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I am already growing the wild variety (and doing nothing with it), I now have to find the edible one.
For the time being, I only use it as a windbreak and mulch, but I'm sure they are tons of applications with it.
1 year ago
I don't know why I can't send you a purple moosage... The GUI doesn't seem to find you.
If you are better than I am at that, please write me a PM.
Depending on the number of seeds, the shipping costs should not be more than 2€, 2,60€ if you take a lot.
Do you know how many seeds you'd like?
I have some Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa seeds for sale, but I'm maybe not the cheapest seller amongst permies.
Furthermore, I am in France.
Anyone else?
But are they propagation tubers? I never managed to start a Yacon plant with a storage tuber (which doesn't mean at all that it can't be done).
I bought some from this guy who is in Poland: ibc-seller-seeds. I think you can contact him on Facebook.
I have just found this store in Portugal: Yacon roots, but I don't know if they only sell storage tubers, or storage and propagation tubers.
No, because it killed me.
Just kidding.
My Cannas are still flowering, so I will have to wait a month or so before eating Cannas again.
1 year ago
I do the very same way, except that I remove the paper that is not part of the triangle before folding the rest of the seeds envelope.