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since Jul 17, 2015
Kamloops, BC - Zone 6
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maybe it would be buffalo chicken commons, cuz some don't eat red meat.  
Jeffrey McConnaughey, can this vision include elephants too? I feel like they might be getting close to a mammoth clone, and they also deserve another chance to roam.  

Joe Ruben, the link is not working... 404 forbidden error
2 years ago
http://www.nutcrackernursery.com/  (Quebec) Ships to BC and great customer service!

http://peelsnurseries.com/  (Mission BC)  exclusively Native plants at wholesale prices.
3 years ago
I figured that a fig might be a forgiving plant to practice doing an air layer, it was.  I also took the remaining branch tips to practice cuttings.

Any tips for grafting?
3 years ago
Hi Folks,
I took my 2 fig trees out of dormancy early this past winter, attempting to air layer the branches.  

I cut a 1" wide band of bark from the branch, and then scratched off the thin layer of membrane, below the bark, with the knife.

I applied raw honey to the section and then enclosed the area in a small ball of damp and sterile potting soil.  I then wrapped each in plastic wrap, and then aluminium foil.

It worked, each one took.
3 years ago
Over the past few years I've been digging raised beds into my lawn.  The paths between mounds are still undisturbed lawn/white clover.  I just run a wipper snipper through as needed, and toss clippings onto mounds.

This works fine for me on a small scale, the only downside is that honey bees like to forage in the clover paths... So I just steal some of their honey for the inconvenience.
3 years ago
Excellent work!  You're footprint is light and welcomes life, may you walk far and wide!
3 years ago
Hilarious!  You're artists and it is a beautiful piece you have built there!
3 years ago
Have you considered listing an acre or two with youngagrarians.org?  
Giving away food is kind, but enabling the "poor" to access land and create a livelihood is on a whole other level.

Have you had a chance to watch poverty Inc.? It is on Netflix... Deals with challenging the notion of giving the poor a handout.  

Good luck
3 years ago

This has a wealth of information.
3 years ago
Feeding them might be a good idea, otherwise they will likely disperse once the area's food supply is exhausted.

Would a mowing down a cover crop be enough to sustain their eating habits?
3 years ago