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Recent posts by Chadwick Holmes

Ok, I'll elaborate, you are really close with one misunderstanding, I am not a vocal person so I probably didn't explain well.

Some people do in fact know more, of a given train of thought or a given reality, or discipline.....

this person may be an expert in conventional grain farming.

Another person may be an expert in permaculture

But neither are better or more expert than the other, the disciplines are while similar diametrically opposed, ones truth is the others lie....

If you had two folks of the exact same cultivar than one could be in theory "smarter" than another, but to what end? The less enlightened in a given tutelage are often the bringers of big change and enlightenment in the whole discipline. So one could say often they are "smarter", just as the youth prevail over the aged 100% of the time.

Traditional builders say seal the building and let machines do the ventilation, natural folks say let nature ventilate and stop the air conditioning madness choosing instead a breathable home that is only heated not cooled.

Neither is "better" because both are "better" for a given section of the population. A seal person says it is better to seal and let the electric ventilate, a breathing person knows that you cannot trust the electric or the machine to always work, and you can trust that heat rises ( the driving force on natural ventilation)....

So be what I am saying Terry is a sealer, and I am a breathable, no matter how much school he has taken that teaches sealing, the fact remains that neither has bested the other......sealing is best for some, breathable is best for some

Neither can be fact until all parties agree, and all science and methods are exhausted, so that is impossible on the thought that methods and science is ever changing.

Does this make sense, it is a very Asian type thinking that is sort of my religion.....sort of

7 years ago