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since May 25, 2015
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Its been almost 3 months now that I've been in Montana and this is my first blog post.
To all my family and friends to whom I promised ample reporting of my homesteading adventures
I must beg your forgiveness. I have been busy. And if you were wondering if I'm enjoying camping
in the woods and building a cabin, rest assured, I am! So with the same hope that it's better late than never that got me up here in the first place, I'll try to catch y'all up.
Downsizing from a 3 BR duplex in the city to a one room cabin is a daunting task, and especially so for a sentimental old fool like me. Still I muddled through my mess of memorabilia and
managed to load a little trailer. Against the advice of everyone with good sense, Gabe and I hauled that little trailer behind his 2000 Toyota Echo all the way to Ant Village, Montana.  Thank you, Lord.
Before Montana, we spent a few days in Durango, CO for a family reunion. After years of talking about it, my brother and sister and I finally managed to gather our children and grandchildren together. Texas cousins met California cousins. There was swimming and hiking and touch football.
There was a Ping Pong playoff, which left Gabriel as the undisputed Pierce Family champion. After declaring to not wait so long for the next reunion, we went our separate ways.
Evan, Gabe, and I arrived at the lab and I was anxious to get on an acre and get started, but a
week of patient negotiation by Evan was necessary to procure the site just South of AVA.
Any concessions that had to be made for that to happen were well worth the benefit of being able to co-develop my site with Evan, who ceded me Tejas to enclose as a permanent secure paddock for the ducks. Hopefully by Spring we will be able to keep deer out and ducks in, and we'll buy some more ducklings!
2 years ago
I'm really sorry to hear of your suffering,Paul. I pray you find successful treatment soon. Though it may be Apples and Oranges I will share that I endured chronic pain much longer than I should have (from a quite different orthopedic problem) by avoiding surgery. I experienced immediate relief after the surgery.
Again, I hope you get the relief you need and make the long term body mechanics/lifestyle adjustments to stay well. I'm really looking forward to being up at the Lab this summer and expect you'll be hale and hearty and giving us all Hell heartily.
Be of good cheer.You have a lot of people sending love your way.
3 years ago
Hi Everyone. I am ant # 9. I had the pleasure of spending two weeks at the Ant Village last August and I got to see first hand and work alongside the "rad and industrious" Ants that were there then. I've been wanting to get back ever since. I've been especially impressed by the nature of the whole international Permies community and how encouraging and supportive they have been to Evan and the other Ants. So I am taking the words of one of Evan's most generous benefactor's to heart: Sue Ba says "It's never too late". I hope she's right. I'll be retiring from teaching this June and will hopefully hit the ground running when I get to the Lab. So much to do to prepare for next winter! Thank you, Paul, for the opportunity. And to all ya'll sitting on the fence out there: What are you waiting for? There are are only 3 spots left.
3 years ago