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You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist - Friedrich Nietzsche
4 days ago
Yep! Vinegar in the kettle!  I put about 1/2 cup to a cup of vinegar in the kettle, bring it to the boil for a minute or two depending on the amount of scaling, rinse it - job done!

As for water, when we lived in the UK, we had big sand filters for rain collected from the roof.  No shortage of water in the UK!!
5 days ago
I don't know if it is something you have in the US, but here in France you can get any number of these, in stores and markets, they are usually discarded or given to you to transport your groceries home:


I stand two of them on their end above my seedling when the temperature gets too high - they hold each other up into a steeple sort of structure.  It gives a dapple shade and protects the smaller crops from the worst of the heat. It works well for small crops and it's free but for taller/larger ones, I don't know, maybe, a few sticks and large cardboard pieces or an old bed sheet???
I'm not afraid of a world with less consumerism, less 'stuff' and no economic growth. I'm far more frightened of the opposite - Rob Hopkins
1 week ago

Did something happen to call attention to your lifestyle?  

That was also my first thought.  The law is very much the same here in France and I would imagine probably in the whole of Europe.  Rain water for anything else than gardening and washing your car is a no-no.  I don't even dare to look into the regulations for humanure.  Still, many people here live under the radar, so to speak and enjoy the kind of life that you described.

I am not much good for fighting laws in Arkansas all the way from France, but I wish you good luck with your dealings with the authorities and hope that you will find help somewhere, somehow.
2 weeks ago
So many people waxing lyrical about this pot, I had to look at it in more details again.  Oh, boy, 1000W to 1200W electric consumption depending on the size!  Enough to make my eyes water. Our solar system in the Pyrenees was delivering 1500W.  A few days without sunshine and there goes my rice!

2 weeks ago
You only need a couple of drops of oil on a few pine cones strategically placed in your garden.  You don't need that many, maybe just one in every 15/20m.  I may be wrong but I don't think it would do much to your water.  Just a thought.
2 weeks ago
People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice - Charles Bukowski
2 weeks ago
I guess I am one of the lucky ones.  I have been cooking on a wood burning stove for the last 35 years, so if I want a slow cooker, I just put my cast iron pot on the side and it can simmer all day, or even 2 or 3 days for a bone broth.  Probably why I never knew about those insta-pots!
2 weeks ago
Well I must be even older school than you Jen, as I have absolutely no idea what an Insta-pot is!!  Had to look it up - not the kind of thing I'd ever use.
2 weeks ago