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Recent posts by Joylynn Hardesty

Firefox did not play for me. Google Chrome has worked for 3 mins so far, I am hopeful!

If you don't want Chrome to take over your computer, go to first, a search engine that does not disclose your viewing history. From there, I can research, and even purchase stuff without ads for such products poping up everywhere else I go.
17 hours ago

I have invested in what I hope are Effective Microbes (EM). Allegedly this product can be used to spray on vegies as well as fruit trees. If I got the right stuff. The product is made by SCD, and is called Bio Ag. The label says to use this product with water at 1:1000 ratio. Would that be 1 TBL per gallon water? Is that even close to correct? My available method of application is a gallon pump sprayer.

To stretch this product further (20 times more of the culture), in the Holistic Orchard, Micheal Phillips writes, in a gallon container to take a 3/4 cup of "mother culture" (which I hope is what I purchased) and mix it in 3 quarts hot tap water (presumably without chlorine), and 1/4 cup unsulfured molasses, or blackstrap, well shaken, and topped off with lukewarm water. place container in an insulated box (cooler, hay box, etc.). At this point the goal is to keep the anaerobic brew at about 90-95 degrees for the first 2 to 3 days. Then it is to be fermented for another 5 to 7 days. (This must have the original mother culture as it's beginning as, over time, the balance of microbes shifts if the homemade daughter culture is used.)

Very abrieviated, this is to be sprayed on leaves, branches, and trunk to colonize good bacteria on the trees before spring fungal diseases can take hold... And foliar feed, as well as all the other stuff beneficial microbes are good for.

So, did I get the right stuff? Help!
6 days ago
I have both asparagus and strawberry plants to find a home for. This site suggested planting them together. I was thinking to put them in a curvy pattern under a 2 year old Gala Apple tree, or with my BRAND NEW BLUEBERRY PATCH of 6 plants.

Does anyone see trouble from either location?
1 week ago

Joe Black wrote:...The owner had bought another bigger 50 acre farm because he is a pig farmer at heart and this place was not big enough to keep pigs...He has been looking for the right people for quite a long time to rent the smaller place and he seems to think we fit his requirements.

Wow, that is awesome! What a grand adventure for you. I sure didn't want to throw that wet blanket on your plans. I'm ever so glad it missed!
1 week ago
This place sounds like a wonderful place. Truely. So, if indeed it is so wonderful, why are the owners willing to abandon it? Did they discover that there was no demand for the products? Or did they fail at marketing? Illness?

If they could not make a go of their investment in time and infrastructure, what will you do differently?

With that caution out of the way, I hope ya'll do fabulously!
1 week ago
That is... just beautiful! How does it shoot? In my limited knowledge, I'd gotten the idea a bow HAD to be long for accuracy. My klutzy self might could carry one of these with out snagging it everything within 10 feet of me.
Do you have a link to a simple and reliable tutorial? I'd love to see the process. Though as a project, it would be waaay down the list.
2 weeks ago
I received an unnamed 'garlic" from someone's garden bed. It makes huge cloves, given enough time in the ground. Sometimes my plants look like yours when I pull them. At this stage the structure inside has rings like an onion, but the taste is emphatically garlic. When you have multiplied to enough plants, feel free to use them at this stage. It seasons perfectly.

The first time I first saw this, I replanted. The following season it had divided. So yours may simply be immature. As for the "wild" portion of the name, mine, 8 years later are popping up in places I never planted them. Natralized in my yard is how I would describe it. I wonder, do birds eat garlic bulbils? I've never observed it... but I wonder.
2 weeks ago
I like using the recent topics button. This evening, everything prior to podcast 392 - Joseph Lofthouse on plant breeding - part 1 reply 36 minutes ago by Scott Foster, won't show on my screen. I don't know how to get a screen shot on this keyboard, sorry.
I still can't find any info on that fish farm I mentioned earlier. In searching again I did find this promo for fish farming in Zambia. Why Zambia came up in my google search? Dunno... It may be a bit simplistic in presentation, but perhaps you can glean some stuff from it.

And a Geoff Lofton you tube presentation on one of his fish ponds.

Hey, if JGeoff does it, how can it be bad?
2 weeks ago
My experience is exclusively with Langtroth hives. You may want to check out Micheal bush's site in bee keeping. He has done top bar hives and Langstroth, and others as well. He has plans for the Kenyan topbar hive, which somewhere I got the idea is the same as the Tanzania? Often, his entrances are simply a cracked migration style lid.
2 weeks ago