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since Apr 27, 2015
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Joy discovered Permaculture in 2015. Thanks, Paul! And suddenly the vast expanse of grass began to shrink. Her hubby is appreciative, as mowing is not fun for her guy.
Joy is designing her permaculture paradise from the edges. Fumbling and stumbling all the way. She successfully grows weeds and a few fruits and veggies in the humid Mid-south.
Officially Zone 7b, according to personal obsevations I live in 7a, SW Tennessee
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Recent posts by Joylynn Hardesty

Thank you Daniel. This was an informative talk. There will be a replay of it here.

Here is where to learn about Thomas' book Botany in a Day.

2 days ago
I like the half aprons. I want to make something similar to this one on Esty.

6 days ago

blaine wrote: And when they do try to load me up with ads?

Y'all should have seen the ads on Hunny's Facebook when I was researching Russian honeybees, and where to buy queens. 😁
6 days ago
When I measure for my waistline I add 2 inches for ease. This is not binding to me, but it is... not snug, but ummmmm, comfortable. Two inches ease for my hips, a skirt comfortably skims them. My opinion is not from experience with drafting the bustline, but I think around the bustline, I would want a total of 4 inches of ease. this would allow for deep breaths, and flexing of shoulders, pulling of the garment as you work without tearing, etc.
1 week ago
I like everything about the back cover. The last paragraph sounds different than the rest... has a different tone? But I think the content will help borderline purchasers to make up thier minds as a "YES!".

1 week ago
I think they are both well excecuted. I usually like bold black on a book. If it were my book, I would choose the brown one, as it warms my soul. I agree that changing the black around the front photos is a good plan.
1 week ago

Ben Gorski wrote:Is there a place to learn more about the SKIP book?

Oh, yes, there sure is. Here is the all about SKIP, etc. thread.

I have very sensitive skin. Untreated with plantain, a mosquito bite will last for several weeks. This is unpleasant. To get a rash from poison ivy, I just need to turn my back and it spits the offending oils at me. This time I actually grabbed a leafless vine and got a small patch on the back of my right hand. Now it has spread secondary infections have popped up covering my belly, neck, and splotches on the opposite arm. after 13 days, I think the weeping blister phase is over so now I can work on healing the resulting rough shoe-leather feeling rashes. Yay for plantain/ mullein/ dock salve!

My ongoing most recent tangle with winter-bare poison ivy has prompted me to look for ways to make my skin healthier. My immediate plan is to infuse some coconut oil with comfrey. Coconut oil Comfrey is a cell proliferant, so that's gotta help.

What would ya'll put in your salve? Why would you include it?

Are there herbs that work in food to help with this?
1 week ago
I've spent a good amount of time looking... My google fu has failed me. Where were you able to purchase this? All I've found is how to submit to be a dealer.
2 weeks ago