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We've got 2 baths that will be worm farms, up against a large compost area.

The main aims are to not have to turn the compost (hence the large bin/area), for food scraps to be recycled, and not have rats attracted to the area.

The large compost is looking to break down bamboo leaves, and larger organic matter around the property, and worms for scraps.
The current idea is to pipe the worm wee into the larger bin, and alternatively bottle some. I'm wondering on the benefits of piping the worm wee into the larger bin, if it will aid in breakdown?

Also an idea to have 3 round compost bins, with chicken wire bottoms hanging over the large bin for drainage and to stop rats - think this is overkill?

Any suggestions/better direction on this? Trying to get onto it this afternoon.
Cheers legends
4 years ago
That sort of cycle was what I was wondering about.
Couple of links referring glyphosate as 'possibly carcinogenic' from earlier this year..

Have seen some other banana trees that haven't been killed.. ill use those leaves.

5 years ago
old topic but hope someone can help.
I've moved into a place and am making a no dig garden. At the last house I used straw, but don't have a car to transport it in. There are about 5 dead banana trees, killed with roundup/glyphosate a few months ago.
Looking for opinions on using this in my no dig garden in layers along with the soil/compost layers.
Got cardboard down at the moment, looking to put the leaves/branches on top as a bottom layer (as there's heaps of weeds and grass underneath, cardboard's doing ok to keep them down), and then layered throughout.
For a veggie garden. Wondering mainly about the glyphosate getting through to my veg/in the soil. Extended answers welcome!
Thanks Al
5 years ago