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I’ve tried it for at least a year, and the oil never calmed down. Made my own shampoo bars, that gave me build up on my hair.  I would have to use baking soda to get the oil out every week or so, and then it would be really dry & brittle for a couple days. I tried using vinegar to smooth it back out, but that didn’t help much. Then I put some conditioner on it to combat the dryness from the baking soda, but that didn’t help much either. The texture was like straw. So I finally gave up and now I use Attitude products - at least they don’t have all of the toxins that are in the regular products.
4 months ago
Earlier this morning, it was puffier. I think it developed overnight. Now it is oozing with the morning sun hitting it. My daughter also poked it with a stick before I could stop her. But that was after it started oozing. Thanks!
5 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:

And, I'm pretty sure one could needle felt a dryer ball. I'm not certain it would be faster than felting it the other way. But, one probably doesn't have to get it perfectly felted to make a dryer ball--just get it in a round shape and it could felt even more in the dryer as load after load gets done, right?

I made some by taking some wool yarn and putting it into a ball shape, then once I had it the size I wanted, I used the felting needle to hold all of the strands together. I’ve been using them for a few years, with no issues other than sometimes the ends pop out, or a weird section of it gets loose. I just get out my needles and poke it all back together and it’s fine again.
1 year ago
I am building this rock trommel to do the job:

That thing is amazing!! I have about .25 acre just covered in inches of decorative rock. That would save me so much time.
1 year ago
We bought a house in Tucson about 8 months ago. It’s within the city limits, but we managed to get a half acre. The side yard is the perfect location for my kitchen garden, but the previous owners had at least a few loads of rocks brought in over there & it’s quite deep, maybe 6” at the deepest spot. There is also quite a bit of organic matter accumulated in with the rocks, which I really need to have here with my very sandy soil. I’m wondering if it would be better to try to do a really heavy layer of mulch on top of it, or somehow try to remove the rocks, and sift out the organic matter. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move these rather than sifting out a shovel full at a time with a screen? I’ll be getting chickens soon - would they help to separate the rocks, with all of their scratching? I hear that they pile up rocks sometimes but I don’t know if they do it consistently.
1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Any chance you could post a picture of folded clothes? I mean I trust that they got folded, but I have to follow the requirements. I think if you can post a picture of some of those same articles of clothing folded, I can certify this!

Thanks for reminding me. I got caught up in finishing the PDC. I updated my post with the folded pic.
1 year ago
I think one more willow feeder stall would be very helpful when there are multiple people trying to use it during a short break.

Washed my clothes today using the manual washer at base camp. I just realized that I didn’t post a folded pic. They are still drying right now.
1 year ago
Cass lighting the batch box.
Sharing some pics I’ve taken over the last few days.