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It makes no sense to me to have a water bill, and choose to live and plant
where there is enough rain to support life instead of
causing further planetary damage.
5 years ago

It;s been a few years ago, but I paid $1300 for 40 acres in the badlands and sold it for $14,000.


Just like a used car lot there are newer and older vehicles. The deal is that a city or county vehicle was

I agree with Ann don't spend the money you have only the money you earn.
Without a degree you are competing for jobs with illegals of who in Az many employers prefer.
5 years ago
I used horse manure mulch 1 time.

It took several month for everything to turn bright yellow and look real sick.
No amount of bonemeal, fish emulsion or epson salts helped.

It took years for the yellow plants to turn green.
5 years ago
Reading your post brought back memories.

I had an uncle who was the town laughing stock. He built a rock house sitting on a dry stacked stone foundation.

After the roof was put on, it rained, settling (sinking) the loose foundation rocks
which caused the whole house to lean like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Here is an educational link describing foundations and preventing problems:
5 years ago
And one more thing: GET A DEGREE.

Here is a link to get a free accredited bachelor's degree that is real:
5 years ago
Why Do so many people from Illinois love Arizona? It is drying up because the ground water has been pumped nearly dry.
Don't think you can just drill a well because in most areas it's a mile to water.
Hauling water is totally impractical if your trying to grow enough to eat and live on.

!) My suggestion for an 18 year old is to not get credit, pay for everything with cash. Then you WILL BE WEALTHY.

Here is how to find properties available for outright purchase although there is
waiting period to see if the owner pays their taxes. (notice, I'm sending you to a state where
it rains enough to collect enough water off the roof to live on, and where there are no building codes
outside the cities, and where a person can build earthbag or earthship homes.
In Arizona call Navajo county board of supervisors front desk secretary
and ask for the list of properties that didn't sell at the tax auction that the state
has title to that are available to purchase now.

2) Pay cash in advance by the year for all bills. Yes the utility companies will allow you to do that.

3) Buy a vehicle off of a city or county because it will have been maintained and there more
likely to honestly tell you the real condition.
govdeals is a similar government surplus website.

4) Before making any purchase buy a notebook and every single day spend time researching, looking at ads, seeing the item in person
investigating the history of problems, repairs. If it's property find out what property is going for, problems of the area,
how to investigate flood maps, etc. You should end up with notebooks that have the prices of everything in your life. How much is a 2x6 at the diffferent hardware stores, How often do they go on sale.

5) Read up on assertiveness training, it is the basis of how not to fight and how to deal with bickering people. It can save a marriage and a family.

6) Before going one penny in debt sell plasma and sperm.

aT the tax lien auctions you bid on the taxes the owner didn't pay then IF they NEVER pay
you own there land. (Never buy a property people are living in)
5 years ago
While looking through pages and pages of farms, rural large acrages and in town houses being lost for unpaid taxes, I found a 3 bed 1 bath fenced brickhouse which is 1 mile from a bank, grocery stores, post office, Walmart, autozone and a hardware store. It was $2400. Although there are repairs needed, I'll never have to pay property taxes, or a house payment.

Now I'm looking at a 40 acre field for $700 of which there will be less than $100/ moth in property taxes.
5 years ago
Isn't it amazing that here we sit talking about a diet that can get the unformed
outer covering of nervous to grow stopping seizures while a current presidential candidate's
major life accomplishment is performing lobotomies instead for the same problem.

Here is a link detailing his role in the anti diet treament:

5 years ago
When one Googles: "Permaculture feeding chickens for free" the results are that there are a lot of people who don't feed their chickens grain. There some that only feed compost from animals that were fed grain.) On Youtube there is an excellent lecture about feeding your chickens maggots (the same kind as what is fed fish on fish farms), greens such as weeds and possibly restaurant left scraps.

Before you spend another penny on feed, look to see if you couldn't be giving them a better diet naturally for free.
Am I allowed to put youtube links on this forum?
5 years ago
Terraced swales are a great water saving technique used since almost the beginning of civilization. It's just a hard concept for people not familiar with it to understand.
5 years ago