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Joy discovered Permaculture in 2015. Thanks, Paul! And suddenly the vast expanse of grass began to shrink. Her hubby is appreciative, as mowing is not fun for her guy.
Joy is designing her permaculture paradise from the edges. Fumbling and stumbling all the way. She successfully grows weeds and a few fruits and veggies in the humid Mid-south.
Officially Zone 7b, according to personal obsevations I live in 7a, SW Tennessee
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I ran around and harvested a link from one of r ranson's posts in this thread.

This site sells plans for building your own tools. I hope this is of use to you.

I would love to see pictures of your process and results when you are processing your fibers!
21 hours ago
I suspect that both the Ketogenic Diet and the Paleo Diet would work for you. I'm not 'on' either of these, but they kept popping up in my search for recipes with no sugar, it's substitutes, or simple carbohydrates. Each of the above sites includes meal plans. This was very helpful for me.

I used to cook a lot of saucy dishes with pasta. I found something that I could replace the noodles with. Spaghetti squash, of course, but a quicker option is finely shredded cabbage, I do a quick stir-fry with it and maybe onions, and smother with stroganoff. I don't miss it the pasta anymore, I look forward to the cabbage dish.

Another thing that helped me was when I stopped focusing on replacement recipes. Just go with what you can eat. I'm a happier cook now that I have stopped trying to replace bread and rice.
1 day ago
Welcome to Permies Jordan!

I can't address all your questions, but maybe this will be of help.

Jordan Rob wrote:Also anyone have any luck with those high priced Alkaline waters on the market?

I am supposed to be using Alkaline water too. I feel better when I do, it's just easier to turn on the tap and go. There is a much cheaper way to achieve alkaline water: baking soda. (Disclaimer: I have not researched sites I quoted, so I don't know if their other articles are accurate.) This site suggests a couple other methods to change alkalinity, but I have experience with this one. make your water more alkaline:

   Baking soda: Researcher and author Dr. Robert O. Young has stressed the importance of pH balance for over two decades, and has considered ways to increase the alkaline levels in the diet by adding an alkaline ingredient to your purified water. Dr. Young recommends simply adding ½ a teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of purified water and shaking it vigorously to ensure it mixes in completely. Because baking soda is highly alkaline, adding only a small amount to your purified water will result in a gallon of alkaline water.

I like Kangen Water, it tastes good. The baking soda water doesn't taste bad exactly, but is unique. When I do things right, I include the baking soda in our ice teas.

As alkaline water does its work, some nasties, yeast in your case, will be dying off. Yeast does not like to die. As with all life, it wants to live. It will try to make you stop. Below is an explanation that relates to candida.

...unfortunately, you began feeling worse once you start. It is actually very common to experience “die off” symptoms when doing a bacterial or yeast cleanse, or even during a course of antibiotics. This is known as the Herxheimer Reaction, where symptoms get worse before they get better. This is due to the endotoxins released by microbes when they die off...

This phenomena may be why you do not feel better yet after starting your medication.

Oh, and if you are on city water, you may want to set your water out on the counter, to off-gas some of that chlorine in it. This site explains why chlorine can bad. They recommend a whole house filtering system. That would be good, but expensive! I've read that you can put out a gallon, uncovered, overnight to off-gas it. Do your own research to be sure, I'm on well water.

2 days ago
If the above information didn't help you find your access, I would expect that The Grow Network has people on staff to field any problems like this. Perhaps your questions would be better answered there?

I hope this has helped you out.
4 days ago
While Paul Wheaton is presenter in it, this webinar is put on by Marjory Wildcraft of The Grow Network.
I just looked for my own confirmation and links to the webinar. The title for the email is This FREE Tool Makes Your Harvesting So Much Easier!.
Hmmm. I was expecting the webinar title in the email.

EDIT; Well, once I scrolled down further, yesterdays reminders were a bit more obvious!

[HOW TO WATCH] Home Grown Food Summit... Less than 24 hours to go!

4 days ago
A list of potential changes to this post.

2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence: “Dirt is the base of all soil, it consist…” Add s to consist?
4th Paragraph,  4th sentence:  "over ruled" has no space, change to overruled?
4th Paragraph,  5th sentence: "draught" to drought?
8th paragraph 10th sentence: Sunlight contains quite a lot of UV light rays…” Maybe omit “quite a lot of”?

And I must add, brilliant!
1 week ago
Life got in my way, again. Fall sowing of turnips was not successful. Too much Chufa!

We just finished covering the affected areas of my garden with a variety of tarps and black plastic for solarization. The fight continues...
1 week ago