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since Apr 18, 2015
I grew up on a place 30 miles from the nearest town.  We keep beef & milk cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, fowls, dog & cats.  We had a large garden that we canning and froze produce from.  We gather fruit, berries and nuts making them into jams and jellies.  As a child, the only things I remember my folks getting at the grocery store  were white flour and spices.    I feel very blessed to have gone up this way.  I am working towards living that way as an adult.  
NW Nebraska
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Hi Mike,
I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and saying Hi.
I liked many of the things I read on your post and would be interested in learning more about you.  
I understand the being single thing, good news bad news a single person get to make ALL the decisions!  
Hopefully if nothing else we can become friends and bounce ideas off each other.
Sincerely Heather
3 years ago
I steam my water fowl, prior to plucking them. This makes the removal of outside guard feathers an easy task while leaving the down dry.
This is done by placing a very large pot about 1/2 full of water on to boil. Drap burlap over the pot and secure it to the handles. Be careful not to get the burlap wet. Then place the bird on the burlap allowing it to rest on the burlap, yet never really letting go of the bird. Steam one area for a few minutes, check if feathers are loose, if so move to new area, if not resteam. Continue, steaming, checking, resteaming until all feathers are easy to remove with light pull. The wings and tail will need the most steam, breast and back area much less. Careful not to over steam or sick will rip out with down.
4 years ago
Oh you lucky folks that are living close enough, please go and take notes and share them with us all. If that is okay with Gabe Brown?
4 years ago
Sorry this is not a great photo. However it is of Sir Chops in the VW Bug on his ride to Wheaton Laboratory.
Hello Fellow Huskers,
Nice to find y'all here. From WAY out here in VERY western Nebraska, Chadron. (Tim Oneill 😉) You say the word Permaculture and most often get the reply, "Perma what?"
Tim Evers it's nice to learn there is a natural builder in the state. I'm planning to add a greenhouse on to my place this summer. Perhaps we could work together and make it a workshop?
4 years ago
Hello Mat,
Are you set on living in that area of Montana? If so I understand that "Home is where your heart is". If you're set on that location, I have a place in Northwest Nebraska that sure could use some of your skills as a partner in crime. 😉
5 years ago
I have not received the second email. I'm sorry I'm not very computer savvy. So to answer your questions... I use my iPhone with Firefox? Is that what you wanted to know?
I can relate about folks changing their minds and heading back to the city. I don't understand why anyone would choose to live in town if they have the option to live in the country. But hey what do I know, except what I love and that homesteading.
Good luck in your search.
5 years ago