.

Another drink found in bars is Ginsing. It is too sweet for my taste. It is made from a powder but I have no idea of the ingredients.
7 months ago
So far no safety concerns.
I only use the raised beds during the cold months. Salads, broccoletti, fave, cold weather crops.
I use sunken beds during warmer, drier months to help with water retention. In the summer, I don't have to worry about the boars as they go to the mountains for the season.
Ciao Fabio,

I made 10 raised beds last year. 1m by 10m
I used rock sourced from a local marble quarry for the sides which are about 30cm high.

As far as success, they are not so different than the plantings on level ground except they seemed to keep the cinghiale away. Maybe because of the height.



With a heavy heart I write this message to you.
You have guided me and many others on this site with your insightful knowledge and practicality.

As a newer sheep farmer, you are my encouragement and stimulus to tackle all the hurdles and mishaps.
Thanks for taking your time to post your ideas and thoughts here at permies.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

1 year ago
Hi Brian,

An on-line meeting might be a good starting point.
I'm in Central Italy and looking for the alike.


2 years ago

I was on an olive farm in Sicily. We had carob, pomegranate, figs, grapes, fiche d'India, and stone fruits as perimeter crops. Maybe a few intertwined within the olives.
During the summer months, the government will fine anyone not removing dried grasses and such from their land as it is a fire hazard.
During the rainy months, we would use all types of beans for nitrogen, especially fava as they can withstand cold weather.

I'm on the mainland now. I have been observing how small scale olive production in done in this area. I'll start asking more about companion planting.
The only advice I have received, thus far,  is that the olive does not need any nutrients and does not lend any.
2 years ago
Hi guys,

Some great stuff listed here.

hans muster wrote:About olives: in Morocco, near Agadir, I saw wild olives in unirrigated places. The fruits were 5 by 7 mm in size, black when ripe.
Maybe they sprout easilier than cultivated olives, because there is a selection towards sexual reproduction? Or because they are more likely to be swallowed by birds?
They could still be grafted later on if good fruits are required.

I agree with this statement from Hans. Our cultivated olives rarely sprout from seed but the wild ones are everywhere.
We usually take root cuttings and start new trees from those. it is much easier with the root, than the seed, as it already has a start.

I'll send you an email regarding the wild pear seeds.
2 years ago
I read your post a couple of days ago and could not formulate why people burn their biomass.
And I have noticed that many burn all their olive tree prunings.

I asked my uncle, who has an olive grove and has been doing this twice as long as I have been alive.
He stated wilt may form on the cuttings and one would want it to be buried very far from olive trees as not to spread back to the trees.
He reasoning is to just burn them and eliminate the chance.
2 years ago

I was through that area of France not long ago.
Is that you that made the offer on the property?
Very beautiful in that area and there is some good value, for the amount of land and infrastructure that some of these places have.

Your thoughts are well thought out. I'm a firm believer of, a person gets out what they put in.

2 years ago